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Dec. 9th, 2014 04:12 pm
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We've found a hole on Molly's hat that she was wearing while she was with Wade when he got shot. Korvus and I reconstructed the angle of attack and it looks like the bullet that Wade took was actually aimed at Molly and richocheted off her to hit Wade.

I'm not sure why a student would be targeted instead but I don't like the direction this is taking.

X-Men: News

Dec. 8th, 2014 11:15 am
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Jubilee and Kurt are in the X-Force clinic after being shot in NYC. Jubilee took a bullet to the shoulder, another grazed her head. Kurt was shot in the abdomen. They're both stable.
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Can I get a pickup from my dads' place in Manhattan? I'll give you all the Starbucks coffees for the next month.
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So I've got fifty bajillion texts and voicemails on my phone that I only just looked at. What happened?
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Where are you? We're on high alert. There's been an incident. Come back to the mansion right now. If you're at a bar we'll deal with that later.
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To: [cyclops], [phoenix], [professor x]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Security Issue.

Head's up - one of ours has been targeted, so we thought we'd better give you lot the info. Doug was shot in the shoulder by persons unknown today. He'll be fine, but we aren't 100% sure who is after. The most likely scenario is it's Hellfire Club related, but just in case it's the school, you might want to tighten security up for a bit.



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