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Feb. 1st, 2010 01:31 pm
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Awake. You can move in now. Cleaned up a bit too. No work tonight or tomorrow. See you.
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To: [Catseye]
From: [Guthrie, Jay]
Subject: Talk

Yeah, you know we need to talk.

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To: [Ford, Kevin]
From: [Guthrie, Jay]
Subject: stupid stuff

You know, I know I said some stupid stuff to you while we were dating but I know the topper was when I tried to get you to go to prom the second time.

I just wanted to say, I'm sorry for that. Not trying to get you back or anything. Just wanted to say it I didn't mean it the way it sounded, just wanting to be friends and that we was nothing. Just thought you was better off away from all my crazy instead of having me around, hurting you more with it.

My gums are flapping and Im still saying stupid stuff. At least that don't change right?

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Unsigned note slipped under the door to Jay's suite early in the morning.

Happy Birthday
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To: [Sefton, Amanda]
From: [Guthrie, Jay]
Subject: Warren

Well he's probably in my suite right now, sleeping like a baby. Got him home safe and sound, though I had to go to school this morning. So I don't know if he's got a hang over or not. but boy, he was sure pushy to sleep in my bed. heh. He was drunker than I thought, he's such a light weight. But don't breath a word of it. I don't think he'll remember that. Just thought you might like something to chuckle about this morning.

But God, looking at his wings reminds me of my old ones, yanno? And watching how he had to get comfortable on his side, I dunno if I really miss them anymore. It's hard to really say right now. I feel good, better than I've felt. Maybe I should be telling this to Jack, but I don't wanna sit there and talk about it with him. Wanted to tell someone and thought of you cause I know you won't go blabbing.

Also, hows your head this morning. heh. I didn't get any sleep at all. Thank god no work tonight. I'd probably spill everything all over the counter if I was. I'll text you later when class starts really dragging.

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YO! Doc says you need foods. You want burgers or fish sticks? I got both.
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To: [Garrison, Kane]
From: [Guthrie, Jay]
Subject: DR

So uh... Hank wants to break the room right? I know I ain't really good for that but he mentioned last week that he wanted to try me out in there but I said I gotta get past you first with it. So, can I? Are you gonna be there if that's a yes?

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from: [guthrie, jay]
Subject: shiro

You should probably know that Shiro's shit isn't fine. He's all over the place and from where I stand, if I can hold onto my control better than him, that's saying something. I should have emailed you sooner but I thought I was being all loopy again. Needed to get my head straight to figure out if it was me being all crazy-like again or him.

It's definitly him.

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To: [Forge, J.h.]
From: [Guthrie, Jay]
Subject: Catseye

Hey. You wanna come down and talk to me sometime about Nick Gleason? You know him? Cats came down to talk to me about him two weeks ago or whatever, being all interested in her and you know, being her boyfriend, but now I got Julian (Who's this guy?) saying Nick's getting fresh with Angel?

Just come down, kay?

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To: [Guthiere, Jay]; [Gibney, Kyle]
From: [Keller, Julian]
Subject: Uhhh...

Hey Kyle, Jay,

I wanted to bring this to your attention, but you didn't hear it from me. Over the trip to Malibu, I noticed Nick and Angel getting kind of close, but my sources tell me that he and Catseye are already sort-of...a thing? An item or whatever- I dunno, the kid annoys the hell out of me. In any event, I didn't know who to tell and I don't want to see either of them get hurt.

Just thought you might want to know,
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To: [Guthrie, Jay]
From: [Gleason, Nick]
Subject: Shiro

Hey Jay,

I hope I'm not bothering you, but we just got back from Malibu, and I haven't been able to talk to any of the adults about this yet. I've been concerned about Shiro. Ever since his sister manifested, he's been acting pretty strange. Is there a chance we could talk about it over lunch?

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To: [Gibney, Kyle]
From: [Guthrie, Jay]
Subject: none.

I'm not sorry to you. You can take my apology and shove it up your ass. From what I hear, you use to like it.

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In two and a half hours, I'm going to be at a funeral for the people I trained with for years. They were killed in some kind of accident during an exercise in the Arctic. All of their current and former surviving teammates have come from across Canada to honour their service for the last time.

That's what being part of a team is about. It is about trust, and commitment, and dedication. That's what the stupid codenames and uniforms and symbols are for; to show you that even at earliest stages, the first day you make the commitment, that's the first day you become one of the team. You have something that makes you part of 'us' instead of 'them', and you have something to earn in the process.

Take the fucking codename, apologize to your new teammates for being an ass, and shove your damn pride into the corner until you've got something to be proud about. Otherwise, get the fuck out and stop wasting your time and ours.

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To: [Gibney, Kyle]
From: [Guthrie, Jay]
subject: lecture

You all right? You kinda went to town on that guy.



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