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To: [Alison]
From: [Moira]
Subject: Good News


The spore is dead.



Sep. 20th, 2005 05:26 pm
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To: maxwellharper@harperconsultants.com, sjackson@safepath.com
From: Blaire, Alison
Subject: Money talk... )

To: Forge
From: Alison
Subject: Jetstream hardware patents... )
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To: {medical_list}
From: [Forge, JH]
Subject: Upgrade complete.

The MMI chip is finished and prepared for implantation at the surgeon's convenience. I'll bring it up to the lab shortly and leave it in the sealed cabinet outside the quarantine area.

The cybernetics are ready. I've forwarded the pertinent details to Dr. Hawksmoor, and am attaching them to this email. Cybernetics are also stored in the sealed cabinet.

This concludes the fabrication phase - I'll want to do a once-over 72 hours after the surgery, and if possible, monitor Mr. al-Rashid through his physical therapy.

It's in your hands now.

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To: [Alison]
From: [Wanda]
Subject: This is a little hard for me to ask...


Do you think Haroun would mind terribly if I went and spoke to his imam and requested that they say a prayer for him? I'm familiar enough with the customs so that I won't upset anyone by my going.

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To: [Ghost Girl], [Babelfish Boy], [Epidermis Lass], [Clotho], [Lachesis], [Atropos], [BigFurryBricklayer]
Cc: [Blaire, Alison]
Subject: Phase One success!

The new MMI chip is done - we have a working prototype that I'm burning Doug and Kitty's adaptive AI language onto now. It will translate impulses from the spinal cord into instructions to the cyberware; everything from motion to diagnostics, to shifting into flight mode.

Kitty and Doug - I'm still going to want to be able to call on you if I need help, but the bulk of the gruntwork is done. Someone put Doug's brain back together if we broke it.

Doctors - as soon as is feasibly possible, the MMI chip will need to be implanted before the full cybersurgery. His spinal cord will need to start transmitting to it before it can give a reliable output - similar to a brain forming instinctive engram paths in utero.

Yes, much like a stegosaurus, Jetstream's MMI chip will be like a backup brainstem located in his butt. Closer to the first iliac vertebrae, but I do digress.

Ms. Blaire: If you could contact me offlist, I have some things I need to run by you for the design of Mr. al-Rashid's cybernetics that only you have the capacity to assist with.

If anyone needs me, I will be in the gym for a few hours.

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From: [Hunter n Gatherer]
To: [Mads]
Subject:A little surprise )
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To: [Girl Genius #1]
From: [Boy Genius #1]
Subject: Geniusing Update

We're at 80% on the interface chip. Doug and Kitty are way too good at what they do. We'll have a working prototype sometime Wednesday at this rate.

Checking your latest results on the myomer, we are so far beyond brilliant that the light from brilliant will take years to reach us. When you're back on shift, double-check my figures on the skeletal structure?

Since I'm on a roll here, and before I forget, when we get all this finished and Mr. al-Rashid's stable, you want to go out sometime?

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To: [slavedriver]
From: [code monkey 2]
Subject: -no subject-


Fract. d. s. working okay?

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To: [Doug]
From: [Kit]
Subject: Think I've got it

Hey Doug,

I think I've figured out how to make your fractal data storage idea work - you're right, that's the only way I can see to give the semi-AI enough space to really learn what it needs to. We'll want to hardcode mandelbrot into the base circuits - am working on a circuit design that'll make it easier, notes are in the fractcirc4.txt document on my space, take a look at it and add anything you need before I shoot it off to Forge.

And Doug, I know it's hard for you to do the talking thing now, but your IM was all but unintelligible. Full words, please, even if sentances are escaping you. Don't care what language they're in, cause I've been following your work on the AI's language close enough that I could translate that part of it back into English, but frac.d.s. on it's own just doesn't mean anything.

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To: [Forge]
From: [Kit]
Subject: design

Forge, in my folder on server five there's a design (fractcirc4.txt) for a new circuit we're going to need for the AI to have enough space. My notes ought to explain it well enough, but let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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To: [Doug]
From: [Kit]
Subject: It's only silly for me to be emailing you across the room if there was any chance you'd hear me speaking and I didn't know you've got your settings to flag you whenever an email comes in from the rest of us

Have routed out most of the processor power from servers two through four for you, let me know if you need more. Am working on data compression methods on the fifth.

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To: (Jamie)
From: (Angie)
Subject: The Care And Feeding of Geniuses

My genius and your genius are in the lab working now. Mine went into a very odd state on the airplane, and I do not expect it to get better now that he is actually writing in the computer languages. On two different keyboards, from what I can tell. My boyfriend is very strange.

I suspect he will not remember to eat, or sleep, or shower until this is done, and I am not sure that Forge will be much better. I would normally just assume that (if the rumors are indeed true), that Paige would see to the care of her genius, but she too is in the lab.

I think it becomes our task to see to the care and feeding of the Genius Quartet, since we have access to half of the Quartet's belongings easily and readily. I can get a list of things Paige needs from her roommates if you can speak to Forge's roommates as well. We might as well make sure all four of them are taken care of so that no one else has to.
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To: [Clarice]
From: [Moira]
Subject: Need a lift.


I need you to come pick me up from the hospital ASAP and take me to Muir for a few minutes. Doug and Angie are on their way back and Doug's requested a few items that I have at home.


To: [Kitty], [Forge]
From: [Moira]
Subject: Note from Doug

Angie just called me, she and Doug are on their way home now. I've attached the note that Angie read to me over the phone...maybe you guys can understand what he's saying. I'm heading to Muir as soon as Clarice gets here to pick up the Bat Keyboards, everything else you two would be better able to find.

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To: [Human Rosetta Stone], [Phased Out]
From: [Brain leaking out my nose]
Subject: Biggest programming project of your lives.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it... )
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To: Summers, Scott
From: Guthrie, Sam
Subject: Substituting for Flight class?


If you need a substitute flight class teacher while Haroun's out of commission, I could probably cover that for you.



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