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Text to Sam

Remember that offer of help? We need it. Underground complex thing. Found kids. Need back up to get them out. Forwarding location GPS coordinates

Text to Amara

Lucas says you're good to have underground. We've got a situation with some kidnapped kids we need help extracting. Called in X-Men back up but could use you too. Up for it?
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[1/3] Cal&I found the dump site.
Attachment: <img00328-20120719-1815>

[2/3] But van drops off from 2 different routes all the time. Cal&I going this way to try & track van.
Attachment: <img00328-20120719-1816>

[3/3] Can u 2 track van down this route?
Attachment: <img00328-20120719-1817>

((ooc: the attachments are images of signposts at intersections with route numbers and directions ie: Route 90 North at 185 East, so I don't have to actually make names up since I don't know the area at all!))
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A press release issued by the New York Police Department today has confirmed that they are presently investigating the disappearance of a pair of siblings who were on their way home from a summer program at their school. A spokesman for the NYPD stated that they were devoting every available resource to locating the missing children and urged members of the public with any information to come forward. Sources in the investigation have claimed that mutants were involved in the kidnapping but the NYPD spokesman issued a firm "no comment" when asked to corroborate our information. The names of the missing children have not yet been released to the public. We will bring you more information as it reaches us.


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