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To: [Summers, Scott], [Munroe, Ororo]
CC: [General Emergency Voicemail and Inbox]
From: [Colbert, Marie-Ange]
Attached: citysketch.jpg, atsutashrine.jpg
Subject: Transcription of voicemail received at 1:10 )
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To: [Scott]
From: [Jean]
Subject: Shiro


do you have any idea where Shiro is? He failed to show up for an appointment with me re: that post about his dreams twice now and he's not answering emails, so I tried to find him telepathically but he's not showing up on a cursory scan and I don't want to go prying into the mass of humanity which is NYC without some idea if he's there or not.

Also, when I find him I'm going to smack him. Just saying.
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from: [guthrie, jay]
Subject: shiro

You should probably know that Shiro's shit isn't fine. He's all over the place and from where I stand, if I can hold onto my control better than him, that's saying something. I should have emailed you sooner but I thought I was being all loopy again. Needed to get my head straight to figure out if it was me being all crazy-like again or him.

It's definitly him.

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To: [Shrio Yoshida]
From: [Dr. Grey-Summers]
Subject: powers situation


I was not kidding about you needing to come down and see me about your dreams, whether they are evidence of an emerging secondary mutation or not. I am expecting you sometime tomorrow or you'd better have a good reason.

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To: [Guthrie, Jay]
From: [Gleason, Nick]
Subject: Shiro

Hey Jay,

I hope I'm not bothering you, but we just got back from Malibu, and I haven't been able to talk to any of the adults about this yet. I've been concerned about Shiro. Ever since his sister manifested, he's been acting pretty strange. Is there a chance we could talk about it over lunch?



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