Email to Xavier, CCed to Scott, Jean, Haller, Kurt and Ororo

from: [Lebeau, Remy]

Alright, we haven't been able to pick up a hint of Betsy since she disappeared. She hasn't hit any of our communication systems, check-in points, and there's been a lack of catatonic Jane Does with purple hair turning up in the media so far. Someone tell me that Cerebro has been able to pick her up? Otherwise, I'm running out of options...


Text to Ororo

Billy's made it snow inside the mansion. Can I borrow you to help clear it up?

SMS to Ororo

'Ro, group is staggering in from latest job. Think I need to stop by before you hear something off-handed. It's about Remy. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Gift for Ororo left on her favorite reading chair in her office

A stylized Opaline pendant in the shape of a raindrop on a gold chain in a simple light blue wrapped box with a dark shiny blue bow.

A note reads:


Picked this up in San Francisco, thought of you.

Happy Birthday


Gift for Ororo

Left on Ororo's desk, a largeish packet of Kenyan coffee.

No card, just a post-it note with "Happy Birthday!" in Amanda's handwriting.

Email to Ororo Monroe

To: [Ororo]
From: [Hank]
Subject: [Do You Know What Today Is?]

My dear friend,

Can it be true that you're celebrating a birthday yet again? I count myself surprised you're turning *portion redacted*.

I have a little something for you down in my office, as an enticement for you to visit should you ever be in the area.

With love,


TO: Ororo
FROM: Warren


It's high time I stopped lazing about the place and came back to the team on a full time basis. Let me know when you've got time for me to come in for a chat, I can get you caught up on what I was doing over at the annex and you can get me caught up on everything else.


Email/Voicemail to Scott and Ororo.

To: [Summers, Scott], [Munroe, Ororo]
CC: [General Emergency Voicemail and Inbox]
From: [Colbert, Marie-Ange]
Attached: citysketch.jpg, atsutashrine.jpg
Subject: Transcription of voicemail received at 1:10 )

E-Mail to Ororo

To: [Ororo]
From: [Bishop]
Subject: Some people you may know.

I've come across some case files that you've had interaction with a group called the Morlocks. Some former, militant members have gotten involved in a gang war in District X and I'm going to need a hand with them. I thought you'd be the person to ask about a team for backup. I'm attaching some paperwork so you can see what's going on.

Email to Scott/Ororo; text to Amanda

To: [Summers, Scott], [Munroe, Ororo]
From: [Frost, Adrienne]

Subject: Communicators of the missing folk

At the request of the mansion's resident genius, I was asked to inspect three smashed communicators that were FedExed to the mansion earlier today. My reading indicated that the communicators belonging to Kane, Moonstar, and Guthrie were taken from them at the crime scene by the creature Kyle calls Sabretooth. He took them- the communicators, not the missing people- to a motel room. Standard low-end thing- I didn't see the name but I'm going to track down the pattern I saw on the beds to find out which motels carry the type I saw and see if that leads me anywhere, since the pattern is too disgusting to explain in writing. The communicators were crushed. Bastard laughed while he did it. Threw the communicators into a FedEx box and left the motel to ship it out. There was no sign of Garrison or the others. I'm sorry I can't tell you more. I'll work on the motel angle though and see if that helps.


SMS  to Amanda...

Got your number from Morgan. Comms Jay, Gar, and Dani were carrying showed up today in the mail. Read them. Wanted to keep you in the loop. I saw Creed carry the comms to a motel room. Didn't see the name but I'll track the linens I saw on the bed to find that out. No sign of anyone else- Creed was alone. He was laughing as he wrecked the comms. Mailed them through FedEx via motel staff, but I didn't see the employee. Sorry I don't have more. Thinking more clearly today but nothing important. Can't stop thinking awful thoughts, like wondering why rip off wings and arm and leave them at the crime scene? Sick. Hope you're close to finding them. Funny thing about blackout in Granada yesterday huh? Take care. AF.

E-mail to Scott and Storm

To: [Summers, Scott, Munroe, Ororo]

From [Collins, Laurie]

Subject: [Comms duty] )

SMS to Various

To: Xavier, Charles; Summers, Scott; Munroe, Ororo; Espinosa, Angelo;
Subject: Cocksucking motherfucking shitbag arsehole cunt!

I am on my way to the Institute right fucking now to talk to Dom, but thanks to the magic of these PDA things, I thought I'd let you all know in advance: Dom asked me to do some digging so that all those people Nate rescued from Mistra wouldn't go off and starting breaking bits of the world in response to his being put in a coma, so I did and it turns out Lense is working in the private sector these days. Specifically, he's working for Sebastian fucking Shaw.

