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To: [Frost, Adrienne]
From: [Grey-Summers, Jean]
Subject: Update on Garrison


We've finished physical surgery with Garrison but his mind was infected with chaos energy. Wanda, Amanda, and Charles worked together to clear the energy but it had caused a lot of damage and as a result his mindscape appears to be shattered.

Haller and I going to be doing what we can to fix things but I thought I'd keep you in the loop as to what's going on. I'll let you know if anything changes.

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To: [Espinosa, Angelo], [Guthrie, Paige], [Colbert, Marie-Ange], [Lee, Jubilation], [Maximoff, Wanda], [Callisto]
CC: [Haller, David], [Xavier, Charles]
Subject: Update on Garrison Kane's Condition

Charles and Wanda finished the psychic surgery to clear the chaos energy from Garrison Kane late last night but the outcome was not as we hoped. The chaos energy did significant damage to his mind, far more than we had imagined. His mindscape appears to have been shattered.

Unfortunately Charles can no longer participate in the process of helping to rebuild Garrison's mind due to his exposure of the chaos energy potentially re-infecting Garrison. He has asked Haller and I to do what we can in repairing Garrison's mind.

I will keep you updated.

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To: [grey-summers, jean], [xavier, charles], [maximoff, wanda]
From: [sefton, amanda]

Subject: Aitkins, Minnesota - The Bad News )
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To: [espinosa, angelo], [guthrie, page], [colbert, marie-ange], [lee, jubilation], [maximoff, wanda], [callisto]

CC: [grey-summers, jean], [xavier, charles]

From: [sefton, amanda]

Subject: Aitkins, Minnesota )
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To: [Xavier, Charles]
From: [Grey-Summers, Jean]
Subject: Garrison's condition


Garrison's healing factor appears to have helped heal him enough by this point to longer require him to be sedated and he's no longer in critical condition.

But I think something's wrong. He should be awake by now. I've tried the usual methods of regular stimuli and even telepathy but he doesn't seem to be waking up.

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To: [Frost, Adrienne]
From: [Grey-Summers, Jean]
Subject: Garrison

I'm sorry I had forgotten that when I sent a message out to the team list that you weren't on it.

Garrison has been severely injured on an investigation. X-Force brought him in early yesterday morning in secret. Magic was involved and we don't know if there'll be any complications from that.

Since he has a healing factor he'll be fine but he's still going to need extensive surgery, which is what I have been and will be doing for most of the day with Amelia and will likely also do tomorrow.

We're keeping it on the down low for now and not telling the students or non-staff. Staff and team personnel only. So for now please keep it to yourself.

I'm taking a break but I need to get back into surgery. I'll keep you updated.

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[To] [Colbert, Marie-Ange]
{from] [Kane, Garrison]

I talked to the office. They can shake loose Secret Empire leather, patches, and flags for us. There's an agent undercover who will set up a meet between our people and the Valhallas. Apparently, their President Deke Blake put out the word that he was looking for some help in exchange for 'business considerations' and the Bureau has a set-up going that we can slide right into.

Only trouble is that it depends who you want to bring. Valhallas are like other clubs; women are almost always 'old ladies' or hangers-on. We may need a second venue.

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MA, it's Kane. Look, I need your help. I'm in the middle of something big, and I don't have enough evidence to get more resources from the Bureau. I've got a serial killer with a ritualistic Norse fetish stocking a town that happens to count Thor, the God of Thunder as one of its citizens. I need information on magic, rituals, Norse gods, and you guys are the only ones I can think of who might have it. Call me back.
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[to} [Agent G.Kane], [Agent A.Brand]
[from] [Dr. A. Peavy]

In response to your request to type blood sample No.5113-2012-848162F

Sample in question is Type O+ and tested negative for the x-gene complex. The subject can not be medically classified as a 'mutant' under current legal definitions.

Dr. Alison Peavy, MD
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[to] DuncanF
[from} KaneG


I think there might be more to Aitkins than just this possible mutant. I've attached a series of incident reports from other agencies, as well as the note from local law enforcement. As you'll be able to see, there is very much a pattern of incidents along the lines of local Norse cultism and white power groups. I think either someone from this community, or using them as cover, is operating in the region, and may already be responsible for three or more deaths. You can see by the timelines that the incidents are accelerating and growing in terms of viciousness. I think you should send this down to Quantico, because I'm almost sure we've got a possible serial killer operating in the region.

We're still on top of the Thor investigation, but we have to wait for lab results before we can go forward. In the meantime, I'm going to open a preliminary investigation and forward the findings. I think we need a full team here, Fred. There is something very wrong in this town. It's not just bad vibes. I don't know, but trust me, this is more than just a biker war.

--Garrison Kane


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