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My fellow Genoshans,

I address you tonight to appeal for calm and for peace. A great deception has left our nation wounded and reeling, our cities on fire, our reputation destroyed and all of us betrayed. For those of you who recognize my face, it must seem a ghost is speaking to you. I am Okim Etufunwa, former President of Genosha, and the last prior to David Moreau. Ten years ago, I was reported killed in a helicopter accident.

That, like many other things, was a lie told to you by leaders in a plot to enrich themselves and accue more power at the expense of the Genoshan people.

I was secretly arrested and jailed by President Moreau and his brother, Thomas Moreau, because I sought to decouple Genosha from a policy that once saved us, but threatens to corrupt the very soul of our nation; the Genoshan Mutant arrangement.

Through a combination of illegal genetic conditioning and the manipulation of the government by a few key people, the mutant population of Genosha has had their sacrifice taken from them, and have been delivered into slavery to enrich several captains of industry and politicians. Worse, they arranged to secretly kidnap foreign mutants and enslave them here. If it wasn't for the brave attempt by Phillip Moreau and Jennifer Ransome, these crimes would still be happening, under out very gaze.

We owe those two more than you may know. Jennifer Ransome saved hundreds of lives by rescuing mutants who had been sent into the great geothermal plant to be worked to death. She risked everything to challenge the corrupt regime of President Moreau and bring him to justice.

And when David Moreau threatened genocide, it was his son who faced his father, and stopped hundreds more from being murdered to protect a political legacy. Phillip Moreau paid the ultimate sacrifice, and Genosha has gained another fallen hero.

Jobeth Razafimanjaka and Joseph Nku Reneau died trying to stop what was a perversion of their sacrifice. The rest of the Commission followed, trapped and killed when the top of the Citadel was destroyed. More fallen heroes.

We need more than fallen heroes now. Genosha owes a debt to the world. In our name, there have been kidnappings, violence, and most shamefully, murder. We owe a debt that cannot be repaid with money or oil or wealth. It can only be repaid by remembrance; by a solemn pledge made by every Genoshan that we will not forget, we will never tread the same path, and we will from here on represent a force for good. This is the battle for the soul of Genosha, my dear friends. Where we decide on what side we stand on in the course of history.

The road ahead is long. We have suffered and lost in this conflict. Let the fires that rage be purifiers and not destroyers. Let us emerge purged of the corruption and the rot that has dwelt in the heart of our nation for years, and take the first steps together as a better people and a better nation.

At the heart of Genosha was a dream. That together, we could build a place that wasn't dependent on superpowers or trade routes or the scraps of others to survive. A place where together we sacrificed to build a better future as one people, unmarred by racism, sexism or intolerance. A place where mutant and human worked in concert, because in our hearts, we weren't mutants and humans, blacks or whites, men or women; we were all Genoshans.

I believe that dream is still within our reach. I have seen the betrayed and the abused let go of righteous anger in order to preserve hope. I have seen sacrifice that binds us to the duty to make our nation worth the price. The days ahead will be hard and unstable, but we will persevere. We will fulfill the promise of a place that others died to protect, and we will honour our fallen heroes by building a nation worthy of their sacrifice. We will retake our words by making them true again; human and mutant together.

In unity, strength.
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Heard over GDF radios:

"This is Chief Magistrate Anderson. All GDF forces! Stand down! I repeat, stand down! I want medical teams to whatever is left of the top of the Citadel. All other units, safe weapons and assemble at rally points. We have multiple fires in the Citadel and the city that need support. Hammer Bay is not going to burn down on my watch, is that understood?

Now, move! Section commanders assemble in the CIC. I will join you after I check on our unexpected special forces topside. Anyone does anything even close to hostile without my orders, I will bounce your so hard your grandchildren will be demoted."
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The loudspeakers in the Citadel come to life:

"Attention citizens. This is President David Moreau. It is my sad duty to inform you that the Citadel has been overrun by foreign terrorists under the orders of the mass murderer Magneto. This attack comes in the wake of his false broadcast implicating GDF forces in the murder of two Commission members, and the destruction of the Prenova geothermal plant. I am invoking martial law and urge all commanders are ordered to hold their sectors and report back to emergency command under Minister Thomas Moreau.

