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to: [Temple, Inez]
from: [Kane, Garrison]

Alright, I'll pay for the coffee and pie if you agree to listen and not scrunch your face up like a four year old while we talk. Also, I'm stronger than you, so this is only an invitation in the sense that I'm just not certain violence might be employed to compel you if you protest.

It's like polite kidnapping. And you get to eat your own ransom. I'll see you in a few.

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To: [Inez]
From: [Angel]
Subject: Julian

Just decided. He's all yours, have fun.

[identity profile] x-scion.livejournal.com
To: [Inez]
From: [Julian]
Subject: [What's wrong?]

You're mad at me, obvs, and since you won't talk to me...whats going on?
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To: [Angel], [Inez]
From: [Jan]
Subject: [Fight]

I hear you two got into it and took a tumble down the stairs. I know it would take more than that to get a scratch on Inez, but I'm concerned about Angel. I know you both got up and walked away, but I'd be a lot happier if Angel went and got herself checked out in the infirmary just in case. Also, I hope you girls don't have any plans tomorrow because we need to talk about what happened and make sure it's not going to happen again.

See you tomorrow.

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To: [Inez]
From: [Lil]
Subject: Fighting/Training

Heya Mini Me, it's the giant chick from the gym.

I emailed Scott and he told me we need to get permission from the headmaster as well as your self-defense teachers to do any work together. It's probably best if you mention something to Morgan and Angelo about wanting a tutor (or whatever that other guy's role was in helping you out was called) that way we're not stepping on any toes. Let me know how that goes and then I'll send out the emails I need to.

- Lil
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To: [Inez]
From: [Julian]
Re: [Coffee?]

Coffee later tonight?
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To: [Tatiana], [Angel], [Noriko], [Yvette], [Karolina], [Meggan], [Catseye], [Callie]
From: [Inez]
Subject: YOU GUYS!

I am so ashamed in all of you! We get a new total hottie in while I'm busy studying and working and none of you have managed to wrap him up in a bow and deliver him to me yet? Which one of you is trying to keep him all to yourself? Fess up!

So who is he, what's he like?

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To: [Inez]

From: [Laurie]

Subject: Home

Hey Inez,

Glad to see you got home in one piece. Let me know if you ever need to talk, hey? I've had some experience with Salem Center Police myself.

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To: [Inez]
From: [Yvette]

Subject: Are you okay?

Dear Inez,

The other girls were telling me about what happened, and I am seeing Mr. Marko bringing you home today. I hope you are okay? Are you wanting anything?


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A black Prada suitcase with a red bow around it. Filled with clothes- business casual and clubbing clothes. Not a t-shirt or pair of jeans in sight. And only half are the 64Square label. The rest are Armani, Sky, Cavalli, Gauthier, Burberry, and Ella Moss. No card.
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To: [Ms. Frost]
From: [Temp]
Subject: Out of the office

I've been scooped up for the Red-X humanitarian stuff in Iowa. Will try to come back without a broken collarbone. Should only take a few days.

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to: [Temple, Inez]
from: [Frost, Adrienne]

subject: Away from office


I'm on a plane currently traveling to India. I made some calls last night and canceled my meetings for today but I'm going to need you to cancel my meetings for the rest of the week and hold off on rescheduling anything, as I don't know when I'll be back. Please make profuse apologies to all and be sure to tell them I'm doing humanitarian work.


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To: [Amigo]
From: [Amiga]
Subject: You're awfully cheerful

Someone seems to be all Mister Smiles this morning. Something going on (other than all this weird poetry) that you're not sharing with the class?



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