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To: [Jan, Kurt, Jean-Paul]
From: [Julian]
Subject: [Invisible Boy]
Attachment: [invisibleboy.vid (473kB) (scan:clean)]

So, you may have already seen what Yvette posted about the whole "curse" thing- which incidentally I never believed in. But I've attached the video that Angel took of a kid from the South Salem School who can turn invisible and has been causing trouble on set. We caught him last night and we used some awesome teamwork in the process. I'll provide you with a full account of things if you want, but that's really not the point I'm trying to get at.

He, Joe, was never was out to harm anyone- or at least not intentionally- the pranks were just sort of meant to annoy, at least I think. In any event, we talked it over and I was wondering what you wanted to do about it. He's an okay kid- just a dorky, invisible perv who could use some support- and probably a good shrink too.

-Julian Keller
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To: [Mr. Logan]
From: [Yvette]

Subject: Invitation

Dear Logan,

I know it is not so much your thing, but I was hoping you would come to see me in the play Thursday night. I do not have the family here and it would be very good if you could come. I will not be so nervous if I know you are there, yes?


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To: [Actors!]
From: [Catseye]
Subject: Females watch out please mrrt!

Dear Catseye's actor friends,

When Catseye was trying on her lion costume today in the females dressing room Catseye smelled a Strange Human. It smelled like a boy human and Catseye was confused about a boy human around where Catseye was so Catseye went to hunt but there was no one there! Catseye smelled human but could not see human! So Catseye thinks the other female humans should watch closely and smell closely and not let anyone sneak up on them!
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To: [Icarus]
From: [Hephaestus]
Subject: Shakespeare


It seems like the kids are getting really excited about this whole Shakespeare play they're putting on with the local school. You should see about getting out of the medlab and giving them a hand - you've got a better grasp on the source material than anyone I know. After all, the only reason I passed that section of junior English was with your tutoring on the whole sonnets section.

Plus, it'd get you out and social again. So when should I let them know to expect you?



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