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To: [Julio]
From: [Noriko]
Subject: proper behavior on journals

~Translated from Japanese~

Does not talking about sex on the journals include not mentioning Angelo's new leather fetish? It's not talking about us having sex, but it's still sex. (I assume. I mean, why else would he be wearing a gimp suit through the halls. Didn't really know Amanda was in to that sort of thing...)

~Translated from Japanese~
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To: [Julio]
From: [Nori]
Subject: journals

~Translated from Japanese~

Are you sure I have to behave on the journals? Do I get a prize for not joining in on the crazy with Jennie and her strange friends? Because I want a prize. Can the prize be sex?

~Translated from Japanese~
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to: [Sefton, A]
from: [Richter, J]

Subj: A request

I have a rather strange favor to ask, if you have time. I don't know what you have heard/read but I had an encounter with the supernatural last week, and I have some questions regarding it. Are you free to speak to any time soon?

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to: [Noriko]
from: [Julio]

I have kicked Kyle out of the room for the night. If you want, we can watch a movie and hang out. Or we can not watch the movie and hang out. It is up to you. Either way, I'd like to spend some time with you tonight.

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to: [Gibney]
from: [Richter]

Oi, guero, I need the room tonight. Is there any way I could convince you to go stay with your girlfriend?

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To: [Amigo]
From: [Amiga]
Subject: You're awfully cheerful

Someone seems to be all Mister Smiles this morning. Something going on (other than all this weird poetry) that you're not sharing with the class?

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To: [Julio]
From: [Forge]
Subject: Favor

I need a favor from you. Think you'd be up to a drive into the city this afternoon? I kind of get the feeling some distance might not be a bad thing right now.

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to: [L. Dane]
from: [J. Richter]

Can I ask a favor of you? In Japan is it customary to give chocolate to girls on March 14 when they give it to you for valentines. I think that Nori gave some to me on Valentines and I wish to return the favor.

However. I have no idea how to make chocolate.
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to: [chuy]
from: [juan]
subj: DUDE!!!!

I am the smartest person who ever lived. I figured out who sent me the valentine.
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to: [The Australian] [The American] [The Texan]
from: [El Mexicanidad]

So it seems I have gotten some chocolate today. Unsigned. Did any of you happen to see/hear anything?
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J - got 411 on quake. Text when you wakeup. Worried. Want KFC? Haha.

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to: [Chuy]
from: [Juan]

Ok, what is going on? None of the teachers will tell me, and it's driving me insane. I know you are on the team, and if you could just let "slip" what is going on, I will be less batshit and more understanding. I will not tell anyone.

Least of all your ex. Could this be ANY more uncomfortable?
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To: [Fellow disapointee #1], [Fellow disapointee #2]
From: [Somewhat shamefaced]


Since when did Mr Marko start channelling my mother? I always thought she was Grand High Chief of the making people feel guilty when they've done something stupid game.

This kinda sucks.

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To: [Collins, L.], [Gibney, K.], [Richter, J.]
From: [Marko, C.]
Subject: Broken vase

Consider this a pop quiz, and you only get one shot at the answer. It's okay, there's only one question, and this will cover 100% of your grade in Not Being Punted Into Orbit this semester:

1) The vase on the third floor landing was broken by:

a - an invisible student
b - Alex's dog
c - someone being an idiot and running around like a damn fool when they were specifically told not to be an idiot and run around like a damn fool.

Support your answer with a descriptive paragraph.

Papers are due by this afternoon.

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to: [Big Blonde Guy] [Little Blonde Girl]
from: [la raza]

subj: Mr. Marko's email.

OK. We have to coordinate stories. I do not like having my intestines spread all over the north lawn, and I do not care if you can grow yours back, Kyle.

We say it was Alex's dog that knocked it over. Kyle, you were trying to protect the poor dumb thing by saying it was an invisible student. Laurie you were just being ...uh, charming. I guess. We swore all the other students to secrecy. If one of them spills on us, there will be retribution.

Now. We need to find a way to fix the vase, say we were trying to protect Alex's dog by keeping it a secret. If the vase is fixed, no harm, no foul. Comprende?

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To: [Instigator of Quidditch]
From: [Destroyer of vases]

Subject:Code Puce )


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