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Dude, I still don't know how I feel about those jingling skirts. Marie-Ange is into the swing dancing. Are you sure about this?
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To: [Jubilee], [Marrow]
From: [Daytripper]

Subject: Extra research.

So I got the attached email from Ange a few days ago. It seems like he's gotten his hands on a pile of stuff to do with mutant sex trafficking. I figure you would be better suited to helping him go through it than me, since you were on the case and all.

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To: [Lee, J.], [Morlocke, S.]
From: [Carlysle, V]
Subject: Data mining


I could use some help finding some info on a guy. He's a possible human trafficker and general scumbag. The name is Barry Thistledown. Do you guys think you could search around your data and see if you've got anything on him you could pass onto me? I'd really appreciate it.

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To: [mine], [little sister]
From: [shinobi]
Subject: Woosh.

Mission. Gotta go. Back soon.

Love you both.

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To: [little sister], [mine]
From: [the guy with the car]
Subject: Friday night? )
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Note to Sarah, shoved under the boiler room door.

If you need it... )
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To: [mine]
From: [yours]
Subject: Want company? )

To: [ali]
From: [shinobi]
Subject: Support. )
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to: [pretty-mine]
from: [dessert, presently.]
subject: That knock on your door?

That would be me. Covered in jello and whipped cream, and with a boxer puppy trying to give me a bath.

Open the door.

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To: [mine]
From: [yours]
Subject: Plans to make. )
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So the pet rules have everybody considering buying puppies. But Sarah and Shinobi aren't looking for just any kind of puppy.

Which would be better? An ill-tempered tank sized minion or a vicious football sized ball of fur and claws?  )
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to: [sparky]
from: [spikey]
subject: well, this is it.

I'm heading out now. I'm going home and doing it today, because I've fucking waited long enough. You're the only one I'm telling, 'cause everybody else will freak out on me. Leaving the pretty half here, 'cause this is -my- fight, and I can handle myself.

Wish me luck.

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To: [deathbyspikes]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Revenge. )
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To: [sparky], [tough boy], [roomie], [glitterbug], [playmate]
From: [bone girl]
Subject: update.

Got that break I was looking for today. Every last one of them is going down, even Grey Crow. Especially Grey Crow.


(Somebody pass this along to Amanda when she gets back? She'll be glad to know I'm doing something other than sitting around and sulking.)
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Series of postcards mailed from Brighton. Not a lot of words since Amanda can't write very small. There's a big improvement in her handwriting from the start of the year, though.

Angelo )

Clarice )

Marie-Ange )

Shinobi and Sarah. )
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to: [playmate]
from: [bone girl]
subject: just a hint..

If you come back for a visit within the next couple of months, expect to get chewed out by any number of people who were upset by your leaving. Because leaving (even if you had perfectly good reasons for doing so) is not fair.

Hope you all are doing well.


ps. Give Logan a sound ass-kicking for me, yeah?
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To: [trouble], [tough boy], [roomie], [sparky], [little morlock], [bane of my existence], [auntie emma], [glitterbug]
From: [bone girl]
Subject: Back in Boston

We made it back to Boston about an hour ago. If you need us drop us an email. And try to go easy on the destruction while we're away.



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