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From: Hope
To: Topaz; Matt; Sue
Subject: gratitude and apologies.

Topaz, Matt and Sue,

I wish to convey my gratitude to you for your assistance yesterday with the Slenderman yesterday. I do not think I would have overcome it without your efforts. I also wish to offer my apologies. My behavior was entirely inappropriate for the situation and I should not have resisted your attempts to aid me.

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To:[Sefton, Amanda]
From: [Topaz]
CC: [Kaplan, Billy]
Subject: What happened

Amanda -

So when we were running all over the city being stalked by those things, Billy and I came up with an idea to create magic-infused henna tattoos to ward them off. Obviously it didn't work, but we thought we should tell you in case something goes haywire and someone wakes up without an arm or something. I don't think we could have messed up quite that badly, but still. You'd probably be able to fix it better than we could.

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So do we tell Amanda about the whole tattoo thing or not? I mean, it WAS a good idea and all, even if it didn't work that well.
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Um...There's a guy following me and Renee and he's gotta suit and he's really thin and he's got no face and he's like everywhere and he just waves a lot and he's creepy. What should we do? Should I punch him? I don't wanna get arrested. :(
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There's something off about these things following us. You free to meet?


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