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To: [kitty], [angie]
From: [amanda]

Subject: Proposal for you.

I'm forwarding what Remy's posted to the comms for your consideration, warts and all. Basically we're going after Strucker and Kevin's DNA and we're needing help. Lots of it.

I won't lie to you - it's illegal and dangerous and Remy's pretty much given us the bald facts about consequences on this. But I knew both of you were wanting to help with this so I figured I'd give you the chance to step up or not.


Att. Remy's lowdown.
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To: [Bestest ever]
From: [short notice]
Subject: Hey

So, in addition to the contracted work on their computers, the Snow Valley Team (read: Amanda, actually, but, you know, official work stuff and I'm being paid so I might as well be correct about it) have asked me to help out with their current bit of research. Which, hey, money always good, so I said yes.

The catch would be that this particular bit of research means Amanda and I are hoping on a plane to Muir tomorrow (far as I can tell, she wants me to translate genetic-speak into Amanda-speak). She says we won't be gone more than a couple days.

Obviously, told you about all the non-disclosure stuff they wanted me to sign, and there is some of that here, I'll be upfront about that, but nothing you need to worry about, I think.

Love you,
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To: [genius girl]
From: [trouble]

Subject: you might have heard around the office... )
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To: (The Shadowcat)
From: (The Cypher)
Subject: FedEx? Needs to die.

FedEx needs to die in a fire. Two-day overnight my butt. Anyway, no servers for me, so, I figured I'd get a head start, brave the lion's den, and see if I can't manage to get a head start on this AI on the servers up there.

Nothing like returning to the scene of the crime, huh?

Be there in about 30. I know this is pretty abrupt, but if I don't get a move on this thing, Pete'll.. do something bastardly to me. I'm sure anything he can do is more creative than anything I could think up. Or he'll sic Remy on me. That's just as bad.

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To: [Moira]
From: [Kitty]
Subject: Visions

I guess you can add me to the list of people who're seeing stuff, too. Not really something I want to talk about, but what do you need to know?

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In reply to this email.

To: [Doug]
From: [Kit]
Subject: A job?

Huh, iiiiinteresting. 'World events' is hardly terribly specific, but I admit, your offer intrigues. Particularly the bit where you're working for Wisdom and want me to join you

At any rate, I'm always willing to help you out with stuff, and hey, if I'm getting paid, so much the better. Going to want some more details at some point, though.


p.s. Sorry about the delayed reply. I've been distracted.
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To: [wytchbrat]
From: [human decoder ring]

Curry? )

To: [Marie]
From: [Doug]

Subject: You mean you're NOT totally pissed at me? )

To: [Wisdom, Pete]
From: [Ramsey, Doug]

Subject: Status report )

To: [Forge]
From: [Doug]

So. )

To: [kit]
From: [doug]

Subject: Interested in a job? )
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To: [The Focused One]
From: [the kitten]
Subject: How about a little respect for your fellow residents

Forge, I get that your power makes you more than a lot focused when you've got a project going, but the mansion's servers are not your personal toys. Trust me, if I was still in finals, I'd have been screaming at you right along with Doug this afternoon - your research is not automatically more important than what he or I or Paige might be doing. Hell, it's not even automatically more important than everybody else's right to check their email.

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To: [Doug]
From: [Kit]
Subject: Only butting my nose in a little bit


saw the stuff on the journal, couldn't avoid hearing the yelling. Let me know if you wanna talk, or something? Seemed like you were stressed enough to blow before M-A got involved in you and Forge having at it again, there something up?

Alternatively, avoiding the emotional stuff altogether, I agree with you about Forge not really respecting the rest of us and our work (have, luckily, finished my finals or I'd have been screaming at him with you). Want me to talk to the Prof, see if we can get some additional processor power or something? Am half tempted to lock him out of one of the servers so you and I will at least have some resources.

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To: [Kitchen Goddess]
From: [the kitten]
Subject: OMG please?!?

