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To: [Mr. Lex]
From: [Maddie
Subject: Go Army! Beat Navy!

So this may seem like a really weird question. But Army-Navy is Saturday, and I was wondering if I could convince you to watch the game with me? I don't know if anyone else here even likes football, and heaven forbid they do and they actually cheer for Navy. The Horror!


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To: [Ramsey, Doug]; [Lexington, Alexander]; [Grey, Jean]; [Maximoff, Wanda]
From: [Bishop]
Subject: Solid Lead on Vanessa's Location

The word is Prague. I'm putting together some way to travel now. It never hurts to take a team but I want to be cautiously optimistic about this. I have my crew, of course, but we're ultimately detectives. I know each of you has an interest, the Agency is resource scarce now but we can figure something out if you want to come see what's up for yourselves or have Emma donate her jet. Limited use. I'd take care of it. And a bottle of Cristal for when we get Vanessa back.
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To: [Maximoff, Wanda]; [Kane, Garrison]; [Ramsey, Doug]; [Lexington, Alexander]; [Worthington, Warren]; [Grey, Jean]
From: [Bishop]
Subject: Vanessa and Boston
Attachment: Missing.pdf

Adrienne and I have spent a day in Boston but have had little success with the hotel Vanessa was in. I know each of you have some varying level of interest in this and I'm not at the Agency to update the board so I'm messaging you directly. I'll be staying here for the time being and can be contacted through email. I'm forwarding along all the information I gather. I'm blocked out by local police; I hope I find something here one of you has the resources to take further.
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To: [Crystal]
From: [Lex]
Subject: Excursion to a Museum


So, I was wondering if you wanted to take a break from your studies to come to an old World War 2 airplane museum with me. Let me know if Friday works for you.

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Going out of town on missing person/stalker case. Could use company if you're up for it.

TXT to Lex

Going out of town for a case. Doubt I'll be back by Thurs. Reschedule for when I get back or today?

TXT to Lex

Mar. 13th, 2011 11:23 pm
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Happy Birthday. Was out of town most of today. Hope it was awesome though.
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From: Lex
To: Vanessa
Subject: Did you really have to do that?


I don't really know what to say to you right now. I thought I made it clear that everything was for you to enjoy, but did you really have to return it all? If that is how you are treating this then all that I can ask is that you don't throw out the other gifts I gave you, they are yours to do with as you please but if you felt anything regarding me then please just hold onto them. Put them in a box, lock them away somewhere - I don't rightly care - but if you choose to get rid of them then give them back to me so that I may put them in a safe place to keep my memories of us alive.

Sincerest regards,
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To: [Students, Staff]
From: [Mr. Lexington]
Subject: Classes Canceled for Snowball Fight

Students, it has been brought to my attention that the amount of snow outside is perfect for a snowball fight. Thus, I am canceling my after school defense class today in order to organize a massive snowball fight. All are welcome.

Note: I will be making dinner for everyone afterward so feel free to argue over what movie we will be watching in the second story rec lounge.

That is all,
Mr. Lexington
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To: [Peaches, Saffron, Soldier Boy, Beaubier]
From: [Ness]
Subject: Going out of town

Since I up and disappeared last time I thought I'd give you guys warning this time. I'm hopping a flight tomorrow for parts non-exotic to pay my respects to the closest thing to a bratty little brother I've ever had. I'll be back in a few days.

Peaches, I think I'm going to have your boyfriend in tow with me when I return. He could probably use some pouncing (of the sexual or non-sexual sort). We'll explain when I'm back, aye?

Much love,
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It wasn't meant to be negative. You know my way with words.
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To: [Lexington, Alexander]
From: [Amaquelin, Crystal]
Subject: [Survival training]


I have additional questions about the survival training weekend you have proposed. I will be away from the mansion this evening, but would like to arrange a time to come and speak with you. Please let me know what the best day and time would be. If you are too busy, tell me and I will ask my questions via e-mail; it just seems odd to me sometimes that people who reside within the same structure tend to carry lengthy conversations using a computer instead of simply walking to another room to speak with a person face-to-face.

Thank you,


Text to Lex

Feb. 1st, 2010 01:31 pm
[identity profile] x-icarus.livejournal.com
Awake. You can move in now. Cleaned up a bit too. No work tonight or tomorrow. See you.
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From: [Sassafras]
Subject: So that penthouse...

We don't really have similar stylistic taste...would I be allowed to redecorate?

To: [Soldier Boy]
From: [Archer]
Subject: All Manly And Stuff...

So, my favorite soldier boy ever, how would you feel about helping me move? Boxes of books and furniture, oh joy right? I promise to make it worth your while one way or the other. Date to be determined but likely within the next week or so.

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To: Amara, Lex
From: Tabitha
Subject: Chaperon a Tropical Vacation?

So there are some of us that don't really have a place for the holidays. I was thinking we could all head down to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a few days. I wanted to include some of our students, so we'd also have to act as sort-of chaperons. But they're good kids! No trouble-makers here! What do you say?

To: Professor Xavier
From: Tabitha Smith
Subject: Tropical Getaway

Sir, I was just thinking about those of us who don't really have a place to go during the holiday. It can get a little disheartening to spend yet another vacation at the mansion, so I thought I might invite some students and staff and others to San Juan for a few days of relaxation. What do you think?
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To: Illustrious Electrokinetic
From: Champion of the Fireman's Carry
Subject: Training

I'm thinking perhaps we need a little practice with that whole teamwork thing, wherein you end up unconcious and injured less. Or I need more practice hauling your butt around. Danger room?
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Meet me at the Horseman Restaurant & Pizza, 6PM. It's just east of NYC. Bring your appetite.
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To: [Summers, Scott]
From: [Lex]
Subject: Thoughts about school starting.

Hey Scott,

I've been thinking a lot about what's going to happen when school starts. I know my training is still going to happen, but I don't think it'll be enough to keep me occupied... Especially since everyone else will be off teaching or learning, or doing other various duties. That being said I was wondering if I should ask Charles to let me teach Self-Defense. I want to be of some use to the mansion, beyond being an X-Man, and I think my expertise in combat would be extremely useful for the students to learn. Let me know what you think.



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