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herd you were in roomthing. sory for evrything on mission. know my head aint best to be in.

thanks for hlping get us all thrugh it.
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omg someone put all of Molly's comic stuff out. we can't let it all get tossed help me move it to a storage place, please!? She'll be so sad if it all gets lost. No one should have to get all their stuff tossed! Who would even do that?!
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Calliope iI spelled you'are name right. I now its a bad dday and i'v drunken sume. Do yu want to watch the movies withh the writening at the btm at the bottom that you like? Mom phone senting you a picture of my eyebrow do nt now whay.

*Right after the message is a picture of Fred's left Eyebrow.*
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To: [Scott]
From: [Fred]

Subject: Paperwork

Hey Mr. Scott. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Wanted to know if I could swing by today to fill out that paperwork we talked about? Thanks.

- F
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To: [Summers, Scott]
From: [Dukes, Fred]
Subject: Driving Instructor?

Hey Mr. Summers. Ty asked me about being the driving instructor, and I was going to get him the info for who was doing it...then I discovered that it sorta just gets done by whoever is free. If you would rather, I would be happy to be a driving instructor. I got plenty of experience, and already looked into getting licensed to do it and it wouldn't be that hard. Plus, I'm sort of already my own airbag, so that's a plus...
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To: [Flame-o My Good Hotman!]
cc: [[Korvus]]
From: [Fuzz-Butt]

Subject: Cover for me?

Hey Angel! Would you be able to cover my RA duties for me for a few days? Maybe a couple weeks? I think I need to sleep at my deli for the next little while. It keeps getting vandalized and I'm tired of replacing windows and cleaning spray-paint and toilet paper off everything.

Love you to death,

To: [Fred]
From: [Catseye]

Hi Fred! Would it be possible to hire you for some guard duty? My deli keeps getting vandalized at night. :( I'm gonna sleep there to try and stop it from happening, but I was hoping maybe a presence as imposing as yourself hanging around for a couple hours a night (maybe 10-1 or something like that?) might deter these anti-mutant jerks after a couple days. What do you think?

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To: [fred]
From: [yvette]

Subject: Happy Birthday!

If you are not doing anything else tonight, I would like to take you out for dinner and the birthday toast. :) No need for the fancy dressing up.

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Hey, Kyle said something about big, color-coded grills. You know anything about them? I'll help you move them. We're gonna have a solstice party or something and I promised to grill all the things but the kid who asked the initial question's vegetarian. Thus, color-coded grills.
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You free?  I got a wall needs a patch-up.  No hurry.




You might want to keep an eye on the new student, Frank.  Kid's got quite some rage boiling up in there and I've got a dent in my office wall to prove it.

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This shirt, wrapped in tissue paper, with a note:

Dear Fred,

I was not sure we were at the Valentine's Day stage, so I am giving this to you now, to replace one of the many shirts I have torn. :) It reminded me of you - I hope you like it.

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To: Angelo
From: Fred
Subject: Need some help.

Hey Jello, need a hand with something.

Amara has apparently gone somewhere I never heard of in Geography, and Callie is kinda up Shit Creek when it comes to the apartment. I convinced her to come back and stay at the Mansion, but she needs help with getting out of the lease due to the circumstances. Like, Paperwork, Law and Order, Atticus Finch kinda help. I dunno. I couldn't read like, the first paragraph on the Lease when I tried, so I'm just gonna stick to packing up her stuff and bringing it to the House. I know you've got a better hold on this stuff than I do. Could you give her a hand?

- F
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To: Jello
From: Fred
Subject: Problem

Angelo, I got a problem. A problem that has, like, hips and eyes and a smile, man. Okay, mainly I made the problem. Or there's no problem. Or there is and she's isn't going to bring it up and then there's going to be a bigger problem. Crap, it's just like a problem bomb.
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To: [Doreen Green], [Fred Dukes], [Nico Minoru], [Angelica Jones], [Artie Maddicks]
From: [Julian Keller]
Re: [Paranormal Activity 2]

Hey, anyone up for going to see Paranormal Activity 2 tonight? It's showing at 9:45p at the theater on the other side of Westchester. Artie, we'll sneak you in, so don't even worry, man.
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Found in the mailslots of:

All the current New Mutants (including Nico, even if she gives Yvette a wiggins); Angelica, Fred, Julian, Kevin, Kyle, Laura, Laurie and Paige; selected staff: Charles, Garrison, Crystal, Jan, Callisto, Bobby, Kurt, Tabs, Hank, Jean and Jean-Phillipe; and left on desks at the Elpis office, Angelo and John.

Plain white card with the following written in gold pen in rather pretty handwriting:




SUNDAY, AUGUST 8, 2010 AT 1:30 P.M.

Guests welcome.
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To: [ Haller, David , Espinosa, Angelo ]
From: [ Dukes, Fred ]

Subject: [ Powers Therapy - Help ]

Hey guys. It's Fred.

Make a long story short: I've talked with a buncha the Docs here, and the pain I feel a lot, they're pretty sure, comes from my power. Doc Grey said that my power behaves a lot like Jello's (we've talked about this before) and she suggested to me in passing once that telepathic therapy might do the trick in gettin it fixed up.

I let it pass for a while; the meditation tricks Mr. Nate taught me and the painkillers were working, so why kick up a bee's nest, right? Only problem is, they ain't really working no more. And, I don't wanna be a whiner or nothing, but it's getting worse.

Mister Haller, I've talked to you about this kinda stuff before. You too, Jello, and so I was wondering: One, if telepathic therapy would be viable in your opinion Mister Haller and if it was Two, would you guys be willing to give it a shot as soon as possible? Like I said, I don't wanna whine or nothing, but the sooner the better you know?

Thanks for hearing me out.


Fred J. Dukes
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Hey you. Would you mind bringing Dori some food if I gathered a bundle together? She's in the treehouse.
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To: [Gibney]
From: [Dukes]
Subject: Help?

Hey Kyle, you're pretty good with carpentry stuff, right? Would you mind helping me on a small project I got? And not, you know, mention anything to anyone about it? It's nuthin bad; just a surprise kinda thing.
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Hey. Do you guys want cookies? We made too many.


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