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TO: Mr. Drake
FROM: Mrs. Drake
SUBJ: Holiday plans?

Just back, looks like I should be in town for Christmas. Are you? Are we...?

One request. No inlaws, please?
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Hey guys,

Tim Dugan just e-mailed me about a lead that's come up in the whole Alpha Flight attack. It looks like we've got more information about who hired Corrigan and possibly sent the team to kill him (and nearly us) last year. I can't roll this out to the X-Men; it means working with SHIELD and tangling with a big corporation, and I don't want to risk a splash back to the school.

So feel free to say no, but if you're willing, I'm going to arrange a flight to Hong Kong tonight.

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(Glowing, Reusable Ice Cubes)

Note: The company guaranteed me that these wouldn't melt. Figured we could use them so we don't get into too much more trouble destroying property with water before your next birthday. Hope you have a good one.

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To: [Redhead #2]
From: [Frosty]
Subject: Evil Scientist

I'm going to speak in code in case this is being watched. Did you see the message from "Big Blue" earlier. It seems like "Fire" & "Ice" might need to keep a look out. But "their" prank seemed to go off splendidly.

Name legally Withheld
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to: [Sefton, Amanda], [Drake, Robert]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]
subject: The Gym

You know the funny thing about old buildings? Because of the random repairs over time, it seems that water can end up just about anywhere if enough of it is dumped in one place. For example, through what is no doubt an amazing collection of beams, old pipes, holes for old wirings and whatever else is under the floor board, the water made it all the way down to the first floor. Mister Barnes has called Emma's rental company to complain about the water dripping into his apartment.

Drake, as you may not know, we try and stay under the radar as much as possible, which in this case involves putting up with the fact that we have a tenant on the first floor who's been here for five decades that we need to hide our activities from. Which means both of you need to come up with a damn good reason that doesn't involve mutant powers why water is coming into his place and help fix it.

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Heading into District X to check out the lady who took the kids' powers. Wanna be back-up?
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Found in the mailslots of:

All the current New Mutants (including Nico, even if she gives Yvette a wiggins); Angelica, Fred, Julian, Kevin, Kyle, Laura, Laurie and Paige; selected staff: Charles, Garrison, Crystal, Jan, Callisto, Bobby, Kurt, Tabs, Hank, Jean and Jean-Phillipe; and left on desks at the Elpis office, Angelo and John.

Plain white card with the following written in gold pen in rather pretty handwriting:




SUNDAY, AUGUST 8, 2010 AT 1:30 P.M.

Guests welcome.
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To: [Charles Xavier]
From: [Bobby Drake]
Subject: Trouble at the Keep


Long time, no talk. I know it must be busy at the school with the new year just getting underway, but a bit of a situation has arisen at the Keep with an unexpected visit from my brother, Ronnie. It's a little difficult to explain through an e-mail. I was wondering if the two of us could pay a visit to the mansion? I know it's on short notice, but we could catch a plane if that's alright with you.

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To: [a ghra]
From: [me]
Subject: Availability

I'm going to be working nonstop for a while. I'll call when I can.

Jay's gone. They don't know if he's alive.

I love you.

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Still out here. Was pretty bad. I'm okay, Shiro broke his hand. Other stuff that will have to wait until I can talk to you properly. Four days. <3
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To: [Mine]
From: [Yours]
Subject: Flight stuff 

Flight's at 5:30, I should be back in the States by 7:30 your time.  Don't you love timezones?  I'll be home about 9.  Please try to not be working by then?  It's no good telling me you haven't been.  I know you.

Have to run now.  Miss you.  See you soon.

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Delivered to the Elpis boathouse for Bobby:

Cut for image )

The card reads "Rent, Disc 1, Song 14?"
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To: [Espinosa, A] [Sinclair, R] [Drake, B] [Dayspring, N] [Wisdom, p]
from: [Stavros, J]

First things first.

What I said last night was due to being stressed out and feeling helpless, and was directed at my peers instead of the people at Elpis. I am extremely, incredibly sorry for your loss, and words cannot adequately express how unutterably stupid I am for even letting you believe otherwise. You have nothing but my sympathy and respect.

Please believe me when I say I did not intend to insult or demean you in any way last night. My ire was directed at my peers, who have talked of nothing but fatalism all week. I should know better than to open my big mouth when I'm pissed off and tired.

- Jennie
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To: [overtime pair]
From: [the boss]
Subject: all right...

Time to stand down, I think. Everything on the critical list is done, and Joel, when I just talked to him, is of the opinion that we've actually put ourselves in a position of being ahead, project-wise, which he deems "pretty damned remarkable". So I want you two to finish whatever you're working on right now, and then leave the office. Juliette's going to do the exact same thing - she will be back on Monday to answer phones, etc, but I don't want either of you setting foot near the boathouse until Tuesday.

I don't know how to thank either of you. This was above and beyond. I'm very proud of both of you, and honored to be working with you. And clearly, getting a little mushy here, so finish whatever you're working on and get moving. Fresh air is a beautiful thing.

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To: [Rahne]
From: [Terry]
Subject: Help me?

I know he hasn't had a break in ages. Make him take one. Lie if you have to.


To: [Bobby]
From: [Terry]
Subject: Stop working

Just for an hour. Please?

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To: [Mine]
From: [Yours]
Subject: I know what you're thinking.

But yes, you have to go. I have too many classes for either of us to be getting sick. Do it for me.

Late classes today. You're on your own for dinner.

Did Sean ever send those things I needed to sign?



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