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Aug. 1st, 2014 12:37 pm
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A parcel wrapped in birthday paper, left at the door of her suite with a hand-made origami card of a fish.

"Happy Birthday, Sharon! May today be everything you want it to be! Love, Yvette."

Inside the package: )
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To: [Pool Club] (Jones, Angelica; Smith, Sharon)
From: Mazur, Namor

Subject: Spring Break

I have had enough of cold water. Pick a point south for Spring Break. Shall we buceor o mergulhar?

Um beijo,
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To: [Smith, Sharon]
From: [Barton, Clint]
Subject: Leftover food?

Hey -

So I wasn't sure what you were thinking of doing with the food that gets leftover on a day to day basis, like the stuff that we can't use or sell the next day, but I had a thought. You've probably already got something arranged, but I figured I'd throw it out there - Tandy's uncle runs a homeless shelter out of his church in District X and on Wednesday nights he does a soup kitchen thing. I was thinking it might be good to give him whatever we can't use, that way it doesn't go to waste and it's helping people in District X. I can get you his contact information, if you'd like.

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To: [Flame-o My Good Hotman!]
cc: [[Korvus]]
From: [Fuzz-Butt]

Subject: Cover for me?

Hey Angel! Would you be able to cover my RA duties for me for a few days? Maybe a couple weeks? I think I need to sleep at my deli for the next little while. It keeps getting vandalized and I'm tired of replacing windows and cleaning spray-paint and toilet paper off everything.

Love you to death,

To: [Fred]
From: [Catseye]

Hi Fred! Would it be possible to hire you for some guard duty? My deli keeps getting vandalized at night. :( I'm gonna sleep there to try and stop it from happening, but I was hoping maybe a presence as imposing as yourself hanging around for a couple hours a night (maybe 10-1 or something like that?) might deter these anti-mutant jerks after a couple days. What do you think?

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To: [Catseye]
From: [Angel]
Subject: Road Trip?!


So remember that time we talked about going on a road trip and then didn't? And then remember when we talked about it again? We should totally do it this time. This summer, I mean. Yes/No?

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Molly just told me that Topaz hasn't been in their room for the past three days. She doesn't know where Topaz has been sleeping. I'm worried. What should I do?
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Topaz hasn't been sleeping in our room for 3 days. I thought she was maybe coming in after I was asleep (she does that sometimes) and leaving before I woke up but I don't think so anymore. What should I do?
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You free?  I got a wall needs a patch-up.  No hurry.




You might want to keep an eye on the new student, Frank.  Kid's got quite some rage boiling up in there and I've got a dent in my office wall to prove it.

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Hey, can you do me a favor and check on Molly? She said she was hiding from the creepy guys that took the kids - in her closet. She's alone and I don't think that's a good idea, but I'm heading into the city to check on Marie-Ange and Doug. Help?
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To: [Smith, Sharon]
From: [Barton, Clinton]
Subject: Favor?

Hey - given everything that's happened with Tandy lately, I thought it'd be nice to do something for her. She's been talking about The Hobbit for ages now, so I went online and bought tickets for the midnight showing in town, only I don't have a license yet. Could you take us to the theater?
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To: [Roomie}
From: [Roomie]


KorvusKorvusKorvus! I just had an idea and I don't know where you are! So the students here go back to school this week, right? And we're their RAs, right? Well I was thinking maybe at the end of the week when they've been back in classes for a couple days we could take them all out to eat? Have a sort of official Welcome Back and How Were Your First Couple Days and Introduction and This Is Who We Are You Can Come To Us If You Need Help Party? I was even thinking maybe we could make it a regular thing, like once a month or something? Just so we can check in with all of them about how they're doing? What do you think?
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WadeWadeWade! I

didn't want your present to melt so it's in a birthday present box with your name on it in the coffin freezer. Hope you enjoy it and that you had a superfantabulous birthday! 


((in the freezer is Tin Roof Sundae Pie))
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A cake made out of meat and a scratch post with a bow on top with a note, left in front of Sharon's suite.

Dear Sharon,

Happy Birthday! Here is a beef cake made just for you-it is not really a beef cake but a venison cake.

Love, Lorna
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THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love my book! You're the best! I made you chocolate carrot cake, because rabbit, carrots, hahaha. It's in the kitchen with big signs on it telling no one else to eat it.
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A copy of The Tale of Peter Rabbit with a Post-It note on the cover:

I stumbled onto it when I was downtown and figured I'd save you the trouble of having to search the library :)

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To: [Catseye], [Minion #2]
From: [Wade/Benevolent Overlord]
Subject: Consider your educations successfully furthered!

I know I told you this on Tuesday, but you guys did great during your first hotwiring session. You should both keep practicing - I left some tools for you each, but I think you should work on trying to figure out some makeshift ones just in case you're ever in a situation where things aren't all nice and neat for you. Once you've got the Xavier cars figured out, we'll switch over to some older models and I can start teaching you all about how the wiring is sometimes different in other countries.

Good work, chicas. Keep it up and you'll have this hotwiring stuff down pat in no time.

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To: [Catseye] [Minion #2]
From: [Wade/Benevolent Overlord]
Subject: Furthering your educations...

Ladies, please meet me in the garage tomorrow evening. It's time you both learned some valuable life skills.

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message 1 of 3 nomf nomf nomf nomf nomf nomf nomf nomf nomf nomf nomf nomf nomf nomf

message 2 of 3 Layla says the venison schnitzl was your idea.

message 3 of 3 nomf nomf nomf nomf nomf nomf nomf nomf


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