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To: [Garrison]
From: [Marie]
Subject: [Dead end]


So, you know how you sent me to England to ask a guy some questions? No one was living at the address you sent me to. I asked around a little, and no one has seen him for quite some time. I've got a couple of names that we can follow up on from the area, but I don't think they were hiding anything. Overall, Dorset was a dead-end, which I think means we need to do a little more digging. I'll come by to talk as soon as I get back to New York.

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to: [Rogue]
from: [Dominion]

Hey Marie,

Look, I just got back from India, and found a bit of info on one of the searches I've been doing on that Weapon X stuff. Looks like the guy who had oversight over that NORAD radar installation the longest was a Captain William Mayle. He ran it and three others for about twelve years, right up until it got put on standby status. He retired a few years ago, and moved to Dorset in England. I've attached the file and the contact information. When you get a chance, can you go and talk to him. It's likely nothing, but on the off chance that the station was used for something covert, this guy might have some hints about it. I'd go, but I'm eight kinds of jetlag from the flight back, along with a stack of work to do.

Thanks Buellah!

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to: [Rogue], [Brickhouse]
from: [Kane, Garrison]

Typing this on a shitty flight out of Symkaria. Not exactly a vacation spot.

Upshot is that North, one of Logan's former Weapon X buddies, caught up with Daniel Lyman, William Stryker's former number two on the program. Other than an assassination attempt on his life, we found out a few things. There are other Weapon X teams out there, and they may have been activated.

I'm going to get Adrienne to read the tags Logan found, but I'm willing to bet that they've never even been handled by someone. This is too nicely put together a program for there to be that obvious a trail.

Basically, we've ruled out that the attack was random. Someone was obviously gunning for Alpha Flight, and it was someone that had both the means and the ability to wait for the right time to strike. It is tempting to say that it is elements of Weapon X, but that could be a false clue to lead us off the real person. Regardless, it looks pretty much certain that the target wasn't the installation; it was the team.

Lyman mentioned something about looking to who takes advantage of Alpha Flight getting cut? Motive is a powerful factor, but I don't see anyone that would have a specific advantage to target us. Magneto, the Preservers... hell, SHIELD? Canada hasn't had a team working in five years. Who benefits from them not having one now?

Anyhow, be careful. If Alpha Flight was the target, it might still be the target, and that means each and everyone one of us could be on the list.

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To: [Beaubier, Jean-Paul]
From: [Gallo, Johnny]
Subject: Lil

I just got a message from Lil, about everything that's happened and about her not coming home. Back, I guess. Can I stay at your place tonight? I don't want to be like this around Victor. Not on his third day here.

You didn't tell me anybody died.

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OOC Note: backdated

From: Logan
To: North
Subject: We have a problem.

Someone's reactivated Weapon-X. Or else has access to their data. Found a fresh-stamped copy of my tags up in Arctic Canada.

Saddle up, Maverick. If they're big enough to moustrap Alpha Flight, your little band of spies could be next.
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In two and a half hours, I'm going to be at a funeral for the people I trained with for years. They were killed in some kind of accident during an exercise in the Arctic. All of their current and former surviving teammates have come from across Canada to honour their service for the last time.

That's what being part of a team is about. It is about trust, and commitment, and dedication. That's what the stupid codenames and uniforms and symbols are for; to show you that even at earliest stages, the first day you make the commitment, that's the first day you become one of the team. You have something that makes you part of 'us' instead of 'them', and you have something to earn in the process.

Take the fucking codename, apologize to your new teammates for being an ass, and shove your damn pride into the corner until you've got something to be proud about. Otherwise, get the fuck out and stop wasting your time and ours.

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TO: Lil
FROM: Amara
CONTENTS: i just heard about alpha flight. are you okay? is Madison okay?
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To: Jean-Paul
From: Lil

Trouble back home. 5 dead. Judd in coma. Maddy hurt. Going to airport for Ottawa now; don’t know when I will be back. Tell Johnny sorry I’ll miss training. Will call when I can.
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to: [Kane, Garrison]
from: [Hudson, Heather]


Call me right away from your secure phone. Judd and Jefferies have been hurt, and the rest of Alpha Flight-

Just call me. Right away.



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