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To: [Marie]
From: [Nathan]
Subject: the dinner

I'm going to have to opt out. I'll send my regrets to the guests of honor.



To: [Amanda], [Kurt]
From: [Nathan]
Subject: your dinner

I hope it's a nice evening, but I'm afraid I'm not going to be there.

I know about the importance of names, keeping them or regaining them or getting rid of them. So I hope you both know that I mean what I say when I hope that the deeper changes your choices represent are nothing but good for both of you, in the end.

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To: [Cyclops]
From: [Juggernaut]
Subject: Enjoying your vacation?

So I noticed you're back on the Danger Room rotation. Sam's handling all the leadership stuff while 'Ro's gone, and I suppose if Sam goes down then it's me. So either speed up that recovery time of yours, or start praying Sammy stays healthy because if it comes down to the shit hitting the fan, we're shorthanded and that means relying on Logan to actually stay sane through a whole mission.

I ain't saying that you just need to get over stuff and charge back into the fray, but we got Lorna and Kurt and Shiro on the sidelines, Bobby and Paige ain't got their heads in the game right now - hell, even one of the trainees is out with fucking laryngitis. It's me and Sam and Nate and Marie if something explodes somewhere.

We are seriously short-staffed, Scott. Just saying.

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to: [Staff ALL]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]

Something has come up with Guild business, so I'm going to be out of the office for the next little while. I'm going to have to go underground for a bit, so don't worry if you can't get in touch with me. My ex-wife is up to her old tricks, and I need to get some information on the quiet.

Amanda, I need you to check my desk for Arlen's e-mail, and send him a note. The file he was looking for is Sachse under 912312206, and I'll talk to him at Redfish when I get back.



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