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[to] [Old Man Logan], [Keller, Julian], [Pryde, Katherine]
[from] [Kane, Garrison]

[subject]: I need your help

I know this is short notice, but I've gotten mired in a case out here in St. Louis. Looking at a possible serial killer targeting mutants. But thanks to local prejudices, I've got no resources to work with through official channels. I wouldn't ask normally but we're talking about teenaged mutants here - kids. I can't like department beefs and bullshit allow this guy to slip through my fingers.

Let me know if you can make it.

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to: [Kane, Garrison]
from: [Duncan, Fred]

title: Flight to St.Louis is booked


Get on the 4:35 flight out of JFK to St.Louis. Check in with the head of the field office there, Special Agent Cheryl Wallace. There's been two kidnap/killings in the last week and a third young man of a similar profile was just reported missing by his family. Wallace thinks it might be a serial killer but the twist is both victims were mutants. The local PD had a bad time during M-Day and is basically boycotting the investigation, daring Wallace to label it a serial murder without a full profile to go on. They seem to think SHIELD will crack heads and we won't.

Get out there and talk to her. If it's a serial killer, you need to confirm it so we can come down on this 'blue flu' crap from the PD and get to work properly. Check in after you talk to her.

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Stay safe. Don't die. Love you. Jays suck. Will send inappropriate pics of myself later to sustain you while you're gone.


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