The terrorists have targeted Genoshan mutants, and intend to kidnap them from brainwashing in Magneto's genocidal anti-mutant agenda. Even now, they plan to subjugate Genosha as a new mutant homeland, and all Genoshan humans will be enslaved under foreign mutant masters. GDF forces are fighting back heroically, and I call on all Genoshans to resist these invaders as strongly as you can. Genosha would rather die free and proud than live as slaves.

To the terrorist who have attacked us, I will give you one last chance. Surrender to Genoshan authorities and you will not be mistreated. Continued resistance will give me no option but to order GDF forces offer no quarter with you. We will not get what you came for.

The environmental suits that our Genoshan mutants wear contains a small explosive device at the base of the spine, designed as an absolute last option in the event of a catastrophic powers accident. The explosive is small, but quite capable of killing the mutant instantly. At the highest levels, we have formulated a secret, horrible and feared plan called the X-Tinction Protocal, in the event that terrorists seized Genoshan mutants for exactly the purposes that these terrorists and Magneto seek. History may judge me a monster, but I will not give innocent Genoshan mutant citizens over to Magneto to turn into an army of mindless conscripts in his war of conquest. If you do not end this attack and surrender, I will detonate the explosive device on every mutant in the country.

There will not be another warning. God forgive what I must do, and I alone take responsibility. Genosha and the world will not fall to mutant domination because of today! The line is drawn here! God have mercy on us all."
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The picture is a generic tourist scene, a beach full of happy people enjoying the sun.  The blank side reads:


Having a good time exploring Hammer Bay but looking forward to coming home.  Thanks for looking after the dog while I was gone.


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To: [Xavier, Charles]
From: [Grey, Jean]
Subject: Update


We have managed to secure allies in two of the mutant Genoshan Commission members. They have agreed to help us get a message to the Genoshan people about what members of their government are really doing to its mutant population and those who oppose them. I don't think most of the Genoshans are truly aware of what's going on.

We will be going to one of the national broadcast stations tomorrow to get the two Commission members on the air along with some video that was obtained of the mutate process. Hopefully this will bring some good.

I need to go. Can't stay here long. I'll check in again as soon as I can.

I hope you're well.

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Hi Professor - Polaris reporting in.

We reached the refugee camp safely. Our guide held true to his word. We are going to re-group and discuss our next plan of attack will be. In the meantime, we are going to rest and preserve our strength, we will need it.

Polaris out.
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to: [Xavier, Charles]
from: [Kane, Garrison]

subject: Genosha


I don't know how long we'll have a secure connection to contact you on, but there's a group of us that have gone to ground in Hammer Bay, Genosha's capital. My father managed to shake us loose some resources that aren't connected to the mansion, so we should be able to lay low for a while safely.

I've attached a file that has some disponsible cell phone numbers that you and any one else who got out can use to contact us. I'm pretty sure another large group got away. If they're in the position to fight back, we can coordinate another attempt to rescue those who are in the prison in the Citadel.

We think that we might have an angle on how to push back against Genosha. The people are disconnected with the government's mutate program. Most I don't think know it really exists. If we can get some information out, maybe stir up some civil unrest, maybe we can force the GDF to commit more resources trying to keep order, and open a window during which we can hit them.

I don't know how good the odds are, but we decided that we're not going home until we've got everyone with us.

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Voicemail #1:

Hola, Señor. This is Tom Kruse - not the crazy scientologist - calling with something very like an update on a certain situation with which I'm sure you're intimately familiar. So far we've got a half-pint without a hat - this is a travesty but I am totally working on that so don't worry, a pixie with 3/4 functionality in the wing department but a splint of tongue depressors and all the fairy dust you could ever ask for, a kid with a stick who keeps complaining that I smell - which is really just uncalled for since I'm sure we all stink, my favorite Bea Arthur hair impersonator who's not currently sporting that hairdo of all hairdos, mechanic and groundskeeper extraordinaire - seriously this dude is like eight feet tall right now and how did I not know he could do that, everyone's favorite purple kitty cat whose bite is definitely worse than her roar - and that's saying something wow, plus the guy who's mostly Australian but doesn't sound it half the time and has really interesting scars on his palms.

