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"Hey Dad. Um…so you probably heard by now I missed my interview. Could you maybe put in a good word and tell the editor I'm really not a total flake? I just had a bit of an emergency. And before you freak out and storm the gates - don't. Things are kind of bad here right now. I don't really want to explain to your voice mail…or over the phone. I'm gonna try and get out to see you and we can talk then. Maybe next weekend. Um. Maybe. I don't know. I'll call you. Or you call me when you get this. Either way talk to you later. Love you."
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JavaJoe @ilovecoffee wrote:

This happened at my local place y'day. Scary! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-m5GTtOPQg #cafemutant

anonymoushuman @fiteforlife1984 wrote:

Grabbed from security footage at a NYC cafe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-m5GTtOPQg #mutantrampage

New York Guy @NYGUY107 wrote:

Check this out! Only in NYC! Cafe Girl with Telekinesis Freaks Out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-m5GTtOPQg

Editing work done by [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]. Source footage from the Carrie viral advertising campaign.
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to: [Kane, Garrison]
from: [Spicywiener, Carlos]
topic: See you in Madripoor

I found Archie. He's willing to give you ten minutes. And by willing, I mean that he owes me a favour and is willing to trade that for ten minutes and an unspecified threat on my life. We did agree that you're buying the drinks, right?

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to: [Kane, Christian]
from: [Kane, Garrison]


I need a favour. There's a connection we're trying to run down in Madripoor. Do you think you could convince Tim Dugan to give us a hand again? I know we nearly got him flattened last time with the Imperial Guard, but this is potentially important.

Let me know, and... thanks.

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"Hi, uh, Doug? This is Ashlee? Katie's roommate? Hey, I was wondering if Katie was hanging out with you or something, because she's kinda been gone since Friday night, and I don't think she was at her classes today? Anyways, give me a call or something?"
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To: [Nicholas Gleason]
From: [Natalie Gleason]
Subject: Help!


I hope this gets to you! I don't even know if this is the right address. All that I know is that I'm scared.

Father Risman's gone crazy. He keeps talking about Armageddon caused by the mutants, and us having to cleanse them. He says that I have to get ready for some 'Holy War', but I don't even know what's right anymore.

I need to get out, but I don't know how! He has us in some kind of steel mill outside of Pittsburgh. But other than when he leaves me in my room at night, he's always around me. Like he knows something's going on.

I don't know what to do, but you're the only one I can turn to. Please help Nicky!

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to: [Xavier, Charles]
from: [Bastion, William]


I have some difficult news. Lilandra Neramani has just been arrested by her brother under charges of treason. She believes that her brother has engineered the recent bombings in New Delhi in order to create a pretext under which Indian forces can occupy Pakistan. I've taken a look at our most recent satellite imagery, and it looks like she's right. There are massive movements of armor and artillary in and around the Thar Desert near the borders, and we've noted heat blooms in the engines of their carrier fleet in Mumbai, which means they're going to be moving the fleet soon.

Take a look at the information, and I'll arrange a secure line to talk to you directly.

I think it's actually happening, Charles. God help us all when it starts.


Attached: Lilandra1.zip
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To: [Lee, Jubilation], [Bartlet, Carlie]
From: [McCoy, Henry]
Subject: Surprise for Maddie

As the two of you are undoubtedly aware, a certain someone has a dreaded annual event rapidly approaching once again. I already have plans to come home to surprise my darling, Maddie, but being that she's as cunning and brilliant as I am, there's no doubt in my mind she'll expect that.

This is where the two of you come in. While I may be anticipated, the two of you would serve as a welcome surprise that I doubt she will foresee.

So what do you say; are you up for a sojourn to Edinburgh?

Sincerest Regards,
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Attendees of the ESU Day Zero memorial last night were shocked when the announcement of a new Helix chapter on campus turned violent. After speeches from Bethany Moore and Carlie Barlet, two prominent HeliX leaders, anti-mutant protesters demonstrated their ire at the new ESU Helix leaders, Charles Rowe and Charlotte Lincoln by hurling abuse at the pair. A larger fight broke out after one protester threw a bottle on stage. The brawl that followed was dispersed through the combined efforts of the local police, members of the crowd both human and mutant.

Read On... )
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~::On the ground/no radar sweep coming over border/clean incursion/hotel surrounded by IDF troops::~

~::Executing now[10.26.2009 02:46:55IGT]::~
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[to] Xavier, Charles
[from] USMC Overseas Procurement Office (USAC200-4500B) - Karachi div.


I apologize about the seemingly duplicity, but I'm trying to bury this email off channel, and the Marine Corps outdated and exceedingly busy and boring procurement system is the least monitored and secure method I could find.

I received a private message from Lilandra Neramani through, let's just say, 'unofficial' channels. As she noted in her last letter to us, as a result of her involvement the re-acquisition of Lhendup Rimpoche Lhatsun, her brother organized several high level ministerial appointments under her initiative, and has shown increased trust in his sister.

