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Moira, Nathan... I am so sorry. Rachel… They put her through their mutate process. She… I'm so sorry, she, right in front of me, she's gone. Disintegrated into dust. I couldn't… there was nothing I could do. I'm so sorry.
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To: [Old and battered]
From: [Not quite so old yet battered]
Subject: Your wife


Your wife has a wonderful array of curse words. Did you teach her those or did she teach you?

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To: [Nathan Dayspring]
From: [Kikuchi Noriko]
Subject: I'm sorry.

~Translated from Japanese~

I know I'm not supposed to get involved with Inez on the journals, but I couldn't let her just be such a Bitch to Beaubier-sensei's sister.

I'm sorry.

~Translated from Japanese~

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To: [Nathan]
From: [Julian]
Subject: Practical Application of Telekinesis for Recreation

Okay, so...in theory...would it be possible to create and indefinitely sustain a surfable wave in a small body of water- say, a swimming pool- by using telekinesis?

Follow up question. If so, what would I need to be aware of if I were going to try and do this? Tidal effects, wave physics, etc aside are there any pitfalls to working with water?
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Don't have your number in memory - Angelo's fine. Keeping him in hospital overnight - had a telepath whack him upside the head. We should be home sometime tomorrow night.
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To: [large list of potentially interested people]
From: [vengeance is mine!]
Subject: aging Quebecois

Anyone who would like to drop in and wish Jean-Paul a happy birthday is cordially invited to the boathouse between 6-9 tomorrow night. Anyone of legal age who would like to celebrate Jean-Paul's birthday with the appropriate adult refreshments is welcome to stay until you fall asleep on my floor. It wouldn't be the first time.

Also, Mr. Gavin will be providing us all with some highly entertaining culinary... entertainment. You wouldn't want to miss it.

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To: [Nate]
From: [Lil]
Subject: Plans?

Anything happening for Speedy's birthday? I'll take care of refreshments if you tell me what's needed for the "after children go to bed" portion of the evening.

- Lil
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To: [Nate]
From: [Lil]
Subject: Your Daughter

Won a pretty decent pot thanks to picking a horse with the same name as a daughter. Owe you a drink and the kid $50.

- Lil
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To: [ Nathan ]
From: [ Suzanne ]
Subject: Quick Question

Exactly how old are you?
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To: [Nate]
From: [Beaubier, Jean-Paul]
Subject: Cute

Oh, yes, your little barricade made the speedster late for class. Aren't you clever?

Laugh while you can.

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To: [Nathan]
From: [Beaubier, Jean-Paul]
Subject: Update from Laval


The police seem to think that I made the right call with St. Ives. I may be called back if they have additional concerns, but for now I am free to go.

I have updated Xavier on my situation and am currently making preparations to fly to Muir, assuming the offer is still open.

Jean-Paul Beaubier
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Stuck in Quebec thanks to hostage situation with St. Ives. The hostages are all alive, St Ives is dead, and I am to remain in the (relative) vicinity until the SQ decides how to handle that last.

I will update later. I only wanted you to know, I am not hurt and not in immediate trouble, just very tired.
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To: Nathan Dayspring
From: Leo Samson

Good morning! Happy birthday--you are now another step closer to 45. How's the view from these high heights?

All teasing aside--I do wish you a happy birthday, with fervent hopes that it is a calm and placid one. I do hope as well that there aren't too many April Fool's pranks today--at least not any mean-spirited ones.

I'll try to drop by sometime tonight to say hello, I picked up something at Strand I thought you might enjoy.

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To: [Nathan]
From: [Beaubier, Jean-Paul]
Subject: This Doesn't Count


Given how quickly news travels in our circle, it's possible that you've heard by now that Scott, Garrison, and myself went to investigate a string of disappearances involving mutant children. We did manage to retrieve them from the group that abducted them, a pack of well-meaning idiots -- think the mutant equivalent of PETA's free-range pets idea, only not half as well thought through. The kids are in decent enough shape overall but in a rough patch emotionally. They had an empath of some sort keeping them mindlessly happy, and his absence seems to have triggered a sort of minor psychic withdrawl. The psi leading the group also put in mental blocks to keep the children from remembering their home lives, but Charles and Jean say they are rudimentary at best, and that there should be no lasting damage.

But the heart of the matter is this: Yes, I am currently in the Medlab lending a hand with a dozen unhappy kids. No, it does not count towards our bet. Until the ninth of next month, this is just part of the job. You only win if I do this sort of thing on my own time.

Here's hoping that Morocco is proving to be less exciting than the homefront.

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Plans for taking over the bistro on April 1st have been unquestionably shot down. Second choice? You can even have a say in this one.


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