Was that beep meant to warn me that I was running out of time on your voicemail? Because I will totally call back - why do these things even have limits on them? I mean -

Voicemail #2:

Damn it. Seriously - I hate voicemail sometimes. Anyway, next up we have a Frenchman who could make the 90s regret inventing the electric slide but comes in handy in a fight, McFrosty Senior - it's entirely possible she's currently trying to kill me one cell at a time with the power of her mind, an Eastern European lady who sadly lacks an interest in flowy skirts but who could probably do a pretty good job of poisoning me for a few minutes using the local flora, my green-haired siren of the kitchen - I'm counting on her to make the stuff we've got here edible, and last but certainly never least, our flyboy with the pretty feathers and the fabulous hair.

No word from anybody else yet on whether or not they're enjoying their stay thus far, but we're hopeful we'll run into them soon so we can find out, compare notes, and maybe get some suggestions on what to hit up next.

While sightseeing, we met up with an interesting local fellow who offered to show us around - it'll cost us a pretty penny, but he'll probably be useful. Also, if none of this makes sense, you should be ashamed of yourself and pay more attention the next time you're poking around in my head, Señor. Adios.
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Moira, Nathan... I am so sorry. Rachel… They put her through their mutate process. She… I'm so sorry, she, right in front of me, she's gone. Disintegrated into dust. I couldn't… there was nothing I could do. I'm so sorry.
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I know that we haven't always had the closest or best relationship. But I just wanted to say I love you.

You may not hear from me for about a week or so. But if anything happens I want you to promise me that you'll take care of Alex for me.

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Grandma, Grandpa.

I just wanted you guys to know that I love you.

And since I don't say it enough, thank you for everything.

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Three thick envelopes are left on Kurt's coffee table, one labelled "Stefan Szardos", one "Jimaine Szardos" and one "John Doe".
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Go order confirmed. All teams, move to your objectives. Bonne chance, and good hunting.
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Text to Mom:

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

- Clarice

Email to Dad:

An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law.


Love you.
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Everyone into position. Place check with Cypher every 5min. Move once signal is given. XM attack, head for second stage positions.

Good luck.

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Wheezy - if I don't drop you a line by 7-15-12 and accounts 0000009876245, 0000000165004, 0000011847620, or 0000098276513 get hacked, don't retaliate. I know the guy. Also, you have permission to hack 0000000007643 if I don't contact you by 8-15-12. Don't touch it otherwise. -W
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Bartholomew Jones: Hi Daddy, it's Angel - well, obviously it's Angel, unless you've got another kid running around that I don't know about. In which case I want to meet this person. Moving on, though. I wanted to let you know I'm going to be not around for a while. I won't bore you with the details, just don't worry too much if you don't hear from me for a week or so, 'kay? And...yeah. Tell the family I said hi, and I miss them, and I love them. I'll call you as soon as I can, promise. I love you."


Elizabeth Cross: Hey Mom, it's me. Sorry, I know it's been a while since I called, and of course the one time I do you're doing...lawyer stuff. I just wanted to let you know I'm going to be unreachable for a little while, so don't panic if you keep calling and getting my voice-mail. I promise to call you back as soon as I can. I love you."
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A plain envelope is delivered to the Professor, postmarked several days ago. Inside is a smaller envelope wrapped inside a letter. The letter says, "If I don't come back for any reason, read what's in the second envelope. If I do, I'm trusting you to burn it unopened. Thanks. -W"
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Hey guys, you both must be at work. Anyway, we're going out to do something and I'm sure we'll be back in a few days and that everything will be okay, but well, I just wanted to make sure stuff was cool there. Even though Ryan can still be kinda a twit, tell him I called, okay?

And if something does happen, try to tell Dad. Even though I don't think he'll let you.

Love you guys!
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Hey Sar'. I know you're safe. I'm so glad you are. But there are some things I need to do. I'm going to be going out of the country for a little while. And--and there's a possibility I might not come back. If I don't, take care of Mom and Dad, okay? You know how Dad gets.

There's a safe deposit box at the Trust Savings Bank under my name...number 137. I won't tell you what's in it. Hope I don't need to. Stay safe. Be careful. I'll try to be back as soon as I can.

I love you, I love you all so much. Tell Gailyn and Joey I love them too.


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