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Dude, I still don't know how I feel about those jingling skirts. Marie-Ange is into the swing dancing. Are you sure about this?
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To: [Jubilee], [Marrow]
From: [Daytripper]

Subject: Extra research.

So I got the attached email from Ange a few days ago. It seems like he's gotten his hands on a pile of stuff to do with mutant sex trafficking. I figure you would be better suited to helping him go through it than me, since you were on the case and all.

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To: [Lee, J.], [Morlocke, S.]
From: [Carlysle, V]
Subject: Data mining


I could use some help finding some info on a guy. He's a possible human trafficker and general scumbag. The name is Barry Thistledown. Do you guys think you could search around your data and see if you've got anything on him you could pass onto me? I'd really appreciate it.

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To: [Marie], [Marie-Ange], [Adrienne], [Morgan], [Doug], [Wanda], [Amara], [Jane], [XF Sarah], [Jubilee]

From: [Amanda]

Subject: News

So, something's come up that people should probably know about, only I don't know how to say it without people thinking it's a big hairy deal, and I know Ange probably won't say anything either since he's Silent Stoic Type, so, I figured I'd just tell you lot and you can do what you like about it.

Ange and I aren't a couple any more.

We're still friends and always will be, but we realised that we weren't really there in the couple sense, that we'd moved on. Maybe because we don't need each other so much, I don't know. But yeah, we're going our own ways in that sense. I won't deny it's a bit weird-feeling but there's no need for ice cream or angry friends or the rest, but I figured you ought to know before someone put their foot in their mouth or something.


To: [John]
From: [Amanda]

Subject: Your roomie

You might already know, but Ange and I broke up. Make sure he doesn't mope in his room too much?


To: [Manuel]
From: [Amanda]

Subject: Since you'll hear any way...

Ange and I aren't a couple any more. We're still friends, tho', so no gloating or bagging him out.

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To: [las chicas fabulosas]
From: [el miserable]
Subject: Rawr

Shitty weekend. I hate men and crave the company of women after work. As if my life wasn't full of one fucking cliche after another, I just want some quality time with you all, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte, Ben, and Jerry. No penis but mine allowed.

Well, maybe Bishop's, but only if he brings his cop uniform.

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To: [Sefton, Amanda]
From: [Morlocke, Sarah]
Subject: You're back!

When you get back, come see me. I'd come to you, but I'm already having an epic failure to cope without putting my ass back on a plane. Can't just be happy they've found more Morlocks, you know.

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To: [Amanda], [Doug], [Marie-Ange], [Illyana], [Jubilation]
From: [Sarah]
Subject: Because he deserves this much...

Tomorrow night. Finnegans. I say we go get trashed in honor of a good friend.

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To: [co-conspirators]
From: [making a habit of this sneaky thing]

Subject: This'll be easier now Angelo's away )
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From: Logan
To: Sarah
Subject: Amanda

Heard she's been taken.

Love to offer my help in getting her back - the kid's all right with me and I know she's your friend - but Summers and 'Ro got the whole team on standby.

Be careful out there, kid. I don't like this. It stinks. And if you get the chance - knives to the hilts, kid.

Knives to the hilts.
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From: Logan
To: Sarah
Subject: Back to normal.

And I think we need to talk. Call my cell, I need to get out for a while.
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to: [not so pretty in pink]
from: [bone girl]

subject: Oooh. Idea.

So. You and I need to go clubbing. Seriously. You've been given the body of a clubbing goddess, and you need to go out and flaunt it.

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From: Logan
Subject: [None]

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From: Logan
To: Sarah
Subject: Going Out


Being cooped up sucks. For you moreso than your companions, I’m guessing. Anyway, I got two tickets to this little dive I know. Welterweight bout, drinks beforehand, maybe some chow. Whaddya say?

Wear something nice. It’s not _that_ nasty of a dive.
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To: [trouble]
CC: Marie-Ange
From: [bonegirl]

Subject: No arguing.


You obviously need beer. We're kidnapping you and taking you to the pub. Our treat even. You can thank us later.

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To: [the gang]
CC: [madonna's boy]

From: [trouble]

Subject: Clubbing this Friday?

Morning all!

Sarah and I were talking over a few pints last night and I decided it'd be a good night out if we went clubbing on Friday. There's this place called Silver that we've come across that's a brilliant venue. Mutant-friendly as well and 100% guaranteed kidnapper free. *grins* And the Snow Valley folks know the DJ, who'd be the CC. Say hi to the gang, Mark.

Pixie, I know you're at school now and all, but if you want a break from annoying roommates and mutant groupies, blink yourself on over to my place around 10, yeah? I figure we can gather there and then wander down - it's not too far.

Let me know if you're up for it or not - wouldn't want to leave anyone behind.


PS: When did I become the organised one?


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