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Um...There's a guy following me and Renee and he's gotta suit and he's really thin and he's got no face and he's like everywhere and he just waves a lot and he's creepy. What should we do? Should I punch him? I don't wanna get arrested. :(
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To: [Xavier School Staff]; [Xavier School Students], [Xavier School Residents]
From: [Xavier, Charles]
Subject: Nicholas Gleason

I have some important, and perhaps difficult to absorb, news for you all.

While in New York, Mr. Sefton and Mr. Keller had an encounter with a young man at the airport. This young man appears to be Nicholas Gleason, however, he has no memory of his life up to and including the incident at graduation and some time after that. It appears that he has been through significant trauma, both mental and physical, which has caused this amnesia, and he has been living under another identity during this time. His lack of memory essentially made him a 'new' mind, thus preventing him being found by telepathic scan.

The medical staff and I are confident that this is indeed Nick and in order to help him regain his true identity, he has been invited to return to the mansion. He is extremely confused, as you can understand, so I would request that you all be mindful of that when you interact with him.

Also, a note to the telepaths in residence – Nick's mind is in a very delicate state and as a result, I will be refraining from using anything more than the most surface scans. I ask that you all do him the same courtesy, to avoid causing serious damage.

It is often mentioned that our lives are very strange sometimes. When that strangeness includes the return of one of our number apparently from the dead, it is not such a burden to bear. Welcome home, Mr. Gleason.

Professor Charles Xavier.
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To: [Students, Staff]
From: [Mr. Lexington]
Subject: Classes Canceled for Snowball Fight

Students, it has been brought to my attention that the amount of snow outside is perfect for a snowball fight. Thus, I am canceling my after school defense class today in order to organize a massive snowball fight. All are welcome.

Note: I will be making dinner for everyone afterward so feel free to argue over what movie we will be watching in the second story rec lounge.

That is all,
Mr. Lexington
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Found in the mailslots of:

All the current New Mutants (including Nico, even if she gives Yvette a wiggins); Angelica, Fred, Julian, Kevin, Kyle, Laura, Laurie and Paige; selected staff: Charles, Garrison, Crystal, Jan, Callisto, Bobby, Kurt, Tabs, Hank, Jean and Jean-Phillipe; and left on desks at the Elpis office, Angelo and John.

Plain white card with the following written in gold pen in rather pretty handwriting:




SUNDAY, AUGUST 8, 2010 AT 1:30 P.M.

Guests welcome.
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So you guys have lacked in some sort of permanent guidance over the last few months. I know Mr. Marko and Mr. Kane were in charge of the group's inception, but there was never any intention for them to stay on permanently.

So I've come to you, the people most effected, to ask your opinion.

I plan to approach the professor about the New Mutants, to take over as a sort of guidance counselor, but specifically regarding the New Mutants program. We'll see what he has to say.

Before I even approach him, I have some questions for you.

If I am approved as the guide for the New Mutants, what would you want or expect out of me? What do you expect out of the New Mutants?

Remember to Reply All so we can get some discussion and thought going. Feel free to email me privately as well.
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To: [Actors!]
From: [Catseye]
Subject: Females watch out please mrrt!

Dear Catseye's actor friends,

When Catseye was trying on her lion costume today in the females dressing room Catseye smelled a Strange Human. It smelled like a boy human and Catseye was confused about a boy human around where Catseye was so Catseye went to hunt but there was no one there! Catseye smelled human but could not see human! So Catseye thinks the other female humans should watch closely and smell closely and not let anyone sneak up on them!
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To: [Crawley-Jeffries, Lil]
From: [Beaubier, Jean-Paul]
CC: [Aquilla, Amara], [Betto, Callie], [Caban, Tatiana], [Chan, Suzanne], [Dean, Karolina], [Jones, Angelicia], [Keller, Julian], [Kikuchi, Noriko], [Petrovic, Yvette], [Smith, Sharon], [Szardos, Meggan], [Temple, Inez]
Subject: Sushi Night

During our recent adventure in Murderworld, Lil was promised sushi to commemorate her giving Arcade's wind-up kraken a very bad day, and she's agreed to expanding the dinner to include the rest of us. I don't see a night out and a chance to share stories with those who missed out on the experience as a bad idea. I know it will make me feel better to flip the metaphorical middle finger at the "Field Trip Curse", at any rate.

I will make reservations at Raw for 7pm next Thursday night (I did check, Koralina; they have vegan and vegetarian options beyond side-salads). Please RSVP to this address.

Jean-Paul Beaubier
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To: [laser tag survivors]
From: [yvette]

Subject: Yesterday.

Dear everyone,

I do not know if anyone is going to be saying anything on the journals about what happened yesterday, but I was wanting to be sure everyone is okay. I will not be saying anything since I do not want to hear about the school not being the safe place again. The world is not a safe place and the only thing we can do is help each other.

And this might be the silly thing to be thinking of, but did anyone see me? After the vests are going on and our powers are stopping? Did I look... normal?

Was I pretty?

Yes, this is the silly thing to be upset about. I think I will go and see if Kyle has the work for me to do after school.

Love, Yevtte.
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To: [Angel], [Callie], [Catseye], [Inez], [Karolina], [Meggan], [Nori], [Tatiana], [Yvette]
From: [Julian]
Subject: [Anyone like...lasers?]

So...anyone want to go play Laser Tag on Tuesday?! I won a contest online and we have an Laser Tag/Activity Center for as long as we want on that day! I've sold Professor Xavier on it as a team work and strategy exercise, and he's given the go ahead as long as I get the some staff chaperons. I've got some I think will be willing- but I'd really like you there.

So what do you say? Want to play?

PS: I know...I rock.
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To: [Summers, Scott]
From: [Beaubier, Jean-Paul]
Subject: New Mutants Training


I've recently been forced to the unpleasant task of reevaluating my capabilities as a person and a potential teacher, and I find myself lacking in several respects. I'm not planning on dropping my classload on anyone's lap, but you will need to find someone else to work with the New Mutants program. I can only offer my apologies for the lack of warning, especially given how close were are to the new term, but I think it would be for the best.

Jean-Paul Beaubier


Nov. 19th, 2008 11:52 pm
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Cessily, still uncomfortable with computer, leaves letters for her friends and teammates. Most of them read as follows.

Dear Friend,

I've talked to the Princess from Attilan, and have decided to go to an intensive training program on the island. I'm afraid I've not discovered the degree of control necessary for day-to-day living. I hope the program will help me become a better team member and less spastic in general. I shall be gone for about two months. I shall miss you and will definitely write letters.

Maybe even learn how to email without six or seven tries.



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