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(1/5) Arthur Centino just called the mansion.
(2/5) Arthur. Centino.
(3/5) He's badly injured and sounds like he's having a mental breakdown. We need to send somebody.
(4/5) Motel in Nevada - I'll email you deets.
(5/5) WTF is going on today?
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AUSTIN, TX (KVUE Local News) -- Armed robbers targeted employees at a BestBuy in northwest Travis County foiled by Television Hero.

Around 10:15pm tonight, three men wearing hoodies and masks walked into the Best Buy off Capital of Texas Parkway at Barton Creek Square and held the employees at gunpoint.

The suspects used a taser on the manager before robbing everyone of their money and cell phones. While the crooks attempted to empty the store's registers, reality television star Arthur Centino entered the establishment, taking the robbers by surprise.

Centino allegedly disarmed and subdued the man with the gun before tackling the others. One eyewitness employee stated that the ringleader seemed to levitate while another glowed. Neither statement has been confirmed by local law enforcement officers. No one has been reported to be hurt or injured.

Further reports of Centino, best known for his reality series Longshot for Survival, aiding community retail centers in the Austin area have been pouring in all evening from locals sharing cell phone pictures and video captures. We’ll be looking into these reports, but it looks like this Friday wasn’t Black at all due to Centino’s intervention.
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To: [Ramsey, Doug]
From: [Summers, Scott]

Subject: Arthur Centrino


We're becoming increasingly peturbed by Arthur Centrino, too many things don't dd up about him. Especially this last incident with hte bomb. It's all to lucky and coincidental. I mean what are the odds he'd just happen to be there and trip over the right cord to stop the bomb?

Jean also got a weird sense from Centrino too when we met him at the charity event, his mind was kinda fuzzy, a similiar confusion and memory loss as Evangaline Whedon.

The whole things smells fishy and we were hoping you could see what information you could gather on the two of them. Expecially their medical charts if you can get your hands on them.

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TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — An attempted terrorist attack that threatened to set a memorial in Kansas' capital on fire Saturday was stopped by the intervention of reality TV star Arthur Centino, police and witnesses said.

A mutant female suspect in the form of crimson dragon was spotted around 11 a.m., flying toward the Sen. Robert Kelly Memorial, three miles away from the Kansas Statehouse.

The creature shot flames through the air, blanketing parts of Topeka with burning embers and and causing moderate property damage. It eventually landed on the sidewalk next to the memorial, shocking protest groups and security personnel.

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