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Thirty-six people were killed at Columbia University on July 24, 2004. Most were students, but among the dead were a camera crew from a local news station who had been filming at the college. To this day the identity of those responsible - a mutant terrorist group - remains unknown. Six terrorists were killed, the rest fleeing before the arrival of law enforcement agencies. This Friday marks the fifth anniversary of what is now commonly called Columbia Massacre.

As part of our continuing series in the lead-up to the fifth year anniversary memorial service, we spoke to Bethany Moore and Carlie Bartlet, leaders of their local chapters of a mutant-human coalition called "HeliX".

Coalition for Coexistence. )
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To: Strange, Stephen
From: MacTaggart, Moira


Before the rest of the e-mail...how're you doing? I know how Amanda and Nathan are holding up (they're getting there...I hope) but I wanted to make sure you were doing okay after that horrific incident.

I'm sorry I didn't write sooner but after everything that's happened...which is another reason why I'm e-mailing you. Something happened in Iceland the other weekend and Dr. Bartlet and I were caught up in the middle of it. I'm doing some tests now but I may need another opinion, yours to be exact. I'm not sure what happened there was the result of mutancy but I can't be sure. Once the test results have been compiled and if they finish the way I think they might, would you mind running some tests of your own?

Take care and I'll get in contact with you once the results are back.

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To: [skater chick]
From: [the witch's big sister]
Subject: our favorite witch

Very forward of me, I know... )
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To: (Xaiver, Charles)
From: (Colbert, Marie-Ange)
Subject: Language classes today.

Sir, I do not mean to disturb you needlessly, but I suspect Nathan has not gone to you with his annoucement about classes today.

Should we be going to his class? I do not want to presume anything, but he cannot possibly be recovered so soon?

Thank you,
Marie-Ange Colbert
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To: {HeliX}
From: Madrox, Jamie
Subject: Saturday

I'm sure you're all as horrified about what happened as I am. I don't know what we can do, but if the backlash goes official I'm thinking maybe we can protest any anti-mutant legislation, or something. Anybody with any ideas, I am definitely listening.

And if anybody, for whatever reason, doesn't want to be involved anymore, I'll understand.
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To: Bartlet, Madelyn; McCoy, Henry; Xavier, Charles
From: MacTaggart, Moira\

Before any of you come to drag me to the machines, yes, I plan on having Madelyn run tests on me. *Monday*. And Charles, if it'll make you and I feel better, you can have a go at my brain.

But the only way I'll stay together for the next several days is by working through the mind-piercing headache that's lingering from being knocked out.

Henry, Madelyn, it'll probably be hard getting me out of the MedLab but I promise I'll sleep even if it is in Nathan's room. Coffee's already started.

I guess me asking "when do we get a sanity break" is a naive one...

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To: Xavier, Charles; Wisdom, Pete
Subject: this afternoon's incident

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