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To: {Summers}
From: {Pietro}
Subject: Absence

Short notice by your standards, I'm sure, but if anything comes up over the next few days or so I'll be in Attilan helping them sort out a few security matters. Perhaps I'll bring you back a snow-globe or something.
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To: [Maximoff, Pietro]
From: [Boltagon, Medusalith]
Subject: Security Concerns )
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To: {Summers}
From: {Pietro}
Subject: news

Not actually very much news, but here it is. Just as it would have been without the nagging, I may note.

If you've been paying attention at all, you've probably seen reports that they've located the wreckage and are recovering bodies. I haven't been able to find out whose bodies yet, but it's entirely possible I just haven't been throwing enough bribe money around or dropping the right names in the right ears. The probe footage, on the other hand . . . well, it was odd. There's a crater, but it's perfectly circular and only slightly dished--and it's so smooth it very nearly looks polished. If the island had been atomized, the matter would still be there, but there's nothing but bedrock, suggesting that the matter went somewhere else. How lucky for us that it's such a small universe, and human-livable conditions persist in so much of it.
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To: {Summers, Scott}
From: {Maximoff, Pietro}
Subject: Anxiety attack, eh?

What's in Peru that's got you working on your next ulcer?
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To: [Mr. Maximoff]]
From: [Janet Van Dyne]
Subject: [Guitar playing]

I talked to Terry last week before she left and she said she'd started teaching Tommy how to play the guitar and I asked her if anyone else here could play the guitar and she said you taught yourself so I thought maybe you'd be willing to work with Tommy so he doesn't have to stop improving on playing the guitar just because Terry's away now. So, what do you say? Will you help Tommy? Please?

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To: {Crystal}
From: {Pietro}
Subject: The poor horses.

What must they have thought of such a hideous car in their midst? May I presume that was your work?
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Handwritten note on fine paper, in an envelope addressed to Medusa left in the mansion's mail pile.

Dear Lady Medusalith, )

To: {Crystal}
From: {Pietro}
Subject: State secrets, eh? )
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To: [Pietro Maximoff]
From: [Rahne Sinclair]
Subject: Question

I'm not entirely sure I know you well enough to ask this, but are you all right? Relatively speaking?

Your scent is somewhat more changed than some of the others, and then, there are the bandages. Granted the bandages indicate having been seen to already, but still. Let me know if there's something I can do.

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To: [Hummingbird]
From: [Terry]
Subject: Tea?

Mr. Maximoff,

I have raspberry tea if you'd like some. It's good for cramps.

No, I'm not spying. I just hear things. Pretty much can't not.

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To: {Crystal}
From: {Pietro}
Subject: Didn't we have a deal?

Attacked by dinosaurs, honestly? Is that what passes for entertainment with the student body these days?
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To: {Van Dyne, Janet}
From: {Maximoff, Pietro}
Subject: Living up to our journal name, are we?

And what was that supposed to be?
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To: {Summers, Scott}
From: {Maximoff, Pietro}
Subject: Interesting people you have here.

What's the story on the Rasputin girl? I've just had a fascinating conversation with her--as much for what she tried not to say as what she said. Pity she was so tired, though; I got the sense that there's a halfway-competent verbal fencer buried somewhere in there.
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To: {Crystal}
From: {Pietro}
Subject: That experiment went well, I thought?

I don't know if I mentioned yesterday, but I'm reasonably sure we were going more than twice as fast as your flight speed for parts of that run. I was surprised to note how much trickier it was to gauge speed, though--I suppose I'm more used to the wind in my face than I thought.

The Smetkovs wanted me to be sure to let you know that you were welcome to come back whenever you liked--actually, Gospozha Smetkova had rather a lot to say about how well-mannered you are, particularly compared to their granddaughter, who usually handles the more complicated English for them but has apparently started seeing an unsuitable young man.

Am I forgiven yet for my explosive misadventure?


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