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To: [Yvette]
From: [Maddie]
Subject: My big fat mouth

Hey Yvette

It was totally wrong of me to go off on you like that the other day and I am sorry. I mean, I still think the whole idea of auctioning people off like cattle is disgusting and humiliating, but I shouldn't have tried to shame everyone who was involved and had fun. Especially you given what you went through. I'm so sorry I acted the way I did.

There's just this guy at work, a member not staff, and he's the most egotistical self-important jerk and I just want to punch him in the face. The way he treats everyone. Ugh. He grabbed my ass the other day and then threatened to get me fired when I grabbed his wrist and told him not to touch me. Assaulting the guests is something management hates. There were witnesses so I didn't get in trouble. Most of the people are okay but the ones who aren't are like the worst

I'm sorry I was a total b**** to you. You didn't do anything wrong and you certainly didn't deserve it.

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A card saying: Slightly belated, but a very happy birthday and may you be given many fruitful returns. Hope

The card is attached to a "DIY chocolate pizza kit".
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For Maddie )

This guy made me think of you for some reason. Happy bday! -B
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A copy of this cookbook with a note that reads, "Thought we could use some new recipes to try out." Beneath the book is a box with this pendant and another note that says, "And in a less 'feed me' kind of way, happy birthday. It's Saint Sebastian. Figured you could use all the help you could get given the ridiculous number of pyramids and backflips those Nazi cheerleaders are making you do. - Clint"
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A framed photo of Maddie and Sue,on top of this (wrapped), and this card.

Written inside:

Happy birthday, Maddie. Don't ask what I had to do to get that picture.

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Texts to Tandy
1/2 Forgot to mention when I called earlier- could you go to the real estate agent (number's on the card on the coffee table) and grab the keys to the house? And then give them to Summers or Wade?

2/2 Or keep them for yourself for the crazy party you're going to have this weekend in the empty house that's in crappy condition and is going to be fixed up anyway so no one will know if there was a party there except don't drink all the alcohol from the suite and make sure no one drives and have safe sex and all that but let Summers and Wade and whoever else in when they come by to work on it.

Text to Sue and Maddie
Spoke to Tandy on the phone this morning. I think she's getting really anxious about college letters. Could use distraction. I hinted that she should host a party at the house I bought in Salem this weekend hoping that would be good for her. You two are being recruited for simultaneous fun patrol and not-too-much-fun patrol.
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A plain notecard with the words "Happy Birthday" in  pseudo-calligraphy.

And a small black velvet box containing... )
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Mads, take really awesome notes for me in English, please.
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(Msg 1): Roses are Red.
(Msg 2): Violets are Blue.
(Msg 3): I'm sorry you're single.
(Msg 4): But you smell like poo.
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Save me from this hellhole called cheerleading practice and I will forever be in your debt.
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I found the perfect dress for you to wear to homecoming.

You're welcome.
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To: [grand high overlady]
From: [knight errant]
Subject: Mayhem

So how messed with do you want this guy? Original recipe, or extra crispy? And for how long? Gotta know my parameters here. :)

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To: [Maddie]
From: [Clint]
Subject: If the zombies attack...

I think we should invest in a bunker. Like this one. Only not in Vegas. And maybe something more like in a tree and not so much underground. Thoughts?
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Hey, remember archery tomorrow morning. Pizza after?
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Graceland isn't on this week. So in lieu of ogling Aaron Tveit, wanna come over and watch a movie together instead?
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Text 1: So an appropriate reaction to revealing my abilities is to toilet paper our garden?!?!?!? This almost makes me laugh.

Text 2: I am not so fond of the FOH tracts put in our mailbox, suggesting my parents disown me, sent me away and various other suggestions.


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