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I found someone's stash of wine. I think we could all use a little. Join me in my suite?
[identity profile] x-dagger.livejournal.com
I am with Topaz in her suite. We are watching movies. Still processing what Rogue posted. I cleaned Bunnicula's cage and told him about Matt...can bunnies understand?
[identity profile] x-invisiblegirl.livejournal.com
So, now you're officially a going to college person I vote we have a pamper with luxuriousness and shopping weekend to celebrate!
[identity profile] x-invisiblegirl.livejournal.com
Totally saw you making out with hot bartender speedster dude, Gabriel, at the bar last night.

About time.
[identity profile] x-invisiblegirl.livejournal.com

I heard about the thing, you ok? Where are you?
[identity profile] x-dagger.livejournal.com
Did you hear? You are more famous. The tabloids are all over it.
[identity profile] x-dagger.livejournal.com
Sue and I have been talking and we thought about doing Sailor Moon Senshi for this years Halloween and wondered if you two would like to help complete our group. I can promise lots of fun and cute little outfits.
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Left on Sue's desk (along with a contract and presentation to format), this bouquet of flowers (with balloon) and this locket.
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Mr Bowen was aprehended by Federal Agents a few minutes ago in Paris. It looks like he was trying to get to you but you should be safe now.

I'm sorry to cut short your vacation but we don't know how he got there and who else he might have been working with. SHIELD believes you're safe now but we'd feel a lot happier if you were on your way home. There are two tickets waiting for you at the airport for the morning flight back to New York. We'll be waiting for you outside the gate.

Scott Summers
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Girls, Tandy's Father woke up from his coma and escaped federal custody and disappeared. We don't know where he is and don't want to risk a repeat of last time so I need you to quickly get somewhere where he can't just drag you off without being seen and wait for me. I'm powering up the Blackbird now and will be over to pick you up as soon as possible.
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Bad news... I just pulled two of them out of the ventilation systems...

Looks like we might get haunted house tonight?
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[1/2] There are chess pieces swimming in the pool.
[2/2] Who do I blame for this.
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[Text One] How much would I have to pay you to go invisible, sneak into the med lab, and get a pawn from a beaker?

[Text Two] How the hell did it even get down there?!


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