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To: [Rasputin, I]
From: [Marko, C]
Subject: When you have a moment...

I noticed you were moving most of your stuff out this weekend, but if you've got a moment in the next day or so, stop by and see me. Got some things to discuss.

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To: [Guthrie, Sam]
From: [Marko, Cain]
Subject: The jet

I just got done talking to Chuck and Scott gave his okay. Go ahead and get the jet fired up, I've got a flight plan I'll give to you when we're underway. Expect to be back probably tomorrow evening, so pack a change of underwear. It'll be hot and humid there.

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To: [Cain]
From: [Nate]
Subject: I don't know how a man your size manages 'scarce'...

But I figured I'd try email.

You know I try not to pry, but I know something's going on. I knew that before the speech; that just solidified it.

Anyway. You know I'm around if you want to talk, right?

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To: Marko, Cain
From: Guthrie, Sam
Subject: That little speech of yours today


Between that speech, and the fact that the professor looks a mite...worried, I suppose is the best word.

Is there something going on? That speech of yours seemed a bit...final.

If you need help with anything, let me know?

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From: Logan
To: Marko, Cain
Subject: Freak-outs.

Looks like we're even. Want to grab a beer and talk about it? First round's on me.
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To: [Pete]
From: [Nate]
Subject: I hate this place sometimes...

Nothing like having your wife return home and inform you that she was in the middle of some Bizarre Incident in a convenience store. She's fine. I have no clear idea what happened, but I got one hell of a blast down the link and Rachel screamed for a solid hour.

Anyway. That's not actually why I was emailing. I had lunch with Amanda yesterday - I don't know if she mentioned - and it struck me that establishing the appearance of a consultative relationship between Elpis and your "think-tank" might be a worthwhile thing, for information-sharing if nothing else. God knows we come across things that are suspicious-looking on a regular basis, and one of the drawbacks of going legal is that I have to limit what I stick my nose into.

Plus, if your lot occasionally has to do real work, it's like I was saying to Amanda - I certainly don't have the staff available to do serious background research. I can however afford to hire them from outside. Or "hire" them.

Let me know - I seem to be in at the UN every second day or so lately, so it's no problem to stop by your new place.



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