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Look, sorry about short notice, but I have to get a flight over to Hong Kong in the next 24 hours. The reason is because I've been researching the attack on my former team in Canada that pretty much wiped them out for no reason that I've been able to discover. We discovered a link between the attack and a flight out of Madripoor that had a stop by a Sublime Pharm landing zone that we think carried the strike team into Canada. But the pilot got killed and we nearly got wiped out by a mutant team headed up by a woman that the other X-Men swear was killed over eight years ago. Some of my father's contacts have found some more information and links to a complex in Hong Kong and we're going to check it out.

Here's the thing. I don't want to risk getting ambushed again, and breaking into technology storage complexes is not my forte. Which is why I'm asking whether or not I could persuade both of you to join my team for the trip. Callisto, I could use both your powers and your experience to search the warehouse, and Marie-Ange, I need someone who can help plan how to break into one.

Let me know? I'm not above resorting to bribery.

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Hey guys,

Tim Dugan just e-mailed me about a lead that's come up in the whole Alpha Flight attack. It looks like we've got more information about who hired Corrigan and possibly sent the team to kill him (and nearly us) last year. I can't roll this out to the X-Men; it means working with SHIELD and tangling with a big corporation, and I don't want to risk a splash back to the school.

So feel free to say no, but if you're willing, I'm going to arrange a flight to Hong Kong tonight.

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[to] Kane, Garrison
[from] Dugan, Tim

subject: Message from your dad


I've got a message from your old man. Turns out that one of his contacts turned up more information on that Sublime Pharm corporation and their operations on Hong Kong. Fury himself called me to say that SHIELD has an agent in place who's got a location that could be tied to that flight and the bastards that killed Archie. Guy by the name of Luke Cage will meet you in Hong Kong and give you some local support. Also, your dad bankrolls a small detective agency in Hong Kong called Knightwing Restorations. Said if you need more help, go and talk to them.

And it looks like the lady in the blue swimsuit and eight hundred dollar pumps has my mojito ready. Take care, brother.



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