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To: [Bestest ever]
From: [short notice]
Subject: Hey

So, in addition to the contracted work on their computers, the Snow Valley Team (read: Amanda, actually, but, you know, official work stuff and I'm being paid so I might as well be correct about it) have asked me to help out with their current bit of research. Which, hey, money always good, so I said yes.

The catch would be that this particular bit of research means Amanda and I are hoping on a plane to Muir tomorrow (far as I can tell, she wants me to translate genetic-speak into Amanda-speak). She says we won't be gone more than a couple days.

Obviously, told you about all the non-disclosure stuff they wanted me to sign, and there is some of that here, I'll be upfront about that, but nothing you need to worry about, I think.

Love you,
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To: {unparallelled mistress of the kitchen}
From: {minion guy}
Subject: Help!

Okay. Just giving you, y'know, lots of warning. Kitty and I have our anniversary in a couple weeks, and her birthday the next day, and I need a Picnic Lunch. And I'm not talking just any picnic lunch. I'm talking about something mythic. Legendary. Something that ants gather together on cold nights and speak of in hushed whispers. A Picnic Lunch so incredible that even Yogi Bear, if he saw it, would simply look reverently at it . . . and pass on by. A Picnic Lunch, indeed, with capital letters.

Because the, er, the thing is, I want this anniversary to be really, really special. Because I'm kinda . . . proposing. To Kitty. (Marriage.) So I want the actual day to be really special. Which, um, I said, didn't I.

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To: [Multiple Man]
From: [Cyclops]
Subject: my co-CO is sneaky and evil

It looks like I may be accompanying you to some of your off-campus flight lessons. We should call and figure out how we can juggle scheduling...



To: [Sam]
From: [Scott]
Subject: so, about that last email...

I take it back? Well, not entirely. I think maintenance and the like would go better with the two of us... I'd explain why I've changed my mind in the course of 24 hours, but it'd just be a whole lot of "Ororo is sneaky". But she also had a point.

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To: Doug, Angie, Paige, Jubilee, and Shiro
CC: Summers, Scott
From: Munroe, Ororo
Subject: Congratulations )

To: Jamie
CC: Summers, Scott
From: Munroe, Ororo
Subject: Congratulations )

To: Clarice and Terry
CC: Summers, Scott
From: Munroe, Ororo
Subject: Congratulations )
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To: [kamikaze], [vision], [multiple man]
From: [lexicon]
Subject: This message will self-destruct in five seconds.

Operation: Nintendanger Room is a go.

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To: Kitty
From: Jamie
Subject: mer

We're not gonna end up like Mr. Summers and Dr. Grey, are we?  I mean, I know we're not, I don't think we're in any danger of breaking up, or anything, I just . . . I ran into her today, she came into the bakery and she was just . . . she seemed so bitter and unhappy even though she said she was happier now, and Mr. Summers seems like he's coming apart at the seams, and I just, I don't want us to ever end like that.

Agh.  And I'm not explaining this very well, am I?  Come find me?  I need a hug.
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To: ['Yana]
From: [the kitten]
Subject: Laundry mix-up?

Hey 'Yana, was there a laundry mix-up? I just found one of your bras in my drawer and I have no idea how it got there. I think I would have noticed if I were washing your stuff, but undisputedly it was in my drawer (and is now on your bed).


To: [Jamie]
From: [Kit]
Subject: Did I forget something?

You haven't been hoarding forgotten underwear or something, have you? I can't find the black one. You know, with the lace. I didn't leave it in your room, did I?

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To: [master of multiple mayhem], [can of atomic whoopass], [thoracic furnace]
From: [the ghost in the machine]

Subject: Your mission, should you choose to accept it... )

To: [low man on the genius pole], [handjob], [toilet breath], [stuffed and mounted]
From: [the ghost in the machine]

Subject: RUN. )
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To: [Madrox, J], [Ramsey, D]
From: [Forge]

Either of you seen Dr. Grey? Wanted to talk to her about the lobby stuff, can't find her on the train anywhere.
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To: [Jamie]
From: [Moira]
Subject: I must be insane...


Do you know how to rollerblade? Because I suddenly have an urge to learn and to freshen up my rollerskating skills.

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To: {flashy glowy person}
From: {the new hire}
Subject: Quick question

Hey, Miles tells me some of the kids are planning on a bowling trip tonight, and he wants to know, can he go if I go along too? I'll make sure he doesn't stick his hand into the ball return and all that. :)
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To: {Grey, Jean}
From: {Madrox, Jamie}
Subject: Speaking of embarrassing codenames . . .

When I was talking to Mr. Summers--oh, and congrats to both of you sneaky people, by the way, in case I haven't said it yet--about training, he said he got out of the whole embarrassing peer-awarded codename thing on account of being in charge right from the start. Is that actually true, or did he have one that maybe he didn't know about? :) Or would answering that question violate spousal privilege?
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To: [Madrox, Jamie]
From: [Marko, Cain]
Subject: Financial issues

Heard a discussion the other day at the dinner table, seems you're working quite a few jobs to put yourself through school and it's going to be a bitch around tax time. I got a proposition for you along those lines to make things easier. It's not a handout, trust me, but maybe I ought to sit down with you and explain it.

Send one of you by when you've got the time.

Mr. Marko
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To: [Jamie]
From: [Scott]
Subject: when you've got some time... )

To: [Alison]
From: [Scott]
Subject: favor? )

To: [larcenous XO]
From: [migraine-free CO]
Subject: Sam... )
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To: {brilliant, but eats haggis}
From: {completely baffled}
Subject: My pants need investigating.

Now, how's that for a subject line to wake you up in the morning? :) I don't know if you caught my post about my pajama pants the other day, but the upshot was, I thought I lost a pair of plaid pajama pants, and then I found a striped pair that, aside from the pattern, looked just like them. And I mean just like them. I think, somehow, they're the same pants, but the vertical stripes went away somewhere. Kitty and I finally managed to narrow down that the last time I had those pants on that they were definitely plaid, was the night I went out and beat the hell out of that vampire wannabe guy. I duped once during that, and the best we can figure something must have happened to them then, but neither of us can imagine what.

Can I drop the pants down with you so you can work your scary genius magic on them? Kitty and I are taking off this week for my parents' for Christmas and then spending New Year's in Chicago with hers, so you'll have plenty of time, but also that means I kinda need to hear back pretty quick.

Y'know, yet another inexplicable weird thing about my powers was not what I wanted to get you for Christmas. But Merry Christmas anyway. :)
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To: {Marius}
From: {Jamie}
Subject: Just clearing the air.

I figure you've probably figured this out by now, but I'm not actually planning to kick your ass about the other day in the kitchen. ;) I'm not gonna say that a semi-hysterical girlfriend is one of my favorite things ever, but from what Kitty says you didn't actually mean to scare her or anything, so we're cool.

Just, y'know, think a little, next time, huh? Like I said, this didn't exactly make my day, and Kitty's been through way too much already.


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