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To: [Amazon]
From: [Ghostbuster]

Subject: Beaver Boy

What the hell? You were with him and he nearly got 'deep fried'? He says he got beaten up by some kids? And there was 'crisping' involved? Please explain before I find you and shake you by the lapels to get it out of you. Assuming you're wearing lapels.
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To: [Julio]
From: [Noriko]
Subject: proper behavior on journals

~Translated from Japanese~

Does not talking about sex on the journals include not mentioning Angelo's new leather fetish? It's not talking about us having sex, but it's still sex. (I assume. I mean, why else would he be wearing a gimp suit through the halls. Didn't really know Amanda was in to that sort of thing...)

~Translated from Japanese~
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To: [Summers, Scott]
From: [Beaubier, Jeanne-Marie]
Subject: Jean-Paul

Thank you for filling me in. There was little I could say that you could not, but we went out flying and he is finally worn enough to rest. Actual sleep, though, seems like a dubious prospect. I will stay with him until this matter is resolved and help him as I can.

I hope Nathan is found soon and safe.

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To: [Scott]
From: [Lil]
Subject: Extra Training

You know what happened in Hungary with Trask. I need to know if there's any kinda way for a non-telepath or non-psi or whatever to keep a psi/telepath outta their head so it makes them harder to influence or slow the attacker down long enough to get a solid hit in.

Fair warning, Dayspring and I had words so I'd appreciate it if you pointed me in a direction other than him.

- Lil
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Don't have your number in memory - Angelo's fine. Keeping him in hospital overnight - had a telepath whack him upside the head. We should be home sometime tomorrow night.
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To: [Summers, S]
From: [Jones, A]
Subject: Trainee Distraction?


I'm very slowly going insane and am in need of some distraction. Can I come down and do trainee stuff today, please? I just need to finish off this ice cream and I'll be free.


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