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To: [Professor Xavier]
From: [Suzanne]
Subject: Departing the Mansion

I regret to inform you, sir, that I have secured employment with Bishop, Hartly & Partners in their Chicago office. I am expected to report for work this coming Monday. I apologize for the short notice, but as you yourself noted at our last meeting, I have never really felt settled here. I need something more to do than unclogging drains, and this came up faster than I had expected.

I will always appreciate your kindness in asking me to join your team here at the mansion, and hope that you will not hesitate to call on me if ever you need me.



To: [Kyle]
From: [Z]
Subject: You're in charge of the plumbing now!

All good things must come to an end, and we had a good run. I hate to tell you this but I got a job in Chicago and will be heading out there in the next day or so to find somewhere to live, and the mansion is once again all yours. You're going to do a fantastic job with it, I just know it.

Don't forget the electrician is coming on Tuesday to take a look at Noriko's old room.

You've got my cell if you need it.

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To: [ Callie ]
From: [ Suzanne ]
Subject: The Grounds

Hi Callie-

I heard you're laid up with some sort of bug. I hope you're feeling better, there's nothing worse than being sick over vacation!

I wanted to ask you a quick question about some of the plants on the grounds -- the roses, specifically. Have you been using any fertilizer or plant food, or done anything different with them recently? They're looking rather sickly and if they need any special treatment until you're back on your feet, I need to know.


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To: [ Nathan ]
From: [ Suzanne ]
Subject: Quick Question

Exactly how old are you?
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To: [Manuel]
From: [Zanne]
Subject: Swedish Warfare

May I ask what inspired Tabitha and Lil's recent audible assault?

No one deserves ABBA.

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To: [Aquilla, Amara], [Crawley-Jeffries, Lillian], [Beaubier, Jean-Paul], [Chan, Suzanne]
From: [Julian Keller]
Subject: [Team Building Opportunity]

Dear Staff and Other Adults of the Mansion!

Hello and good evening. I am very excited to contact you tonight with an amazing opportunity for a team building activity that New Mutants, Team 1, have been given. I recently won a contest from Games.com that gives us access to a laser-tag arena all day on Tuesday. I've already cleared the trip with Professor Xavier and he said it was okay, as long as the four of you came with.

I know this is a little late notice, but he just approved it today. We would also welcome your participation in our education process within the arena.

Please let me know if you are able to do this! I know that the team is quite eager to go.

-Julian Keller
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To: [ Crystal ]
From: [ Suzanne ]
Subject: Carmilla and Callie


While I am glad that Carmilla will be suffering no ill effects from drinking drain cleaner, the point that I was trying to make to Callie is that if she saw someone doing something that is generally considered to be dangerous and she doesn't know specifically that it's okay, that she may want to tell one of the adults at the mansion. Yes, Carmilla is an adult, and yes, apparently this is something that perfectly okay for her to do, but she's new in the mansion and her abilities are not widely known or understood. Callie even admitted that she wasn't clear on what her abilities were.

We are in a unique situation where some people have the ability to do really dangerous things and remain unscathed by them, where the average person could be injured or even killed by them. It is in many ways really amazing. At the same time, we can't assume that this is true for everyone here, and I would hate to find us in a situation where someone was harmed or died because of inaction on our part, having assumed that they knew what they were doing and that all would be well. I'd much rather have had Callie report a false alarm than risk what might have been unthinkable.

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To: [ Jean ]
From: [ Zanne ]
Subject: Carmilla Drank Draino

Heads up: one of the kids mentioned on the journals that she'd seen Carmilla drinking drain cleaner and it didn't occur to her to tell anyone. I went down to the lab and found Amelia to check up on her - I guess it must not affect Carmilla the same way it would most people because the kid is still alive down there and seemingly fine, but someone should have told you. Us. Someone. My God, what were they thinking?

Anyway. Carmilla drank Draino. I'm locking up all the household chemicals. Thought you should know.

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To: [ Manuel ]
From: [ Suzanne ]
Subject: Thank you


Thank you so much for the Christmas chocolates. They were a thoughtful and unexpected surprise, and the coffee liquor-filled ones are proving to be just the thing to help one recover from a bit too much holiday travel. You have my sincere gratitude.

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Subject: Gallery

You proposed attending a gallery, however the date and location have slipped my mind. That is, if you desire to go at all.

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To: [ Clarice ]
From: [ Zanne ]
Subject: Quick Question

Hey Clarice,

I'm not sure if you'll know the answer, but if not you'll probably know who does - is there a decent tattoo artist in town somewhere? All the ones I know of are in the city and odds are that they're still shut down. I'm not looking for someone to do anything fancy, I just want someone who is fairly competent with a needle. :)

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To: [Zanne]
From: [Terry]
Subject: Help with my evil plans


You're rooming with Jennie, right? I talked to the doctors and there's no reason she needs to stay in the medlab past the first 24 hours, they just like it better. So I need your help. Can you pack up enough of her things for a week or so? I'm going to kidnap her to Ireland with me. Ireland is better for birthdays. It's a proven fact.

Thanks in advance
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To: [Scott Summers, Ororo Munroe]
From: [Suzanne Chan]
Subject: Suspicious Package

I was downtown today when some woman shoved a packet of papers in my hand and took off. They appear to be Kurt Wagner's medical files, and a disk of some sort. I think you should have this. Is someone around I can leave this with?

Thank you,


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