Ok, so my birthday is the 16th and I kind of have this plan you see, cause I'll be eighteen then and that means... well, ok, but, regardless. It's my birthday, I have a plan. Part of which is that I want to surprise Jamie with breakfast in bed, but I want it to be a good breakfast, and while I do pancakes just fine, I'm no where in your league, and I was wondering if you'd do me this teeny tiny little favor please please please please please?


p.s. Yes, I am crazy. This is not news.

p.p.s. Please?!?
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To: Kitty
From: Jamie
Subject: mer

We're not gonna end up like Mr. Summers and Dr. Grey, are we?  I mean, I know we're not, I don't think we're in any danger of breaking up, or anything, I just . . . I ran into her today, she came into the bakery and she was just . . . she seemed so bitter and unhappy even though she said she was happier now, and Mr. Summers seems like he's coming apart at the seams, and I just, I don't want us to ever end like that.

Agh.  And I'm not explaining this very well, am I?  Come find me?  I need a hug.
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To: ['Yana]
From: [the kitten]
Subject: Laundry mix-up?

Hey 'Yana, was there a laundry mix-up? I just found one of your bras in my drawer and I have no idea how it got there. I think I would have noticed if I were washing your stuff, but undisputedly it was in my drawer (and is now on your bed).


To: [Jamie]
From: [Kit]
Subject: Did I forget something?

You haven't been hoarding forgotten underwear or something, have you? I can't find the black one. You know, with the lace. I didn't leave it in your room, did I?

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TO: Dani, Rahne, Terry, Paige, Marie-Ange, Clarice, Kitty, Illyana and Catseye
FROM: Jennie

Have you ladies noticed anything odd about your underwear? Hairs that are not yours? Or even feathers? Or the fact that they're in places that they're not supposed to be? I am double damn sure that one of these bras in my laundry basket is Dani's.

And why did Forge just offer to do my laundry?

I smell a rat. Multiple rats.


TO: Tea Tree Oil Boy
FROM: Orange Lady

Marius, my dear dear dear friend. I found a multitude of black curly hairs in my laundry basket. Black curly hair that carries the unmistakible scent of tea tree oil.

Tea Tree Oil, which you once told me makes your hair so "shiny and soft, yet so manly."

I will find out. And there will be retribution. And lots of pain.

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To: [Doug], [Forge], [Kitty], [Paige]
From: [Moira]
Subject: Muir and a Favor

I've promised you all a bit of a retreat at one point or another to Muir. Unfortunately, right now it's coming because I need a favor. We just had an...incident yesterday on Muir and my computer and security systems were breached. We don't know the extent just yet, if it's simply hacking into the database or tampering with the physical parts of it.

I'm heading back to the Mansion in a day or two but I was wondering if any of you would be up for a weekend jaunt back over to take a look at the systems? I normally would open this up to everyone but, well, the security is a little spooked. (It is, however, perfectly safe.)

Paige, I want you to come, if you can, because I'm going to need some help.

Doug, if you wish, you can bring Angie. Kitty, this is extended for Jamie as well, and Paige for Jono.

If all of you wish to come, perfect, it's going to take a few hours to go through everything and multiple hands make the work pass much faster.

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From: empath@cox.ny.net
To: [Marie-Ange], [Danielle], [Alex], [Terry], [Bobby], [Marius], [Katherine]
Subject: A Celebration

Hi, folks!

Seems I've nailed down my own job, and I'm in the mood to celebrate my accomplishments. Finally I can cut the last cord!

What would you folks say to a party? My place, in a few weeks? It's a truly humble abode, but I can promise food and drink and music...

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To: [Ms. Braddock]
From: [the kitten]
Subject: Request

Hey Ms. Braddock,

I guess maybe this will sound a little strange, but then, maybe it won't. You know what happened, so I don't need to explain that, but maybe I need to explain why I'm asking this.

Well, but probably I should ask it first.

Would you be willing to give me some serious self defense lessons?

Maybe it wouldn't have helped, but now it feels like... Like I just couldn't do anything, even if I had been in my right mind. It's been a long time since I took any of the defense courses, and I never exactly applied myself to them. Always thought I'd be able to just get away. But I guess that's not true anymore, and I don't like having to rely on someone else. Jamie was here this time, and Jamie will always be there for me, but I don't like feeling I need a bodyguard, or something.

And I'm asking you... well, because I trust you. Because you're one of my favorite teachers and you know how I learn and just... because it feels right. And Dr. Samson and everybody is saying I should do what feels right now to feel safe.

So, yeah. Would you?



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