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To: [cyclops], [storm]
From: [amanda]

Subject: Warwolves 101

A bit later than I'd intended, but we had to make sure these things were well and truly gone, at least for now. Since these things cropped up without the usual summoning spell, the Boss Lady thought it might be an idea to pass on what we had, so you could add it to your database of villains. At least until we work out how they managed to cross dimensions without the usual roadmap.

If you have any specific questions, just let me know.


ATT: Warwolves.doc
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To: [angie]
From: [trouble]

Subject: Sudden kidnapping

Sorry about doing the bossy thing, but it's pointless arguing with a 17 year old boy, especially a Hispanic one. He can't see the bad taste in making jokes about thinking someone you care about's died, we're not going to get it through his thick skull. I need away from the journals before I start arguing again.

Besides, you really do need some downtime in the sun.

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To: [Mark]
From: [Scott]
Subject: I gather you're not likely to see this for a while...

Nurses can be bitches about letting you have communication with the outside world (I speak from personal experience), but I just wanted to say I'm glad you're all right. I have this thing - this very selfish and personal thing, I suppose - about seeing people I've helped train get hurt or killed.

Plus the journal system would be a much poorer place without you and your Post-It. And now I'm being flippant.

Get better soon, okay? When you do, you can stop in and I can pick your tactics apart for you. It's how I demonstrate affection (just ask my wife).

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To: [Imitator]
From: [Flattered]
Re: Return from the dead

So I take a mini vacation with my husband, turning off all forms of communication, and return to find that you have died and returned to the living in the brief interim. While I do understand that imitation is the highest form of flattery, if you had asked me in advance, I would have warned you that it is not nearly as fun as it sounds.

In all seriousness, I am glad to hear that you are fine, relatively speaking. In honor of your return, dinner on me anytime this week, your choice as to the location.

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To: [mark]
From: [cyndi]
Subject: congrats

so after you freaked people out you totally failed to be dead. cool. i think you get a special hat, plus the club's way more exclusive than the one for people who find a long-lost relative. now you can sit at the table with jean. probably forge and the amaquelins count too.

seriously tho, the concept of two bodies in one month was not cool, so i'm glad you're not dead. plus you skipped the part where you lose your memories and spend a couple years in canada and i think i speak for us all when i say thanks for the time-saver.
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To: [you]
From: [me]

Subject: !!!

He's alive. Mark's alive, he was in the Warwolves' dimension and somehow the bastard survived. He's pretty banged up and frostbitten and Wanda went in the ambulance with him and I'm heading there now. I can't freaking believe it, he's alive and I'm so going to give him hell when he's up for it.

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I have been to the hospital. As far as the paramedics and the doctors are now concerned, there was an accident involving getting locked into a refrigeration truck, which later crashed. There will be minimal questioning regarding the circumstances of Mark's injuries.

The doctors are certain that he will live and are reasonably certain that he shall retain all fingers and toes and other appendages. I did not see Mark myself, as they are in the process of warming him, but the images in their head are not pretty. I am maintaining a pain-block inside Mark's head for now on top of the analgesics - he does not need to be fully aware of some of what they are doing to him.

I am returning to Frost Enterprises.  I have organised for Mark to be in a private room and have the best available treatment upon his release from ICU.

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To: [marie-ange]
From: [jean-phillipe]
Subject: Quoi?

DEAD? What the hell? What were you doing? I thought you were some sort of think tank.

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To: [bishop]
From: [amanda]

Subject: Thanks

I know it was part of the job and all, but I just wanted to say thanks for watching my back as well as you did. I had to go in pretty deep for that spell and having someone paying that much attention to what I was doing and making sure I could do it was... well, thanks again.

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To: [Amanda], [Doug], [Marie-Ange], [Illyana], [Jubilation]
From: [Sarah]
Subject: Because he deserves this much...

Tomorrow night. Finnegans. I say we go get trashed in honor of a good friend.



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