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I have something to tell you, and an invitation to offer. I must return to Germany soon, for the end of mourning for my mother, and I do not know when I will be next in America. There is a wedding to plan, and apart from that Stefan and Jimaine will need my help with the transition.

I would be glad if you would come to Stefan's wedding, though, to meet the clan. I know they will welcome you more than anyone else.

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To: [Ororo]
From: [Scott]
Subject: plans for breakfast?

If the answer is 'no', do you want to maybe go knock on Kurt's door? He'd be suspicious if I turned up again, I think, so a tag-team approach is probably best. Plus I think he might respond to your approach, in general, somewhat better.

Just to warn you, he'll be a little hungover. I don't know who left him the shitload of beer. Why does no one ever believe me when I tell them how much alcohol poisoning doesn't solve problems?

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To: Garrison

did yo now if yoiu ask harry nice, he'l;l hide evertyhinh blue in the bar? no bnlue. hate blue. oh yeah, no wories...myystique's not my mom. she's mi dad.

To: Logan

i now get to claim biggst daddy issues in teh manshin. gues who? hint: blu and shifty.

To: Kurt

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooother. we shuld have lunich.

To: Amanda, Angelo

rumors wrong. not mom. daqd.

To: Haller

strtin new club. called dady issues. join?
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To: [Marie]
From: [Jean]
Subject: apologies for the delay


Sorry it's taken me so long to finish these tests - things have been somewhat hectic down here of late. However, Amelia and I have our results and I was hoping you could come down here sometime today or tomorrow so we could discuss them.

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I'm sorry about the delay - I know I said the tests should only take a day, but I'm afraid things were somewhat... strangely inconclusive. Amelia and I are going to be running a few more comparisons and I promise I'll let you know as soon as we have anything solid.

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To: [Marie]
From: [Amanda]

Subject: You might want to sit down for this...

Seems like there's a rumour going around about you and Kurt, and I wanted to tell you before you heard it from the Stepfords or something. Apparently Forge managed to 'translate' something from that daft old biddy's diary that he thinks means you and Kurt are brother and sister. And Marius was there when he worked it out, so he told Monet and you can guess that it's all over the bloody school by now.

I don't put a hell of a lot of stock in precog gibberish, even Angie's sometimes - it's the nature of the power to get things all garbled so the precog's brain doesn't go boom. But Forge says there's a way to find out for sure, by comparing you and Kurt's DNA from your medical records. Could be a way to settle this shite once and for all, yeah?

And sorry if I just smacked you in the face with this. Subtle has never been my strong point, remember? I'm around if you want to talk, though.

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To: [Forge]
From: [Amanda]

Subject: What the fuck?

I've got Monet telling me that since Marie's Kurt's sister, she's mine as well. And that you told Marius that. Did one of your experiments blow up in your face and fry your brain?

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So you and Marie are technically sisters. Who knew? Good thing you never slept with her, eh? Drinkies Friday night?

OOC: Uh, backdated due to forgetting that Zan Zar Zameen was on
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To: [Illyana, Jennie]
From: [Monet]
Subject: [Oh My God!]

So, I heard from Marius who got it from Forge that Kurt and Marie are actually siblings. Who knew? They don't look a thing alike.

Good thing Marie can't touch anyone, eh?
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After a rather surprising detail comes to light.

To: [Sister the elder]
From: [Brother the younger]
Subject: So, interesting story

This afternoon I was present during one of Forge's many epiphany moments, and it appears that Ms. D'ancato and Mr. Sefton are, in fact, brother and sister.

Does it speak to my acquired world-weariness that my first thought was to how very little of a family resemblence they share?

Ah, but if that weren't enough they are not only secret-siblings, but children of a supervillain. I call that unfortunate. Ridiculously twist our family may be, but at least dad has been quite forthright about the number of existent progeny and mum is unlikely to be caught running about naked to effect malicious infiltration of various organizations. Fashionably attired, perhaps, but hardly naked.

I suppose that brings the total of those related to their greatest foes to Ms. Maximoff, Mr. Maximoff, Mr. Dayspring, Mr. Sefton, and Ms. D'ancato (at least insofar as I am aware). Do you imagine they have a support group?
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To: [em], [special inspector garrison kane of the royal canadian blah blah blah], [angie]
From: [doug]
Subject: WTF?

Um, should I be asking why one of Angie's shirts got trashed on the X-Men mission you guys went on? I'm so completely confused.



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