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Dear Dani,

Your roommate and fellow abductee is being a big emo butthead regarding being an X-Men trainee and his stupid trainee codename that he doesn't have yet. If I buy you one of those giant mall pretzels, would you walk up behind him and smack him upside the head?

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To: [Frost, Adrienne]
From: [Moonstar, Danielle]
Subject: prom dresses

Ms. Frost,

I saw your announcement about having a warehouse full of dresses for prom and was hoping I could take advantage of borrowing one for ours since I am chaperoning. I'm a 10/12 if you have anything?


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To: [Guthrie, Sam]
From: [Moonstar, Danielle]
Subj: Cowboys & Indians

I vaguely recall plans to go shooting late last year. Want to this weekend?

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To: [Summers, Scott], [Van Dyne, Janet], [Forge, John Henry]
From: [Moonstar, Danielle]
Subj: leaving )
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To: [Moonstar, Danielle]
From: [de la Rocha, Manuel]
Subject: A place to stay

I am at the plaza hotel. I do not know what happened to you, but I am pleased at your return. I am ashamed to admit I thought you were dead and I am eager to see you before I must leave for Spain. Would you consider stepping away from the mansion? Are you in a mindframe for it? There is much to discuss.

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To: [Dani]
From: [Wanda]
Subject: Bribes


Could I trouble you to bake up some of your frybread? I need to bribe Forge later today and I know one way to distract him from whatever gadget he's building is that.

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To: [ Danielle ]
From: [ Jane ]
Subject: Wishes, No Fishes

Unless you want fishes, that is. And maybe some knishes. :)

Either way, what I wanted to say is Happy Birthday! Yay! Yay! Yay! :)

<3 Jane the insane with the malfunctioning brain.
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To: [Crazy Head Woman]
From: [Buried In Work]
Subject: Birthday

Birthday. Namely, yours. I am absolutely swamped today, but if you're free Saturday, would you be available for lunch in the city with Crystal and I in honor of you making it through one more orbit around the sun?

Happy birthday, mâhtamâhááhe*


*literally, "old woman"
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[To] Moonstar, Danielle
[From] Smith, Tabitha
Subject: Did you see....

Did you see that absolutely beautiful man walking around the grounds with Scott yesterday? My heart about tripped out of my chest.
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to: althletic RA
from: admin RA
subj: Laurie

Hey Marie,

Just letting you know that Laurie's punishment is to do Angelo's laundry and whatever household chores he might need her for this week. Angelo's actually not upset by everything which is why it isn't anything more.
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to: [my heroes]
from: [girl power]


Just wanted to send you all a note to make sure you are okay. Let me know if you want to talk or anything, my door is always open. I'm just glad we are all safe now. You were all amazing.

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To: [SV Mark]
From: [X Dani]

Hey Mark, I heard you're a great DJ. Prom's coming up and Xavier's need a DJ for it. Interested? We'll pay and whatnot.

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To: [Pietro]
From: [Crystal]
Subject: Visiting )

To: [Forge]
From: [Crystal]
Subject: Dreamworld )

To: [Julio]
From: [Crystal]
Subject: Creativity )

To: [Angel]
From: [Crystal]
Subject: Dream Crystal )

To: [Kyle]
From: [Crystal]
Subject: Checking In )

To: [Amanda]
From: [Crystal]
Subject: Talk )

To: [Dane, Lorna]
From: [Crystal]
Subject: Discussion )
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To: [Dani]
From: [Marie]

I was wondering if you could do me a favor...a student asked to speak with me about an issue with their roommate. I'm just not feeling up to it and was hoping you could take the meeting.

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To: [Xavier, Charles], [Summers, Scott], [Munroe, Ororo], [Haller, David], [D'Ancato, Marie], [Moonstar, Danielle]
From: [Amaquelin, Crystal]
Subject: Please be aware )

To: [Marko, Cain]
From: [Amaquelin, Crystal]
Subject: Gym doors )
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To: [Jones, Tommy]
From: [D'Ancato, Marie]


I just wanted to apologize for what went on in the journals today and check on you. I know that you don't always want to talk about what's going on, but just wanted to remind you that my door is always open. Please just know that Kyle does not speak for the majority here.


To: [Summers, Scott]; [Munroe, Ororo]
CC: [Dani]
From: [D'Ancato, Marie]

As I'm sure you have seen what occurred on the journal system by now, I wanted to check about running a program about sensitivity and awareness for our residents. Is there a way to make it required? I'm sure that they could all benefit.

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to: [Stavros, Jennie]
from: [Moonstar, Dani]
subj: the other day )


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