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From: [Frost, Emma]
To: [Dayspring, Nathan]


I apologise again for my abrupt disappearance from Wakanda without discussing the incident with Trask and the other telepath in more detail. If you read the financial papers today, you will be aware that Frost Enterprises had some pressing business for me to attend to, which I have now successfully resolved. In the process of resolution, I have also managed to greatly inconvenience Sebastian, which has left me with what can only be described as a warm glow.

I can confirm that I had some research undertaken into the woman who attacked me while i was dealing with Trask and can confirm that it was definitely Carly Alvarez, as you initially identified. Which presumably means that she is decidely not deceased, despite all of the information you have to the contrary.

I have also reviewed our encounter - brief and painful as it was; the bitch took me from behind and that wasn't anywhere near as much fun as it usually is when I get to use that phrase - and can confirm that her psi-patterns still conform to her conditioning. She hasn't managed to break out of what they did to her.

You will have to do something about Trask. There is obsessed and there is obsessed. Anyone who chooses to start hiring Taygetos operatives as a little love-note to get you to come and see her is not someone who should be allowed out of any of the number of asylums that I have had the not-even-slightly-a-pleasure of being inside.

Let me know if you need any further information or assistance. In the meantime, I am going to go and send Sebastian a consolation e-mail. If only I could share in his sense of loss.

Yes, I am gloating. It's unseemly, which is why I'm doing it in private.

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Wall Street Journal: The Frosting Of Wall Street

The New York Stock Exchange confirmed that Frost Enterprises has won the contract for power supply, both wiring and protection, in the iconic building, which was almost destroyed in the mutant terrorist attack last month. It is rumoured that Frost Enterprises was able to see off the rival bid of Shaw Industries through its cutting-edge electronic engineering that will provide protection against future mutant incursions into the Exchange's computing and electronic systems. All details of the contract are strictly commercial-in-confidence but the profits are expected to be handsome. Frost Enterprises, recently involved in the tactically-sound acquisition of a number of companies at bargain basement prices, is one of the few companies to be expanding in value during the current global financial crisis.

Frost Enterprises CEO, Ms Emma Frost, was unavailable for comment.
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To: [Frost, Emma]
From: [Frost, Adrienne]
Subject: Friday's party


I found the Hellfire Club soiree on friday to be very enjoyable, so I wanted to thank you for the invitation. Seeing you in your Queen costume was only one of my many amusements of the evening.

Since you hold such a lofty position as Queen I can only assume that if I were to be interested in membership you could point me in the direction of the person I would speak to? Hedonism hasn't exactly held a lot of interest for me in the past several years but I must admit I had a thoroughly delightful time on the weekend.

And re: your costume, attached is a file containing some sketches for possible improvements. Corsets are on the way out of favour, darling. I know it's tradition, but shouldn't the queen be the person dictating tradition?


1 attachment:
queen sketch rev 6.pdf
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To: [ma reine], [cable]
From: [le chevalier]
Subject: The encrypted files
Attached: taygetos.zip

Note to self: revise all estimates of work time for encrypt/decrypt downward by a factor of three for the time being.

The information on the drive pertains to a 'product demonstration' of the Taygetos program as part of a negotiation for further services. There's a series of travel times for their team to Wakanda. It appears the target is T'Challa.

Decrypted text is attached.

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To: [Emma]
From: [Nathan
Subject: a strange request

Are you aware of a Hellfire Club function happening tomorrow night? I'm presuming that the answer is probably yes, which brings me to said strange request - would you consider taking me with you?

We've just gotten information from our source with Trask's people that Shaw is meeting a courier at this party, carrying information from whoever is running the Taygetos program. I don't know about you, but even if I wasn't already directly involved with the matter, I'd be taking exception to Shaw doing business with people breeding and training young mutants for military purposes. I'd like to know what sort of business is being done.



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