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[From: Monet]
[To: All Staff]
[Subject: Working remotely]

Dear all,

Some stuff has come up and since I work remotely most of the time anyway, I'm going to have to head over to Sydney for a few months. I'll keep up with my regular work - I just won't be around the office more than usual, since I can ride the gradad express over as needed.
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[From: Monet]
[To: Cartier]
[Subject: Taking you up on that internship.
Hey Dad )
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To: St. Croix, Monet
From: Qadir, Sooraya
Subject: Don't have to reply if you don't want to...

Hey Monet,

I was walking through the hallway this evening and I heard a lot of yelling coming from your room.

I know it's none of my business, but I hope you are/will be okay.

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Can you wake me and Molly up in an hour or two? We did some powers training and now we're doing some power napping in the sunroom.
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To: [Monet]
From: [Jan]
Subject: [Yvette's journal]

Dude. Seriously?
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To: [Monet]
From: [Kurt]

Subject: Powers

It seems my powers have somehow been switched with Laurie's, except that Laurie does not have my powers, Marie does, and as you know Callie has Marie's. We do not yet know why.

I hope it will not be permanent.

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cammie punched kurt bc shes a bitch. kurts sick. its v gross. can you come look after him? i cant deal bc he keeps spewing everywhere and its gross also might have 2 xman l8r. ps say he has food poisoning.
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To: [Even More Insensitive Than Usual]
From: [Comparatively Normal]
Subject: Common decency )
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To: [Perfection]
From: [Chameleon]
Subject: Entertain me.

I fucking hate airports. Internet is boring. Why do I agree to go on transatlantic flights?

I was definitely too scared to ask before, but now I'm bored and willing to deal with the mental scarring. Why do you love his tail?

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To: Clarice
From: Monet
Subject: About last night

Yo, Clar,

Can we not ever let Kurt know? I think me and Kurt've got this thing going on and this might make him upset or something.

-- Monet
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To: [Kurt]
From: [Monet]

Kuuuurt, I'm bored. Really, really bored. Like, really bored.
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To: [Yvette]
From: [Monet]
Subject: [Yo, powers stuff.]

Hey, Yvette,

Kyle mentioned that you could do with some Danger Room time for your powers stuff. Anyway, he's got the part where you can use the room cleared and I'm one of the people who're down for supervising duties.

So, are you up for it? The Danger Room is possibly the best toy ever, and I think you'll like it.


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To: [thehelpful]
Subject: So sorry

I didn't mean to, you know that right? I'm sorry. I didn't expect you to pick me up and, you know, thanks for trying to help. It's just a nasty bug okay? It'll pass.

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To: [madame m]
From: [sorcerer's ex-apprentice]

Subject: Thanks

Thanks from Dr. Strange - he appreciates the part where you saved him from getting his head cut off, even if his bruises have bruises right now. *wry* How's the hairdo coping?

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To: [Miss World]
From: [Miss Bumpkin]
Subj: Question :)

I know I'm a little sheltered, but could you please explain to me what a fetish club is without scarring me more than the Internet would if I looked it up? Not that I'm saying you have any direct experience with fetish clubs, but I figured that you would know because you're a bit more cosmopolitan and all.

Also? I think the new chick with the white hair is like THIS SIDE of offering to be my guide through the land of BDSM and I am not sure how we got there, nor do I think I want to go. HELP.

Sorry if this is WAY TMI. I just totally needed to freak out at someone. :)



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