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(1/5) So
(2/5) Back to back birthdays
(3/5) When/where are we meeting tonight?
(4/5) 🍆
(5/5) That's supposed to be ironic I'm not an asshole
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From: Qadir, Sooraya
To: [Group: XFI]
Subject: People missing from the Underground

We might have an issue you'd want to look into. Ray Miller and Kaori Tanaka have gone missing after having gone to meet someone asked for help. The police is not giving much of response with what I could offer. Garrison Kane is on my list to talk after that.

Any chance you could get some boots on the ground to help look for them?

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you working Wed? tattoo appt that night if you want to come with
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(1/2) get your drinking shoes on
(2/2) we're going on a bar hop
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To: [Frost, Emma], [Abbott, Hope], [Szardos, Meggan], [Topaz], [Kinross-Dayspring, Rachel], [Cuckoo, Sophie / Phoebe / Irma / Celeste / Esme ], [Quire, Quentin], [Grey, Jean]
From: [Haller, David]

The professor is cutting his trip short and will be back tomorrow morning. He'd like to take a look at us all to make sure there aren't any long-term effects. If you feel like there's something acutely wrong please let myself or Emma know and report to the Medlab immediately.
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Quick legal question: does it count as prostitution if you blow someone in exchange for weed?
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To: [Group:XFI_staff]
From: [Quire, Quentin]
Subject: OOO

The Quires may be on drugs and/or possessed because they've decided that we should be together as a family for Christmas this year. In Colorado. Because nothing says family like a posh ski resort on the other side of the country.

I'll be out until Tuesday or Wednesday. Try not to get killed by hairy mutant-hunting mutants before I get back. If my parents are possessed as I expect, then I might need you to come kill them.

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You got your tattoos in NYC right? Got any good parlor to recommend?
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Group SMS to Adrienne, Alex, Bobbi, Jessica, Lorna, Quentin, Sue, Warren
[1/3] !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
[2/3] wait no maybe u lot have 0 phones
[3/3] my point stands


Text to Cecilia
[1/1] why didnt u text me
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(1/2) My room. Now.
(2/2) This is what you think it is.
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A bottle of Belvedere Intense vodka with a note that reads:

Thanks for the tree talk. If you tell anyone about this then I'll make you live the rest of your life thinking you're a 6-year-old Soviet peasant girl. -QQ


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