Thanks to Lilandra, apparently a Sikh politician named Mankaran Singh Shahraj has finally started to organize some effective opposition of Neramani's leading coalition, and has been putting together a plan to curb what he terms as a 'reckless and unnecessarily antagonistic foreign policy'. In short, he's the only man on the table in their Parliament with the connections and pull to hope to counterbalance Prime Minister Neramani's increasingly worrisome aggressive stance.

Shahraj has been on a working vacation in Chharabra, putting together some kind of coalition strategy to present to the other parties that are considering joining his cause. We just got word that a group of Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists have seized the Wallflower hotel, and taken every one in it hostage. Including Shahraj. According to some information that Lilandra was privy to, she believes that her brother is going to use this incident (he might have even had a hand in orchestrating it), to make sure that Shahraj is an unfortunate victim when Indian authorities retake the hotel.

Charles, I realize this is starting to edge towards a lot of bounderies for you, but this is a state-organized assassination designed to take the last controls off a man with territorial ambitions, nuclear weapons, a massive military and a mutant strike force of significant power. It can't be allowed to happen.

The Unitied States can't do anything. Even if they knew I was in touch with Neramani, there's no way State or the Joint Chiefs could put together a feasible operation even if they wanted to. But you can. I still have a lot of friends who owe me a lot of favours in the service, and if you're willing, I think I can arrange to get your people in and out of Northern India secretly.

I will completely understand if you say no, Charles. There's nothing to like about this, and it involves risking you and your own in a major fashion. But this is important, and if not us, who?

--Lt. Gen. William Bastion
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to: [Kane, Christian], [Wisdom, Pete]
from: [Kane, Garrison]

re: It's something to worry about

Alright, it seems that Amahl Farouk has just gotten himself arrested and jailed in Thailand. Dad, I think he's calling in a favour here. I'm not sure what's going on, but it looks like the Professor has just dropped himself into something he's way out of his depth on.

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To: [Summers, Scott]
Subject: a little help?


I realize I'm making a habit out of asking for favors, but I've got to do it again. You know how I feel about human trafficking, but what I never told you is that I'm not the only one around here taking direct action. Lately the 'traffic' has been mutants, more often than not coming from Indonesia - it's a bad trend, and a suspicious one. We've been trying our best to intercept the shipments and get the rescuees to trustworthy aid agencies, but we've developed a real problem with the Indian navy.

The reason I'm emailing is that our latest rescue attempt went south. I managed to get the kids back here to Madripoor, but only because the other ship involved drew off the Indians. They're still out there - the Indians haven't caught up with them yet, but it's only a matter of time. Scott, if they get that crew, it's going to blow our whole pipeline wide open. Maybe permanently.

I've attached details for a contact of mine in Indonesia. I hope to hell you can help, because none of the so-called legitimate authorities around here give a damn.

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A letter arrives addressed to Mr. Angelo Espinosa, c/o Elpis. The postmark is from Washington DC. Inside is a handwritten letter.

Mr. Espinosa,

My apologies for the intrusion, but I hope you will understand. I am currently attempting to reach my son, whom I believe you may have spoken with recently. I need to speak with him rather urgently, but he has become rather difficult to track down of late. If you are in communication with him, I would ask that you do me the favor of passing along a message for me. Please let him know that I would like to see him to discuss the Hamsa matter. He may reach me at the phone number below.

I thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter. If you have need of anything, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jacob J. Gavin, Sr.

[phone number]
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To: [Xavier, Charles]
From: [fury.nicholas@SHIELD.**.***]

One of our secure holding facilities was hit last night by a group of unknown mutants. We're still counting casualties but it's looking to be close to a hundred between staff and inmates. Only one individual removed, and we're sure that he was the target.

Apocalypse is at large again. This information's highly sequestered because the last thing we want is a public panic, but since you and yours were instrumental in putting him in our hands, I'm giving you a heads-up in the event of reciprocity.

Fury, N.
Director, SHIELD.
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"Hello, Wanda dear. After that terrible New York attack, your office phone was flooded with calls and we're just now figuring out how to forward them automatically to your mobile. Let us know when you'll next be in town."


Shouting over background noise, a man's voice could be heard:

"Ms. Maximoff, you don't know my name but you do know me, in a way. I was, ah, working with your father on several things and you managed to receive my note in time the last time you were in Washington. I'm sure you remember that. I could have saved your life and I'm calling in the favor - I'm trapped in New York with these Horsemen and I don't know how long I'll be able to stay alive. My name is Jonathan Kroeger and you can find me at..."

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Has Nate actually talked to you since this whole thing ended?

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Monsieur Farouk,

Out of his deep and abiding respect for the people who introduced us, and your own considerable reputation, His Excellency is amenable to rescheduling the meeting - in order to accomodate the change in your circumstances.

We shall discuss the details once you arrive, but I must warn you - the price is likely to rise due to the inconvenience to His Grace.

I am looking forward to speaking with you in person.

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From: [Anon]
To: [J. Doe]
Subject: Information

Name: Mirabelle Azure Hemmings
Birthdate: 10/23/1987
Born: New Hope Health and Science Center, East Eden, Vermont
Mother: Linda Taylor Hemmings
Father: David Hemmings

Don't come back.


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