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To: [garrison], [kurt], [cain], [nathan], [scott]
From: [sam]
Subject: Down time

Like I said in the team post, everyone did fantastic. I enjoy it when my worrywarting is for nothing.

Drinks are on me at Harry's tonight. Gar, if any of the FBI agents feel like hoisting one on me as well, let Fred Duncan know. They did good too.

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To: [dominion], [nightcrawler], [juggernaut], [cable]
CC: [cyclops]
From: [cannonball]
Subject: Sabretooth takedown

So, I assume you all have had a chance to go over the op plan Scott came up with in excrutiating detail. Just a last minute check that everyone understands what's going on, and their part in it. Gar, is the FBI ready to take Creed into custody? Nate, you sure you're up for this? Scott, the rest of the team is on call to evacuate civilians in case he breaks containment, right?

Yes, this is me being a worrywart since I'm the guy on the ground, even though Scott will be on the comms. I don't want to have a body count on my conscience.

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To: [Samson, Leonard], [Munroe, Ororo], [Summers, Scott]
From: [D'Ancato, Marie]
Subject: Kyle )
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From: Mondo
To: Kyle
Subject: Are you OK?

You haven't come out of your room in a while now. Would you like something to eat, or maybe to drink? I'm worried about you. It's getting a little stinky in there.
[identity profile] x-rictor.livejournal.com
to: [Kyle]
from: [Julio]

Oy, puto, open the freaking door. I need a change of clothes. And my HOMEWORK. I will break the door and then blame you when Mr. Marko comes to kick my ass.
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To: {Scott}
From: {Pietro}
Subject: Psychopaths, federal agents, and other curses of these interesting times.

I have to admit, giving you information is much more convenient when I can simply walk downstairs to your office, rather than leaving cryptic messages in dead-drops. Still, just for old times' sake . . . check your top desk drawer when you have a moment. I've attached the encryption key for the flash drive you'll find there; it occurred to me that the inestimable Agent Cooper might not be the only one interested in what I know about our mutual friend with the claws and the poor dental hygiene. Besides, this way if she's smart enough to call your people in, you can feel all smug at the briefing table when she starts telling you things you already know.

Or, at any rate, I can feel smug about it. Enjoy.

[[attachment: qs1677212decrypt.pin]]
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Txting frm medlab. Kyle woke up a bit ago, didnt say anything. Ive being kicked out by voght.

Meet u in ur suite?
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To: [storm], [cyclops], [dominion]
From: [cannonball]
Subject: Sabretooth

Scott, I am all for taking that psychotic so-and-so (insert ungentlemanly language here) down like the rabid dog that he is. I'm thinking we need something like a plan, though. He may be an animal, but he's also cunning. I ain't half the tactician you are, Scott. Got any ideas?

And, even with my slightly biased view, given that two of his victims were people that I and my brother care very deeply about, we should probably involve the authorities and do this aboveboard. Gar, any thoughts here?

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It is now gone ten o'clock and a particular door has still not opened, so I imagine the flat couch shall once again enjoy an overnighter. I imagine it has been lonely these last few months.

Unless you are otherwise "occupied" in the darkroom.
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To: (Our Very Own Hibachi)
CC: (Walking Swiss Army Knife)
From: (I can't come up with anything good here.)

Hey, do either of you have a clear picture of tall hairy and psycho?
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To: [Gibney, Kyle]
From: [Forge, JH]
Subject: Rally

So... )
[identity profile] x-rictor.livejournal.com
to: The Hairy One
From: The Small One (by comparison!)

Dude, okay, I know what went down at the rally was not fun. You faced down ...what is his name? Sabertooth? I would personally be doing a dance of "I was not gutted like a fish."

But this is way too emo, even for you. What is up?


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