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Where are you? We're on high alert. There's been an incident. Come back to the mansion right now. If you're at a bar we'll deal with that later.
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(1/5) Arthur Centino just called the mansion.
(2/5) Arthur. Centino.
(3/5) He's badly injured and sounds like he's having a mental breakdown. We need to send somebody.
(4/5) Motel in Nevada - I'll email you deets.
(5/5) WTF is going on today?
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To: [cyclops], [phoenix], [professor x]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Security Issue.

Head's up - one of ours has been targeted, so we thought we'd better give you lot the info. Doug was shot in the shoulder by persons unknown today. He'll be fine, but we aren't 100% sure who is after. The most likely scenario is it's Hellfire Club related, but just in case it's the school, you might want to tighten security up for a bit.

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A note is left in Jean's room, as well as a wrapped present:

No frame, handpainted of course ;) )

The note says: To my favourite couple -- I know it's your day, Jean, but you can't have you without Scott...which means this is his lucky day that you were born <3 Love you so much, and I'm so happy to have you in my life again!!! ~R

ooc: credit to http://kennykeil.blogspot.ca/2011/03/martch-madness-scott-jean.html
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Outside her office is a bottle of not-too-fancy-but-still scotch set atop a note:

Happy birthday! Promise I came by it honestly. -GC
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A custom-made siren-red evening gown, these gold shoes, a gift certificate from Le Bernardin, and two tickets to the opera for an upcoming weekend, along with a birthday card that says sorry you've been feeling down lately, Doctor Lush. Hopefully a night out helps cheer you up. All the best, many happy returns and all that jazz.
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A Rosetta stone French pack (levels 1-5) and a letter.

"I know you've always wanted to learn a language but never could find the time so I thought this would be a good way to start.

p.s. since they say the best way of learning is doing I also arranged for a few French speakers we know to meet you in the city once a week and help you really get into the french mindset.
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Left for Jean in her Suite is a large stack of trashy romance novels (20) with a bow and note on top.

Happy Birthday Jean! You should had seen the look on the clerks face when I purchases these books. Enjoy. Oh also, you have a birthday cake in the Kitchen. It is all yours. No sharing required.

Love, Lorna
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Sorry...I feel strange airing out my feelings to the world. The rescue mission with Laurie and Hope hit me harder than I thought.
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To: [Jean], [Clarice]
From: [Dr. Cecilia Reyes]
Subj: So...

I know things have been nuts, but do you think you girls can do without me for two weeks?

Doctors without Borders asked if I could go to West Africa to help fight that Ebola plague that's going around. I was inclined to tell them to fuck off, but it's clear they need the help, and they swore it'd be a limited stay.

Besides, I'm probably safer there than here.

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With the Hope and Laurie missing I'm hesitant to take you out for your birthday like I had planned just in case we need to move on short notice. I hope you're okay with dining in. It'll be easier to give you your present at home anyway. :D
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herd you were in roomthing. sory for evrything on mission. know my head aint best to be in.

thanks for hlping get us all thrugh it.
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I'm sorry, I didn't want to go into details on the journals with the students reading. Too graphic. I'll tell you more about it later. Right now it's a little too raw.
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To: [Gwynn, Megan]
From: [Grey-Summers, Jean]
Subject: Your Test Results


I just got finished running your test results. Your dust shows no abnormalities in your system. But if you notice any changes in the future please let me know. If you still feel uncertain I would recommend speaking to Amanda about the magical aspect of your encounter.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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from: Megan Gwynn
to: Dr. Jean Grey

Hi Dr. Grey,

I've been meaning to call the Medlab, but keep forgetting until it's late. I was hoping to make an appointment to get my dust checked. I need to find out if it's been changed by demon magic. I have a small magic power now, and when I was using it against Dweller it seemed it was harder to keep my dust from surfacing. That might have been because I was focusing so hard on the magic with a different part of my brain, but I'm not sure.



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