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To: [Forge, J.h.]
From: [Guthrie, Jay]
Subject: Catseye

Hey. You wanna come down and talk to me sometime about Nick Gleason? You know him? Cats came down to talk to me about him two weeks ago or whatever, being all interested in her and you know, being her boyfriend, but now I got Julian (Who's this guy?) saying Nick's getting fresh with Angel?

Just come down, kay?

[identity profile] x-network.livejournal.com
To: [Master Forge]
From: [Padawan Sarah]
Subject: Birthday!!

I didn't know it was your birthday! I hope you have a good one (or had a good one since it's after midnight) and I will have a present for you by the end of the weekend!

[identity profile] x-aerial.livejournal.com
To: [Forge]

Reminding you we leave for dinner in one hour.
[identity profile] x-forge.livejournal.com
To: [Filthy Jezebel]
From: [Morally Upstanding]
Subject: Horribly amused.

You didn't tell him you're married until just now?

1: Wow, he's fast.

On the positive side, I don't take Admiral Lexington for the type of guy who'd do something stupid like mess with your bike in his temper tantrum. So there's that.

[identity profile] x-scion.livejournal.com
To: [Vale, Sarah];[Forge]
From: [Keller, Julian]
Subject: [Thanks]

I just wanted to say thank you both for the electricity proof laptop while I was all sparky.

Unfortunately, I burned my right hand when the other one exploded and didn't want to take the risk with this one. I've ordered a new one and it should be here in a couple days. I'll bring this one down to your lab, or workshop, or whatever you call it, when it gets here.

Thanks again,
[identity profile] x-diamondlil.livejournal.com
To: [Forge]
From: [Lil]
Subject: Email blocker

After that little conversation yesterday, you owe me.

Find a way to put a block on my outgoing email after 3am. If I end up sitting all night, drinking again, I really don't want a repeat of last night. And no, that is not an invitation to read the emails.

Fuck. Better make that 2am.

- Lil
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To: [Forge]
From: [Cammie]
Subj: This is all hypothetical, but...

Okay, just say that someone wanted to give a friend an intimate birthday gift. But this friend's skin tends to wither things on contact. Hypothetically, is there anything that could be used to shield from that that could still carry, say, the sensation of being tickled or something? On the skin.

Hypothetically. Also, would I ask Kyle if I needed a bunch of bubble wrap?

All I had! Sorry to interrupt any genius type things you might have been doing.

[identity profile] x-aerial.livejournal.com
To: [Forge]
From: [Crystal]
Subject: [Aware and concerned]


Will you please check on Laurie for me if you have not already done so? I have been informed that she has my abilities, and I know how dangerous they can be when not controlled properly. I am well aware of the fact that she has worked hard on controlling her own power, but her power and mine are different, just as my abilities and Amara's abilities are not the same. I am awake and alert now, but these abilities, truly belonging to Amara, are new to me and I cannot control them at this point in time. I would like to go speak to Laurie myself, but I cannot leave this room in my current condition. I refuse to allow myself to be a danger to anyone.

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To: [Enkidu]
From: [Hephaestus]
Subject: Dubai report

Fearless Leader wants us to give a brief on the incident with Milan and Quire in Dubai. But I think briefings are shit-boring. See if you can borrow Garrison's guitar and meet me in Boiler Beach. I have an idea.

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To: [Dukes, Fred]
From: [Forge, Mr.]
Subject: Discretion

While I am going to refrain from giving you the lecture on age restrictions for buying cigarettes and alcohol in this state, I will provide a bit of advice - that being to keep the announcements of such purchases and consumption out of sight and somewhat discreet. Like I mentioned before, if I don't see it, I am not going to drop a dime on you - but there are a number of other more straight-laced inhabitants of the mansion, some with local police powers, that take a much harder approach to such things.

I'm not trying to play Morality Cop here or to imply that you can't handle a drink or two. But other folks certainly will, so keep things on the down-low if you want to avoid some trouble is all I'm saying.

Catch you at the BBQ.

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To: [forge]
From: [cypher]
Subject: GodDAMMIT.

Just found out that Quentin Quire escaped the custody of the US Marshal detailed to take him to the airport for extradition back to the States.

So Milan and Quire are now both at large again.

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To: [Espinosa, A.]
From: [Forge, JH]
Subject: So...

When did the practice of "blatant lying to the kids" become status quo? I highly doubt you think Nathan's off rock climbing.

[identity profile] x-cypher.livejournal.com
To: [forge, john henry]
From: [ramsey, doug]
Subject: Technopath?

adult language )
[identity profile] x-aerial.livejournal.com
To: [Forge]
Subject: [Amara's party tonight]


Oh look, free food, and it is not necessary for you to attempt to avoid injury in order to obtain it.

[identity profile] x-forge.livejournal.com
if not 2 busy, pls come hlp me am stuck in basketbll hoop. kyle cheats.
[identity profile] x-courier.livejournal.com

Cammie says she got a package yesterday, late morning or early afternoon, delivered by courier. I'm assuming that you guys still have cameras on the gate and front--do you have any pictures of this courier, and could I come down and see them? I'm at the mansion right now.


[identity profile] x-roulette.livejournal.com
to: Forge
from: Jennie

Don't talk to me anymore. Seriously. I'm done.


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