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To: [Crawley-Jeffries, Lil]
From: [Beaubier, Jean-Paul]
CC: [Aquilla, Amara], [Betto, Callie], [Caban, Tatiana], [Chan, Suzanne], [Dean, Karolina], [Jones, Angelicia], [Keller, Julian], [Kikuchi, Noriko], [Petrovic, Yvette], [Smith, Sharon], [Szardos, Meggan], [Temple, Inez]
Subject: Sushi Night

During our recent adventure in Murderworld, Lil was promised sushi to commemorate her giving Arcade's wind-up kraken a very bad day, and she's agreed to expanding the dinner to include the rest of us. I don't see a night out and a chance to share stories with those who missed out on the experience as a bad idea. I know it will make me feel better to flip the metaphorical middle finger at the "Field Trip Curse", at any rate.

I will make reservations at Raw for 7pm next Thursday night (I did check, Koralina; they have vegan and vegetarian options beyond side-salads). Please RSVP to this address.

Jean-Paul Beaubier
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To: [Crawley-Jeffries, Lillian]
From: [Beaubier, Jean-Paul]
Subject: Squid Sushi


A certain dryad let me know that you were a "super-awesome squid-stomping thing, woman, thingy" back in Arcade's sadistic little maze and that there was to be celebratory sushi in your honor. I would appreciate it if you let me pick up the tab.

Jean-Paul Beaubier
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To: [laser tag survivors]
From: [yvette]

Subject: Yesterday.

Dear everyone,

I do not know if anyone is going to be saying anything on the journals about what happened yesterday, but I was wanting to be sure everyone is okay. I will not be saying anything since I do not want to hear about the school not being the safe place again. The world is not a safe place and the only thing we can do is help each other.

And this might be the silly thing to be thinking of, but did anyone see me? After the vests are going on and our powers are stopping? Did I look... normal?

Was I pretty?

Yes, this is the silly thing to be upset about. I think I will go and see if Kyle has the work for me to do after school.

Love, Yevtte.
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To: [Aquilla, Amara], [Crawley-Jeffries, Lillian], [Beaubier, Jean-Paul], [Chan, Suzanne]
From: [Julian Keller]
Subject: [Team Building Opportunity]

Dear Staff and Other Adults of the Mansion!

Hello and good evening. I am very excited to contact you tonight with an amazing opportunity for a team building activity that New Mutants, Team 1, have been given. I recently won a contest from Games.com that gives us access to a laser-tag arena all day on Tuesday. I've already cleared the trip with Professor Xavier and he said it was okay, as long as the four of you came with.

I know this is a little late notice, but he just approved it today. We would also welcome your participation in our education process within the arena.

Please let me know if you are able to do this! I know that the team is quite eager to go.

-Julian Keller
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To: [Angel], [Callie], [Catseye], [Inez], [Karolina], [Meggan], [Nori], [Tatiana], [Yvette]
From: [Julian]
Subject: [Anyone like...lasers?]

So...anyone want to go play Laser Tag on Tuesday?! I won a contest online and we have an Laser Tag/Activity Center for as long as we want on that day! I've sold Professor Xavier on it as a team work and strategy exercise, and he's given the go ahead as long as I get the some staff chaperons. I've got some I think will be willing- but I'd really like you there.

So what do you say? Want to play?

PS: I know...I rock.


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