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[1]  Found your number on the school network, I need a quick primer on this Limbo place and hear you’re who to ask.
[2] How likely is it for someone to come back fucked up and is this treatable or are we just going to have to put them down behind the barn or something?
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[KS] - Gabe. I need help. ASAP! *tracker enabled*
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I've always been lucky, so on the chance you still check this email. I need a favor.


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[Miriam Birchwood - society blogger]

Someone's been going strong on the white powder during the opening of Eastside club 'Havoc'. A certain billionaire (whose name rhymes with Barren Borthington) was seen chewing out a noted journalist Sally Floyd. This blogger overheard choice words like "you're just a woman" and "you're nothing without a man" followed by a graphic description of sexual acts I was fairly certain were outlawed (spoiler alert: a few are). A quick slap to the face led to an unwanted slap to the ass before he was unceremoniously thrown out.

Guess money doesn't solve everything. Can't wait to see this play out.
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[1/5] Guess who's back early from her trip?
[2/5] And guess who fucked around on his girlfriend YET AGAIN?
[3/5] BONUS ROUND: guess who left in his private fucking jet and stranded someone w/o money or their passport?
[4/5] Don't ask how I got back but some serious favors had to be called in.
[5/5] And now I'll be getting drunk or something idk fuck.
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Sorry I've been drunk and high and completely forgot the month of October existed

Crap, is it November already? Shit

I have no recollection of ever setting anything up

(1) Sorry babe! I didn't think I'd have to be so busy at work, and fuck, one thing after another...feel bad we keep having to postpone our trip, but what about tomorrow? I know, I know, short notice, but we could go tomorrow, be back by the weekend? Sound good?

(2) Super sorry...
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From: Warren Worthington [worthington3@gmail.com]

To: [b.morse@gmail.com]

Subject: konnichiwa

Okay, flights are booked for our anniversary, babe. October 20 to October 26. I wanted to make it longer, but no dice -- Daddy dearest says I have to be here for our AGM. Boo.

Still debating on the hotel. I mean, obviously we're going to Nishimura but I don't know if you want the Kangetsu room or the Asuka. I've also made arrangements to have private hot spring sessions, co-ed even. It's amazing how money makes all cultural norms go away, but I don't want anyone else intruding on our time together.

Anyways, as you know, money is never an object, so if there's anything you want to do, tell me or else I'll just end up planning it all ...and yes, you read that right: I'm planning. Jolene's grubby little hands aren't anywhere near this, and I think she's jealous.


- W
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(1) Okay sorry again, babe. Really, I mean it this time. No more fucking up, I swear.

(2) <3 Sent you something. It should in your office by now. Again, I really don't know how I broke your sunglasses...I was pretty high last night.

(3) See you later??
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yo wtf is up with warren lately do u know???
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bursar called again and nothing got fixed. they're not going to let me stay this semester if this doesn't get fixed soon. please call me.
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911 emergency bursar said tuition never went through or something. did I forget to sign something for you??
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(1) Hey babe, just wanted to send you a message and let you know I'm thinking of you and hope you're having a good day. <3

(2) You're a rockstar, and you kick ass for putting up with me. Sorry this week was such a mess, I double booked myself yesterday and yeah...I didn't mean to leave you waiting. Hope I made up for it last night though ;) ;)

(3) ILU
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hey yo where are you? You're late for sunday dinner and mom's chicharrones are getting cold

Text to Sue

Aug. 7th, 2018 10:29 am
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(1) Hey, do me a favour? Next time you guys bang, can you do this for me?

(2) kama sutra position.jpg

(3) I don't think I'm bendy enough but it looks fun. Your guy is all stretchy, so if he says no, kick him the balls and find someone that will.

(4) Wait -- can he stretch his balls too?? WHY ARE WE NOT TALKING ABOUT YOUR SEX LIFE MORE?!?


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