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[1/] I'm sure you'll be thrilled to hear there's a random portal in the middle of nowhere being guarded by an ex-SHIELD agent and whatever Namor is
[2/] And yeah, I went through the portal. Tell you more about that in person. It's interesting
[3/] Barton wants to know if there's a way we can move the portal to somewhere more secure. I said I'd talk to you, but I'm assuming it's in the realm of possibility

[1/] It'll be easy, he said. No problem, he said.
[2/] Barton is doing his own god damn paperwork for a month. Liar.
[3/] I've showered about ten times and now I'm going to go punch something in gym. If you join and still smell blood, don't worry - not mine.
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To: [ramssssssssssssssssssey]
From: [bartoooooooooooooooooooo]
Subject: translation favor
Attachment: omgwtfbbqpolarbear.mp4

Okay, so long story short, that woman we went after today opened a portal to a weird storage place. T says Lyton called it 'Avalon,' so that's a thing. While we were in there, I started recording audio on my phone, which turned out to be good, cause Lyton woke up some dude. He looked kinda old school ragged and obviously didn't speak any English. I've attached the audio -- think you can get me a translation back soonish?

There's vodak for you at the end of the translation tunnel.
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can u do the tech thing & find this woman w just herface?

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