No-one breathe a word of this to Dom until I get there. She is likely to take this news even worse than me, and you cannot imagine how badly I've taken it. I want to be damn sure she isn't going to go and do anything criminal on US soil without proper backup.


Email to Ororo

To: [Ro]
From: [Nate]
Subject: Folder DR-654-B

Left a surprise for you. I needed a break from the paperwork.


Email to Scott, Ororo

To: [Scott Summers, Ororo Munroe]
From: [Suzanne Chan]
Subject: Suspicious Package

I was downtown today when some woman shoved a packet of papers in my hand and took off. They appear to be Kurt Wagner's medical files, and a disk of some sort. I think you should have this. Is someone around I can leave this with?

Thank you,

Email to Scott and Ororo, CC to Pete, Remy, Betsy and Emma

OOC: Posted early due to time zone issues

To: [X-Men]
CC: [Senior Trenchcoats]
From: [daytripper]

Subject: Alert.

Before he left, I made Kurt promise to check in every day. He missed yesterday and I haven't heard from him yet today. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, except he was going after Mystique, to talk to her about what happened to the pick up team.

I've tried a location spell, but I can't get anything specific. Last I heard from him, he was in Mexico City and he seemed to think he was getting somewhere.

I really don't like this.


Email to Charles, Scott, Ororo

To: [Xavier, Charles]
Cc: [Summers, Scott; Munroe, Ororo]
From: [Frost, Adrienne]

Subject: Requesting a brief absence

I've been invited to a funeral in Paris on friday. (I modeled for Saint Laurent once or twice in my day and was often graced with his advice in my company's tenuous first months. We kept in touch over the years.) I know it's the last day of school, but what I'm not sure about is how much work actually gets done on the last day of school. If possible, I'm hoping to take my jet, make a brief appearance, and be back mid-morning New York-time so I won't miss much here. I guess I'm asking permission? I know I canceled a couple of classes last week. Please let me know in due course as I'll have to arrange for someone at the company to go in my stead and send my regrets if it's not possible for me to go myself.

A. Frost.

Email to Staff, X-Men, Amanda

To: [Xavier Institute Staff], [X-Men.list], [Sefton, A.]
From: [Forge]
Subject: **ALERT**

Security sensors just went haywire. Something surged and in doing a security sweep we have four missing: Shiro, Angel, John, and Marius. Visual check confirms they're not on the grounds, and their phones aren't responding - GPS shows them still onsite, but somehow fried.

Second visual check confirms. Five missing - Jubilee was on grounds. All five seen in the company of a blonde woman, I've attached the security photo. They appear to have been teleported, but not through any means I'm familiar with.

Amanda, those wards you put up are fried, as in literally. Burned to ash on the walls. Any clues this gives would be appreciated.

I'm instituting a full lockdown as of now.


E-mail to Ororo

We've tracked down the parts of the machine that Pete's old boss sent us. This is a bizarre list of stuff.

The first is a set of reflectors that disappeared from a French lab, and made their way through a Miami fence into the Carrib black market. There's rumours of a resort in the Bahamas fronting as a link to the market for wealthy buyers. Wisdom says he knows the place, and will check it out.

The gem or focusing crystal is actually, if you can believe this, a sacred gem. It's supposed to be mystical in some way. Amanda is in touch with Stephen Strange, and he thinks he knows where it can be found.

There's a strange targeting computer, which was bought six years ago by none other than our old friend, Jacob 'Arcade' Lowenstein. I called him, since if Arcade thinks someone is coming to steal something from him, he can protect it better out of paranoia then anyone else. Turns out it was stolen a couple years ago from the Japanese lab he had it in, and made it into the Asian underworld. The group responsible is involved in a poker tournament in Monaco, and has made a side bet with him for it if he can beat their man. As a result, he's willing to enter us as his people.

Finally, if it couldn't get any weirder, the power source is located in... a Soviet research facility deep under the Pacific Ocean. There's a Russian, Shostokov, who talked to Vazhin, and he's sending Natasha Romanova over with the old Soviet keycodes and plans for it.

'ro, I think we're best positioned to go after the Bahamas and Monaco. What do you think about the other two? Are you going to send X-Men teams out?


E-mail to Storm

to: [Storm]
from: [Dominion]
subject: Travel Plans

I did a brief volunteer call around the X-Men, and both Marius and Shiro have agreed to come along. I think Marius wants a chance to air out his new non-trainee leathers, and Shiro is just bored looking. I've also asked Adrienne to come along. I know she's not an X-Man but her powers could immediately confirm if this Zemo is around if there's any physical evidence to the thefts that Dad has tagged. We'll be in the hanger and ready to depart in 15.