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To: [earworm], [gemstone], [grasshopper]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: New Year's

All right troops, this is where I get to be the boss. ;)

A couple of weeks ago the Prof posted about a long weekend NYE trip to the mountains. We're all going. Yes, Nico, including you. We all need a break from stuff and I hear snow can be fun. It'll also give you all a chance to be normal teens for a change and do some bonding with each other and all that other shite.

At the very least, you can laugh at me falling arse over teakettle every time I try to take a step.

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To: [storm boy], [gemstone], [grasshopper]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: Magic 101

So you thought you'd gotten out of magic class, did you?

Actually, I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately. My job's pretty demanding sometimes I and didn't have time to set up things with Doc Strange before I left. But! I'm back and I've had time to do some thinking about how we're going to do this thing.

For now, at least until the spring, I'll be coming over to the mansion for classes, bringing Nico with me as my faithful minion assistant. It means I'll have to lug books over, but that's what the boot of the Broomstick is for. I cleaned it out and everything. We'll start off with once a week, with homework, and see how we go.

Since you're both at different stages - Billy's just discovered magic exists, Topaz has been doing spells for a couple of years now - I'm going to focus on the whys and wherefores, especially considering we all have mutant powers as an energy source for things. I've attached a document about where magic comes from and how the power source impacts the type of magic you do - I want you guys to read it before class next week.

Any questions, feel free to hit up me or Nico.


Attached: MagicSources - C.Plunder.doc
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To: [Kaplan, Billy]
From: [Minuro, Nico]
Subject: So yeah.

So yeah,

Amanda told me about you. So hey, hi. I'm Nico, the other mutant with magic powers. Ain't we cool? We cool. I'll stop writing like that now.

I'm dropping by the mansion soon. I am expected to make sure you're adapting well and that you won't make a magical mess if you get hiccups or someone rubs you the wrong way. I also want to know just what you can do and what you can't, because that stuff matters and we magic people need to stick together and make sure none of us is making us look bad.

When/where do you think this would work better?

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To: [grasshopper]
From: [mentor]

Subject: Got a job for you...

Hey Grasshopper. Sorry to bail and then dump this on you, but I'm kind of stuck with a magical medical consult and will be tied up for a bit.

You might have noticed the school's got a new boy, Billy Kaplan. He's a magic user too and he's going to need someone to sit on him for now until I can get sorted with regular lessons on how not to fuck with things. You up for being his buddy and making sure he doesn't blow the place up?

It'll be a learning experience. ;)

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to: [Minoru, Nico]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]

Good work the last few days, Nico. You kept your head under some serious pressure, and let me go with a plan that involved a lot less risk and a lower body count. I know that you're wrapped up right now covering Wanda's end of the strange crap side of the business, but once we get sorted, come and see me. It's time to start training you in the rest of what we do here.

[identity profile] x-staffofone.livejournal.com
Hey, I didn't want to put this where everyone could see it, so I'm texting you instead. The charm I found on the hayride had traces of your energy; I mean I would know about it. It wasn't nearly enough to cause all this mess though, but I think it was there before the charm went crazy. A thing from the past perhaps?
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Delivered to the mansion by courier:

For Nico, an old coin on a heavy chain, marked in Latin. The accompanying note reads:

"Hey Grasshopper, sorry I can't be there for you this weekend. This is a protection charm I found - don't ask where. Wear it for your old mentor, yeah? - A.

For Meggan, a copper bracelet etched with Celtic symbols. The note reads:

Something to replace the one you lost. Sorry I can't be there this weekend for the family-fu. A.

For Matt, a bulk box of mild chewing gum and the following note written on card in pen pressed down hard:

Figured you'd need something to distract yourself with especially this weekend, from one junkie to another.
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To: [grasshopper]
From: [absentee mentor]

Subject: Weekend escape?

So, I've been a very bad absentee mentor lately with the workaholic thing, but now we've found what we were looking for, I'm all yours. I figured you weren't really keen on going to the beach with everyone for the 4th of July - how's a trip to England sound? There's another witch I want you to meet, lives in the Cotswolds, which is as close to Wales as you can get without loving leeks. It's a bit isolated, but I figure you'd appreciate some quiet time?

Everything's been set up - just let me know. :)

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To: [grasshopper]
From: [mentor]

Subject: Graduation

Have a good day, grasshopper. I'll see you at the ceremony. Wouldn't miss it for words.

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Delivered to Nico Minoru, c/o Xavier's School for Gifted Children via Fed Ex

A package containing a panda shrug hoodie, a gift receipt and a note which reads:


So you can rock your panda without all the eyeliner.

-Waffle Boyfriend
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To: [Nico]
From: [Sarah V.]
Subject: Smashing stuff

So, remember your offer to smash stuff sometime? I'd kinda be down for that at the moment, if you're around, and if you wanna, I mean.
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To: [Nico Minoru]
From: [Julian Keller]
Subject: [Helping Angelica]

Just so you know, I'm going to be spending the day watching movies and stuff with Angel if she wants the company. Nothing is going on, just wanted to give you a heads up.

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To: [Minoru, Nico]
From: [Keller, Julian]
Subject: []

My room. Now.

No rest for the wicked, dear.
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Happy V-Day from the distance!

I'm a horrible girlfriend; I shall repay you handsomely. Try to get your room to yourself for when I come back, and some food because we aren't leaving until we get sick of it.


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To: [grasshopper]
From: [wicked witch of NY]

Subject: Field trip

Pack up your bags, grasshopper, we're going on a road trip. ;)

I've managed to get hold of my old teacher in New Orleans, a houdon called Tante Mattie. She's agreed to see you and talk to you about the whole magic deal, if I bring you down to meet her. I'm thinking of driving, mostly 'cause I don't think you and a plane full of people is a good combination right now - not that I don't trust you, but planes get delayed and you're still learning to control things.

I'm emailing your teachers to get permission to nab you for about a week. February 13 through to the 22nd or so. And hey, there won't be any snow!


To: [Xavier's Staff]
From: [Sefton, Amanda]

Subject: Requesting a week's absence for Nico Minoru

Afternoon, all.

You probably all know I've been tutoring Nico in magic and such. I was hoping to be able to take her down to New Orleans with me to meet with one of my old instructors, Tante Mattie, who I think will be able to help her a lot with this mutant power of hers. I'd be looking at having her away from February 13 through to the 22nd - I don't think a plane would be good for her right now, so I'm going to drive.

I know she has classes on, so if her teachers could make sure she has plenty of work to do in the car, I'll make sure she does it. Let me know if there's any problems.

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To: [grasshopper]
From: [run off her feet]

Subject: Birthday

Sorry I wasn't in town for your birthday this weekend, grasshopper. Hope you had a good time. How about I take you out on Friday for a You Day? Whatever you want to do (that won't get us arrested!) - up for it?



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