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One homecooked German meal:
- Schnecken; Escargot in garlic & burgundy sauce served in puff pastry
- Zwiebelsuppe; Creamy onion soup baked with swiss cheese
- Sauerbraten; Marinated beef roast in a sweet & sour sauce of red wine vinegar
- Apfelstrudel; Apple strudel with whipped cream on the side

and a bottle of red wine.

No name provided.
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To: [Hollyhock]
From: [Honeysuckle]

Subject: Happy birthday


How swamped with cases are you going to be this evening? Because I'm renting out my box at Fenway and was planning on using the proceeds of said renting to do whatever you want for your birthday. Wanna go to Vegas and screw around with our powers to run some sort of con in which we win a shitload of money or something? Or we could just have dinner and you can order something from the Guns'N'Ammo catalogue. Whatever you want.

Yes, you read that right. Game Six of the World Series- as in, the game in which we could actually WIN the World Series- and I am skipping it for your birthday. Because you're just that awesome. (Unless what you want to do for your birthday is go to the game, which I'm obviously totally fine with.)

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WS moves to St.Louis this weekend so no baseball :( Wanna go up to Sleepy Hollow to get in the Halloween mood? Check out some walking tours, Horseman's Hollow, the Gothic mansion, that sorta thing?
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to: [Carlysle, Vanessa]
from: [Kane, Garrison]

Just got back from talking with a few people at SHIELD. and the upshot is that you're mostly in the clear. They want to interview you and corroborate your story before you'll be officially removed as a suspect, but for now, the warrent for your arrest has been cancelled. I wouldn't leave New York before the interview, but other than that, you're free and clear.

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A home-made version of this and a birthday card reading: Happy Birthday Hollyhock; it gives me a good laugh to think you'd hear my voice in your head whenever you read this (and to think of your responses), and since everyone knows your birthday is really for the rest of us, here you go!
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Thanks for the bday present. This doesn't mean I have to learn to act like a lady...does it?
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To: [Vanessa]
From: [Sarah V.]
Subject: Work schedule!

Hi bosslady,

It's really only sinking in with me now that I'm not going back to school this fall, after everything that's happened in the last few months, which means I'm going to have a lot more free time between now and the new year than I thought I'd have.

So, if it's ok with you and everyone else, I'm available to work on more of a full time basis with you guys, if you'll have me that is. I'm planning to apply for classes again next year but between now and then I can work more than the part time hours I've been working so far.

Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know since I finally realized that myself. Hope you have a great rest of your day and I'll talk to you soon. :)

- Sarah V.
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To: [Colbert, M.]
From: [Carlysle, V.]
Subject: Something of a fashion request

My dear, most fashion-forward Miss Colbert, I find myself in need of securing a rather particular item. You see, I'm in desperate need of a gorilla costume, but it needs to be somewhat combat-friendly. Specifically, I need steel toed gorilla feet for said costume. I thought, if anyone would know how I could find such a thing or procure its creation it would be the most fashion savvy of the weird shit experts.

Your most ardent admirer,
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Who signed me up to stake out the place that keeps getting broken into by someone dressed up like a gorilla when I was out?
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[1/3] Cal&I found the dump site.
Attachment: <img00328-20120719-1815>

[2/3] But van drops off from 2 different routes all the time. Cal&I going this way to try & track van.
Attachment: <img00328-20120719-1816>

[3/3] Can u 2 track van down this route?
Attachment: <img00328-20120719-1817>

((ooc: the attachments are images of signposts at intersections with route numbers and directions ie: Route 90 North at 185 East, so I don't have to actually make names up since I don't know the area at all!))
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Can I drag you shopping with me tomorrow? T-shirt fairy needs to go to work and you're such a big help with the picking out of the shirts! (Okay mostly it's just fun for me to hear you bitch, I will admit that with no embarrassment...)
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To: [Vale, J.]
From: [Carlysle, V.]
CC: [Bishop, L.]
Subject: Job )
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To: [Soţul meu]
From: [Sotia ta]
Subject: [ziua de naştere]


During this time of facing your own mortality, I would like to remind you that on this day a number of years ago you came into this world. Typically the anniversary of such a thing is celebrated. I can't fucking stand your current accommodations, so please imagine really good whiskey and me once again trying (and failing) to get you naked as such things would have been suitable under different circumstances.

I am holding your actual gift hostage until you find somewhere better to spend your days and nights.

La Multi Ani, Mândrule. Next year, please do not fuck it up.

With much love,
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There are SO MANY POCKETS. I can fit 8 blades of varying sizes in this coat. This is amazing! Thank you
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To: [Vanessa]
From: [Sarah V.]
Subject: Work schedule

Hi there,

I just realized I should've e-mailed you sooner about work and everything. I'm back now of course and doing better but I'm not sure if I can pull any extra shifts or work longer like I used to do, at least not for awhile. Not because I don't want to, I love the job, but I'm still on the mend and have been spending a lot of time with my significant other while we both recover from, you know. Bad stuff.

Hopefully this is ok, and I'm sorry again for not getting a hold of you sooner. Have a very nice day! :)

- Sarah
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David's in the medlab. Thought you should know. Pills. Found him under the fucking coffee table when I went to check up on him.
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Cancel your classes for the rest of the day and pack an overnight bag. I need your help desperately with a case that has a serious time crunch on it. I'll be there in 45 to grab you. I promise to buy the kids pizza or something.


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