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To: [Remy]
From: [Lorna]
Subject: Save me. )

To: [Ali]
From: [Lor]
Subject: Kicked out of my own state )

To: [Mom], [Dad]
From: [K]
Subject: I'm fine. )

To: [Alex]
From: [Lorna]
Subject: In case you haven't heard )

To: [Jared]
From: [Lorna]
Subject: Make him read that )
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To: [Crazy bint]
From: [Old maid]
Subject: [I should be horribly surprised...]

.....or deeply hurt that you went off and got hitched without so much of a word to me. But I'm neither. I'm happy that you found happiness with the git at a 24-hr chapel, honest! And even though I didn't received my invite to this shot-gun wedding of yours, I did send my gift through the post and it should arrive within the next day or so.

I have to wonder where you are as I've tried calling a few times but you weren't around. I guess this email will have to do what I can't do in person.

I wish you all my best, my friend. And if ever you need anything, simply ask.

All my love,
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To: [Alison]
From: [Ororo]
Subject: From the trail of goo...

I take it Jamie's first Danger Room experience was a success? And the blob was a hit?

I cannot wait to see the recordings.

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To: [Dazzler, Storm]
From: [Dane, Lorna]
Subject: Loose ends


When the two of you have a mutually free minute, I'd like to talk to you about resuming my place on the team. I've a clean bill of health both physically and mentally and, given the response from Berkeley, plenty of free time.

I'll be out for much of the afternoon, I have some errands in the city but I will be checking mail.


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To: [Jetstream], [Nightcrawler], [Cable], [Cannonball], [Colossus], [Juggernaut]
cc: [Dazzler], [Wisdom]
From: [Cyclops]
Subject: take-off time...

... is midnight. I'm assuming you've all been reviewing the tactical plan since the briefing earlier this evening, but if you've got any questions, now or on the plane is the time to ask. We're going to have a limited amount of time on the ground before things start getting exciting, so let's make sure we're all on the same page before we land.



To: [various students]
From: [S. Summers]
Subject: classes tomorrow and Friday

All of you receiving this have classes with Mr. al-Rashid, Mr. Wagner, Mr. Dayspring, Mr. Marko, Ms. Blaire, or myself. Consider this your official notice; all of our classes are cancelled for both tomorrow and Friday. Most of you will find reading assignments in your boxes at some point tonight, although I can't speak for everyone.

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To: Blaire, Alison; Munroe, Ororo
From: Guthrie, Sam
Subject: Scott

Just...keep an eye on him. He's so private and proud, but he's hurting over this Jean thing. I'd take another try at stealing his paperwork and such, but leaving him with nothing to do would probably be worse.

Anyways, I'm sure you both already know all of this, but...yeah.

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To: [Ororo], [Alison]
From: [Scott]
Subject: off-duty

I think I'd better take myself off-duty for a few days, at least. I know I was supposed to be on-call this week but I just can't.

Jean emailed me. Apparently when it comes to leaving, she's going for the clean sweep.

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From: Haroun
To: Alison

Big Bird is cranky. Going for a flight. BBL.
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To: [Dazzler], [Storm]
From: [Cyclops]
Subject: making it official

So long as neither of you have any objections, I'm putting myself back on active status as of today. I'm satisfied with my results in the Danger Room lately; I know there's still room for improvement, but when I'm running at 85-90% in marksmanship tests, I think I can do the rest of my improving back on the job. Hand-to-hand's still a concern, but I'll keep at it. I just need time, I think, to get used to compensating for the blind side.

We won't talk about piloting just yet.

On a similar subject, Haroun's been looking good in the Danger Room lately, and I know he's been cleared physically. Do we want to be nudging him in the direction of the Professor for tea and a psych assessment? It would be good to have all the command staff back operating.

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To: [Blaire, Alison]
From: [Cassidy, Terry]
Subject: Help me!


You have to make it stop! I'm going mad. Every single hour and I think it's getting worse! It's better when you're around but that noise is beginning to make me see stars when I hear it.

I don't think earplugs will help. Do something!

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To: [Jerrica]
From: [Pizzazz]
Subject: For the record?

Danger room session are /so/ much easier than a full hula. I think I no longer have hips. They fell off or something. I'm /just/ getting feeling back in my knees.

So when are you coming?



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