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To: [Tatiana]
From: [Yvette]

Subject: Are you being all right?

Dear Tatiana,

It seems that perhaps I was choosing the wrong field trip to be taking. Are you all right? I am seeing Karolina and Noriko are making the fuss, so I was wanting to be checking on you to be sure.


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[Subject: Job Offer]

Dear Tatiana,

You mentioned needing a job once or twice on the journals, didn't you?

If you're interested, I'd like to offer you a job cleaning the suite Clarice and I live in. It's nothing much, just vacuuming, putting anything we've left out into neat stacks, any dishes we've left, the bathroom and so on. Maybe some ironing, too. I'd say it's less than four hours a week, even with the ironing and I'm afraid the pay isn't that awesome - maybe $25/hour, so we'll say $100/week, even, and more if you have to go over four hours.

(Is that a reasonable amount to pay? I can go up a bit, if you'd like me to, and you're interested in the job. I'm not sure how they pay people in the US.)

There's no pressure to take it and I won't be annoyed if you don't, or if you turn it down later on because you've got something better with better hours or pay or because you're sick of it.


Monet St. Croix
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To: [Manuel], [Jane], [Tatiana]
From: [Kevin]
Subject: Staring at art

So the plan is to get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art when it opens at 9:30 next Sunday in an attempt to avoid crowds. When the crowds become unavoidable we'll ditch out. Crowded in this case would be by either Yvette's standards or mine since things get bad fast for us if you put too many people too close to us, even in a non-contact way. That means you get no choice in when we leave potentially. We'll be in the city though and I'm fine with finding other things to do, especially if the crowd explosion happens early on.

So, if that's cool with you all and you still want to come just let me know, okay? Yeah, Manuel I know the old man gig means you're not going to tell me until like Sunday morning and that's fine.

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To: Kyle
From: Tatiana

Subject: My ... thing.

Rather not discuss it in public. You free? Kind of feel like ice cream. Or something. Or a walk. Or... god. I don't know.

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To: (Tatiana)
From: (Kyle)
Subject: Email's faster.

Thinky spots - you want the inside ones, or the outside ones? Or both? Inside's gonna be warmer, for sure, but I'm an outside kinda guy so I've got a bias there. (And Forge'll probably make you take the phone before you go outside too much, even on grounds.)


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